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Time pays off to those who are willing to pay attention, and stars pay off to those who are on the road?? Pay tribute to the strivers of Bank of Shanghai who count the day at the end of the year

Time pays off to those who are willing to pay attention, and stars pay off to those who are on the road?? Pay tribute to the strivers of Bank of Shanghai who count the day at the end of the year

  end of the yearFinal accounts

While most people welcome the New Year in various ways, “fighting for the year-end settlement” is a special New Year ritual for bankers. In 2023, the Bank of Shanghai will use the accounting engine as the main system for year-end final accounts. The overall processing time is expected to be significantly reduced by more than 5 hours compared with last year, and the overall work efficiency will be further improved.

On December 31, the leadership team of the Bank of Shanghai Head Office went to various units in multiple directions to conduct year-end accounts visits and cordially expressed condolences to the cadres and employees who stayed at the year-end accounts positions and at the grassroots level, and extended holiday greetings to everyone. While providing careful guidance on various operations and management tasks, he encouraged everyone to continue working hard in the new year and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the bank.

In the morning, Jin Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Bank of Shanghai, visited Linfen Road Sub-branch and Lianyang Sub-branch to conduct year-end accounts visits and condolences. After carefully understanding the operation management and year-end work of the outlets, Jin Yu provided specific guidance on customer service, business strategies, safety production and other work of the outlets, guiding branches and branches to think better systematically, standardized, integrated and digitally, and plan new projects. One year of business management and financial services work.

In the afternoon, Shi Hongmin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President (designate) of the Bank of Shanghai, rushed to Tianyaoqiao Road Branch and Pudong Avenue Branch respectively to carry out year-end condolences. After listening to and understanding the one-year work experience of front-line employees, Shi Hongmin helped guide employees to improve themselves, and at the same time encouraged employees to be proactive and more productive in the new year.

In the evening, Jin Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai Bank, and Hu Debin, Member of the Party Committee and Vice President, came to Zhangjiang Park, where the bank’s year-end final accounts command center is located, and visited the cadres and employees of the Customer Service Center, Operations Management Department, Financial Technology Department and other departments. , on-site inspection of the year-end settlement situation.

Say thank you for your hard work and say blessings. The bank leaders had cordial conversations with everyone, took stock of the work results of the past year, inquired and inspected the progress of the year-end settlement in detail, and exchanged work ideas for the new year.

Jin Yu said that everyone stuck to their posts during the holidays and worked hard to ensure the smooth progress of the year-end accounts. On behalf of the Party Committee of the Head Office, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to everyone and extended New Year greetings.

During the visit, Jin Yu pointed out that we should focus on the new round of planning, continue to learn from advanced peers, and continue to improve our accounting management capabilities and problem-solving abilities; we must adhere to finance for the people, do our best to provide customer service, and strengthen the construction of intelligent customer service. Use digital intelligence to reduce costs and increase efficiency; we must further promote digital transformation and use financial technology to support high-quality and sustainable development of the entire bank.

For the first time, the main process of the year-end final settlement of the Bank of Shanghai was completed independently using an accounting engine system. Through the decoupling and separation of transactions and accounting, the accounting and year-end processing functions of the core business system, Internet core system, new retail loan and other systems were stripped, and the year-end settlement was integrated. The value-added tax processing and profit and loss carryover processes are added to the system’s automated processing in multiple links.

In order to ensure the smooth completion of the year-end final accounts, the Operations Management Department took the lead in establishing the year-end final accounts leadership working group, which is responsible for allocating resources across the bank and coordinating relevant departments across the bank to promote year-end trials and final accounts. In terms of organizational leadership, work tasks, quality goals and time nodes are clarified, specific work lists are formulated, responsibilities are assigned to people, and special training is carried out for business units; in terms of business continuity, based on the characteristics of the settlement date in 2023 being a non-working day, an emergency Contact mechanism to prepare emergency response plans for various scenarios. In terms of system assurance, since the main process of the year-end final accounts is completed by a set of accounting engine systems, the bank took the lead in organizing 9 rounds of joint tests in the early stage to ensure that the year-end settlement function was put into production on time. On the day of the final accounts, a dedicated person will be assigned to closely monitor the system’s processing status, and relevant emergency plans will be formulated for possible abnormal situations to ensure that the system completes relevant year-end tasks as planned.

The year-end final accounts involve 13 sets of major applications (including data downstream) and are associated with 11 business departments. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the year-end accounting work, the FinTech Department is simultaneously preparing to escort the test. In addition to increasing the number of testing rounds, the direct data downstream applications involved will be included in the scope of joint testing, and multi-dimensional emergency plans will be prepared on the basis of all necessary tests. In terms of basic environment protection, an agile team was formed to ensure high-quality and efficient delivery of the environment for each round of testing. In terms of risk management, a linkage meeting is held after each round of testing to ensure that the risk issues discovered in the analysis are tracked to the end; at the same time, the linkage mechanism of daily account balances is strengthened to discover and solve production problems in the shortest possible time. In terms of personnel mechanism, combined with online and offline models, information synchronization confirmation is implemented through remote meetings as much as possible, and focusing on solving risk problems is concentrated on offline work. It not only considers the rationality of actual human resources, but also takes into account test risk control and the whole process. Progress smoothly.

In order to do a good job in the bank’s finance, taxation, accounting, assets and liabilities and fund management work for the year-end settlement of 2023 and ensure a smooth conclusion, the planning and finance line will make overall arrangements for the year-end settlement in early December, refine the plan in advance, and prepare contingency plans. In terms of accounting management, we worked with the Operations Management Department to conduct multiple rounds of tests on the year-end and final accounting functions of the accounting engine to lay a solid foundation for the transformation of the year-end and final accounts of “Kowloon Water Control”, continue to monitor the occurrence of profit and loss accounts, and provide guidance to subsidiaries to ensure operating results. True reflection; in terms of financial and tax management, arrange the expense items that should be recorded in advance, conduct special cleanup of accounts receivable and payable, and ensure that annual expenses are truthfully listed according to the accrual basis; in terms of asset, liability and fund management, coordinate assets Balance the three natures of liabilities, monitor main business operations on a daily basis, dynamically adjust management strategies, strengthen active management of the main operating indicators of the Bank, subsidiaries and the group, do a good job in the year-end final accounts at the group level, ensure that the main regulatory indicators meet the requirements, and the financial status of the year and operating results are within the expected range and accurately displayed.

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