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“Tianma” starts running globally to escort the marathon event

“Tianma” starts running globally to escort the marathon event

It’s a crisp autumn day, and it’s the perfect time for horse racing. On October 15, the Tianjin Marathon officially kicked off after four years. Runners from all over the world gathered in Tianjin to feel the vitality of the city while running. In this competition, China Mobile’s “Global Access Horse Racing Plan” escorted the entire event and created a one-stop exclusive service for runners, once again setting off the golden autumn “horse racing” craze.

“Running” into the “fireworks” of Jincheng

Global Connect fuels enthusiasm for horse racing in the golden autumn

As one of the earliest cities in the country to launch marathon events, Tianjin has gathered a group of horse racing enthusiasts who continue to run and break through themselves. Since the registration was launched, “Tianjin” has received enthusiastic support and active participation from the majority of runners. During the registration stage, China Mobile’s “Global Access·Horse Racing Plan” provides runners with a long registration period and offline participation quotas. It not only “wins fans” among many marathon enthusiasts, but also makes runners interested in “Global Access·Horse Racing Plan”. The arrival of the 2023 Tianjin Marathon, the first stop of the “Plan”, is even more anticipated.

It is reported that this year’s Tianjin Marathon has three events: marathon, half marathon, and healthy run (5 kilometers). It passes through the Fifth Avenue, Eye of Tianjin, Drum Tower, Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall, Tianjin Olympic Center and other dazzling Tianjin business cards. , the modern urban style and historical and cultural attractions complement each other along the way, attracting runners from all over the world to pass through the excitement, enthusiasm and prosperity of the city and encounter the fireworks and romance of Tianjin.

Full cycle escort event

Super long and heart-warming companionship helps you run as much as you want

In addition to helping runners win horse racing titles, China Mobile’s “Global Access Horse Racing Plan” also provides Global Access customers with exclusive rights packages throughout the “Tianma” event to protect runners.

In the pre-race stage, China Mobile has set up a “Global Access·Horse-Chasing Plan” booth at the 2023 Tianjin Marathon Expo. Global Access competitors can receive brand-specific customizations including sports vests, customized drawstring bags, and sports T-shirts before the race. Equipment gift pack. At the Horse Expo, China Mobile joined hands with national half-marathon record holder Peng Jianhua and other guests to hold a sharing session to introduce Tianjin culture and track conditions to runners, exchange scientific preparation experience, share stories of urban runners, and help runners do their best. It’s good to “warm up” before a game.

China Mobile Tianjin Company established a special marathon network guarantee working group to conduct comprehensive network testing and optimization for key areas such as the starting point of the race, the end of the healthy run, the half-finish, and the end and surrounding roads, and to expand the capacity of key communities based on the growth trend of 45G business volume. , dedicated personnel are on duty 24/7, reporting wireless performance indicators, transmission operation status, support personnel and fault occurrences within the heavy insurance range at a granularity of one hour. A total of more than 50 network support personnel have been dispatched, and 2 emergency communication vehicles have been set up on site. Taiwan and dispatched 25 support vehicles with a test mileage of 200 kilometers.

During the competition stage, all participating GSM customers can enjoy long-term and warm company. From pre-match guidance and inspection, to in-race pace and running posture reminders, to post-race guidance to the exclusive stretching area, 14 experienced global leaders with stable pace, including Sun Xinqing, Liu Fen, and Yang Keli, accompanied the contestants throughout the process. Running “Big Horse”, we will wholeheartedly protect every runner to run freely and finish the race safely.

In the post-match service stage, China Mobile set up an exclusive service area for GSM customers to ensure constant temperature stretching and timely post-match supplies. In addition, using the advantages of 5G+AI technology, China Mobile also generates short horse racing videos for customers who finish the race. By setting up shooting cameras along the track, it can capture the heroic posture of runners at any time, and uses exclusive photography to freeze horse racing life photos for one-click downloading. Videos, one-click transfer to mobile cloud disk, one-click setting of video ring tones and other functions will treasure the highlight moments of “Dream Racing” forever.

Run a horse and get to know a city. From registration, preparation to race completion, China Mobile escorts runners throughout the entire process, accompanies and protects its customers with warmth, and allows every global runner who loves running to “immerse” in the fun of running. In the future, China Mobile Global Communications will focus on the brand connotation of “innovation, enterprising and taste” and the brand spirit of “positive and happy hard work” to bring more beautiful and healthy quality life experiences to customers. (Wang Shi, Ma Rui, Miao Jinghua)

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