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Tianjin Warm Road Show of the movie “The Kingdom of Ice” explores the story behind the art of ice sculpture

Tianjin Warm Road Show of the movie “The Kingdom of Ice” explores the story behind the art of ice sculpture


  Tianjin Northern Network News:Per yearHarbin Ice and Snow World in December is an excellent place for people to appreciate ice sculpture art. The ingenious and meticulously crafted ice sculptures amaze people and add to the winter beauty of the Ice City. Who designed and made these ice sculptures? Where do so many ice cube raw materials come from? In order to explore the stories behind the exquisite ice sculpture art, the documentary film “Kingdom of Ice” uniquely goes from “in front of the stage” to “behind the scenes”, observing the moving aspects of ice transportation, carving and other aspects through the crystal of ice sculptures. Decembertwenty oneJapan, “A Kingdom Built on Ice”Started Tianjin station road show, directorQi BinyingAppeared at Tianjin Paragon Cinemas to share with the audience and mediaThe story behind ice sculpture art,Let the audience experience ice and snowArtofuniquecharm.

  Jointly produced by the Propaganda Department of the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Propaganda Department of the Harbin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Heilongjiang Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, and Heilongjiang Film Studio Co., Ltd., “The Kingdom of Ice” was directed by Qi Binying and took four years to shoot. It recorded China through the lens The real work and living conditions of tens of thousands of workers in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province building the Ice and Snow World.After completion, the film received a lot of praise at home and abroad, and has wonThe “Best Feature Documentary Award” at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival in 2022 and the “Best Documentary Film Award” at the 19th China-American Film Festival in 2023.

  Every documentary carries a certain social value. The valuable thing about “The Ice Kingdom” is that it can be seen“Invisible contribution”. There is a lot of hard work behind the gorgeous ice sculptures that attract people from all over to stop and admire them. The raw materials for the ice sculptures come from the Songhua River, the mother river in Harbin. The extremely low temperature has caused the river surface to be covered with a thick layer of ice. During the preparation of the ice sculpture, tens of thousands of workers gathered on Sun Island, collecting large amounts of ice raw materials with their hands and simple tools. In just fifteen days, raw materials had to be prepared, transported, designed and carved. The time was tight and the work was heavy, but everyone was able to work together to complete the task. Most of these workers come from surrounding areas. They work as farmers in the summer and as “ice construction workers” in the winter. They work day and night in the cold weather, so that a dreamy “Ice and Snow Kingdom” rises from the ground. The perseverance and simple desire of these “ordinary people” to live a better life are subtly connected with the exquisite ice sculptures. The beauty of the ice sculptures not only appears on the outside, but also has a deep meaning full of concern and imagination. "

  Although the ice sculpture only lasts for a few months each year, as a cultural business card of the city, its condensed meaning can flow freely in the past and future, at home and abroad. The hometown of Qi Binying, the main creator of the film, is Harbin. When she saw the ice construction site for the first time, the colorful memories of her childhood instantly triggered thousands of homesickness.As a unique citizen culture, it was born inThe ice sculptures in 1963 were built by ordinary people and appreciated by ordinary people. People who were born and raised here can relax their souls and dwell in poetry at the end of the year. In recent years, the design of ice sculptures has become more and more diverse: many professionals have participated in it, making ice sculptures into shapes with traditional cultural characteristics such as the “Big Water Method”, or building hot pot restaurants, bars and other modern consumption places in the ice city in an effort to Let visitors have a better experience.

  The 25th Harbin Ice and Snow World kicked off on the same day as the film. This year, the modern entertainment facilities based on ice and snow that appear in “Ice Kingdom” are even more colorful, and the entertainment projects are even more dizzying.This year’s Ice and Snow WorldWith the theme of “Dragon Soaring in Ice and Snow Chasing Dreams in Asia Winter”, there are elaborate designs in art, entertainment, food, sports and culture. Both adults and children can enjoy laughter in the world of ice and snow: delicious food in the snow, skiing experience, parent-child time, Internet celebrity IP check-in, ice performances… Rich activities will accompany tourists through New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. , Lantern Festival and other important festivals, the simple ice bricks in the hands of workers also burst out with endless fun and excitement through the hard work of countless people.

  Although the ice cube is solidified, its cultural value and emotional connotation are fluid and coherent. As spring turns to winter, rich ice resources nourish this northern city. After countless pairs of hard-working hands and countless ingenious minds, the ice cubes are carved into beautiful and moving ice sculptures, allowing visitors to appreciate such unique northern scenery. After the filming was completed, the film was screened abroad many times and won many awards. It became a kaleidoscope of cultural exchanges between the East and the West and allowed more foreigners to understand the charm and style of the city of Harbin.

  Beautiful things always need to be recorded and written down. The difficulty of filming “Kingdom of Ice” is no less difficult than the process of taking and transporting the ice itself. However, fortunately, a director with ingenuity and insight overcame all difficulties and allowed the story of the ice sculptures and ice construction workers to be preserved and spread. In this sense, the beauty of the realistic ice sculptures and the carefully shot film scenes are intertwined, playing a winter waltz with incomparable elegance.

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