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Tianyin Financial Leasing’s operating performance reaches a record high and will start again in 2024

Tianyin Financial Leasing’s operating performance reaches a record high and will start again in 2024

On January 31, Tianyin Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianyin Financial Leasing”), a subsidiary of the Bank of Tianjin, held the 2024 work conference, aiming to conscientiously implement the spirit of the head office’s 2024 work conference. Yu Jianzhong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Bank of Tianjin, Wu Hongtao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Bank of Tianjin and Chairman of Tianyin Financial Leasing, members of the team of the Bank of Tianjin and some directors and supervisors of Tianyin Financial Leasing attended the meeting, and senior executives of Tianyin Financial Leasing attended the meeting. Nearly 80 people including senior members, heads of relevant departments of Tianjin Bank, and cadres and employees at all levels of Tianyin Financial Leasing attended the meeting. In addition, the meeting also invited relevant leaders from the Financial Leasing Division of the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and the Binhai New District Branch of the People’s Bank of China to give guidance.

The meeting pointed out that in 2023, under the strong leadership of the Party Committee of Tianjin Bank Head Office, Tianyin Financial Leasing has overcome difficulties and faced difficulties, successfully completed various indicators and tasks, and achieved record highs in investment, revenue, and profits, and historical non-performing assets. Basically liquidated, the balance sheet has been strongly repaired, the circle of friends in the industry has been effectively expanded, the brand effect has been further highlighted, the five major battles have been fought resoundingly, steady improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity have been achieved, and the company has obtained supervision with excellent report cards The rating was upgraded and won the 6th China Financial Leasing “Take-off Award·Supporting Local Economic Leading Enterprises” award.

The meeting emphasized that achievements are hard-won, and all employees must cherish them, work together, operate in compliance, seek truth from facts, be upright and innovative, resolutely implement the spirit of the Central and Municipal Party Committee Economic Work Conference, continue to maintain strategic focus, and re-clarify their thinking. , don’t waver, don’t be impulsive, don’t toss, have firm confidence, fight the “Double Five” campaign uncompromisingly and perseverantly, take the “three quantities” as the guide, focus on the development of quality and quantity internally, and shape the brand image externally. Through cooperation with the group and The strategic coordination of the shareholder units, making good use of the financial leasing license, realizing characteristic operations, doing five major articles, truly giving full play to the functional supplementary role of the financial leasing company in the Bank of Tianjin, and using its own efforts to accelerate becoming a model in China’s financial leasing industry .

  The meeting made it clear that in 2024, Tianyin Financial Leasing should be guided by the goal of “revitalizing existing stocks, cultivating new growth, and improving quality”, pay close attention to the implementation of various tasks, adhere to the bottom line of risks, further reduce costs and increase efficiency, and achieveAsset size, operating income, and profits have grown reasonably. It is necessary to adhere to the five major development concepts, adhere to the “five major boundaries”, achieve balanced credit distribution in accordance with the requirements of regulatory authorities, and meet regulatory requirements such as direct leaseback ratio, capital adequacy, non-performing control, liquidity, and compliance management. Cadres and employees at all levels fully implement the goal management model of “dividing indicators, leading tasks, gathering strength, daily statistics, weekly supervision, monthly ranking, quarterly assessment, and annual fulfillment” to achieve both internal management and efficiency improvements.

  The meeting requested that 2024 is the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and a critical year for the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. Doing a good job in financial work is of great significance.Tianyin Financial Leasing must resolutely follow the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference as the fundamental guideline, take the financial regulatory guidance as the focus of work, always adhere to the main line of serving the high-quality development of the real economy, strictly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Committee of the Head Office, seize transformation opportunities, and improve Development capabilities, in the first year of high-quality development of Tianyin Financial Leasing, we will fulfill our responsibilities with more professional services, reward shareholders with more excellent results, achieve employees with more stable development, write a passionate chapter on the new journey, and contribute to the beauty of beauty. Tianjin Construction contributes financial rent.

The meeting also commended and presented awards to departments and employees with outstanding performance in 2023.

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