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Tianjin Telecom Helps Gegu Town Build a Benchmark for Global Digital Grassroots Governance

Tianjin Telecom Helps Gegu Town Build a Benchmark for Global Digital Grassroots Governance

On March 4, 2023, the “Gegu Town Global Digital Grassroots Governance 2.0 Upgrade Launching Ceremony and 3.5 Learning from Lei Feng Volunteer Service Carnival” was held in the square in front of Gegu Gymnasium.The event was sponsored by the Gegu Town Committee of Jinnan District of the Communist Party of China and the People’s Government of Gegu Town.

Organized by Tianjin Telecom Jinnan Branch. During the event, the People’s Government of Gegu Town and Tianjin Telecom signed the “Framework Agreement on Party Building Leadership + Global Digital Grassroots Governance Cooperation”, implementing the “Ten Actions” of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, promoting party building to lead grassroots governance, and helping Gegu in Jinnan District The town has become the first street town in Tianjin to realize global digital grassroots governance.

Tianjin Telecom has deeply cultivated the strategy of “cloud transformation to digital transformation”, shouldered the initial mission of building a network power and digital China, and maintaining network information security, and continued to deepen digitalization to empower grassroots governance. Relying on China Telecom Tianyi Cloud, 5G, security, big data, and IoT Networking and other digital technologies, starting from 2021, we will join hands with the Gegu Town Government of Jinnan District to build a digital system platform for grassroots social governance, becoming the first global smart community grassroots governance project in Jinnan District. After two years of mature operation of the project, AI cameras, smart access control, temperature measuring columns, smart speakers and other smart devices have spread across 12 communities and 34 communities in Gegu Town, covering more than 30,000 households. The front-end basic data is collected through digital technologies such as the cloud, the Internet of Things, and AI, and can be transmitted to the monitoring background to present visual scenarios such as regional governance, community management, grid member management, and video management, which are displayed by a social governance situation awareness analysis diagram Global population, housing, and vehicle information, implement intelligent perception and early warning, unify data and unified scheduling, realize general practice grid, effectively solve problems such as false and repeated basic information collection, isolated data, and numerous information applications, and comprehensively promote global public digital security governance.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, Tianjin Telecom and the government of Gegu Town continued to cooperate in depth, using smart outbound calls to improve the efficiency of flow adjustment, implementing care for the elderly, and building a “three-piece set of guarding the home” (smart loudspeaker in the community, smart small speaker at the entrance of the building) , temperature measuring column at the entrance and exit of the community), guard a healthy home, and implement scientific and technological epidemic prevention. In the process of creating culture and sanitation in Jinnan District, the “three-piece suit” continued to play a role, realizing “the voice of the party entering thousands of homes”.

This time, the two parties launched the strategic cooperation of “Party Building Leadership + Global Digital Grassroots Governance”, which marks the 2.0 iterative upgrade of Gegu Global Digital Grassroots Governance. Based on scientific and technological innovation, Tianjin Telecom added modules such as “Party Building +” to the original grassroots governance management platform, and developed the “Colorful Home Geshitong” application program. This practical function realizes the diversification of party building learning, the sharing of voluntary services, and the convenience of people’s lives. Mutual help at the grassroots level and one-click sharing stimulate new vitality in grassroots governance, improve the quality of life of the people, and let Lei Feng be by the people’s side at all times.

From scientific and technological anti-epidemic to publicity of spiritual civilization, to the extension of voluntary services for peripheral grassroots governance, Tianjin Telecom adheres to the leadership of party building, and relies on digital technology to connect the government management side, grid personnel side, and residents’ side, so as to realize group prevention and group governance and improve grassroots The level of governance refinement has formed a new pattern of comprehensive three-dimensional digital grassroots social governance, and continues to help Tianjin become a socialist modern metropolis with efficient governance.

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