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Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision: Gathering policy financial forces to increase financing support for the “Ten Actions”

Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision: Gathering policy financial forces to increase financing support for the “Ten Actions”

On December 26, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration introduced at a special press conference on policy financial support to expand effective investment that the bureau closely integrates Tianjin’s “Ten Actions” to guide development banks and policy banks within its jurisdiction to serve Tianjin. Economic and social development, and increase financing support for major projects in the implementation of the “Ten Actions”.

  Promote high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.Focusing on promoting the virtuous cycle of “technology-industry-finance”, we will actively support the construction of major projects in new infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, technological innovation and other fields, and improve the manufacturing development facilities environment.As of the end of November, the balance of mid- and long-term project loans in the field of high-quality manufacturing development was 20.352 billion yuan, an increase of 21.27% from the beginning of the year, of which the balance of loans belonging to Tianjin’s key project list was 10.555 billion yuan, a significant increase of 30.72% from the beginning of the year.Especially in terms of supporting technology research and development of key industrial chain enterprises, we have given full play to the advantages of the exclusive product “R&D Loan” that adapts to the characteristics of technology research and development, and have brought together more than 20 major companies such as Feiteng Company, Huahai Qingke, and CanSino.Enterprises in the industrial chain have been included in the support list. Since the start of the business, a total of 4.161 billion yuan in loans have been provided to key core industries in information technology, high-end integrated circuits, biopharmaceuticals and other fields.Provided effective support for technical research.

  Promote the integrated development of port, industry and city.Focusing on the utilization of port resources, industrial transformation and upgrading, and urban quality improvement, we will increase financing support for port economy, port-friendly industries, and urban construction.Since this year, newly issuedLoans for medium and long-term projects in the integrated development of port, industry and city and related fields amounted to RMB 12.61 billion.Strong support for project construction.For example, the Tianjin LNG project, as a key project of “National Natural Gas Infrastructure Interconnection”, can not only provide energy security for Tianjin Port’s port operating machinery, ship transportation equipment, etc., but also use the advantages of natural gas reserve resources to cultivate the development of surrounding port-friendly industries. , thereby promoting the development of cities and industries through Hong Kong.

  Promote green and low-carbon development actions.Incorporate the concept of green credit into the entire business process management, and focus on the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goal to increase financing support for energy conservation and environmental protection, clean energy, clean production, ecological construction and other fields.Since this year, development banks and policy banks within the jurisdiction have issued green credit152.57billion, especially in the field of clean energy, which not only supports the construction of projects in clean energy fields such as solar energy and wind energy, but also promotes the clean and efficient use of traditional energy.Since the beginning of this year, new loans to the clean energy industry have been 3.1 times that of the same period last year.for exampleThe Huadian Nangang Thermal Power Project is supported by a policy financial institution applying for a special re-loan from the People’s Bank of China for clean and efficient utilization of coal. It uses low-cost funds to promote energy conservation and consumption reduction in coal power companies and promotes the green and low-carbon development of coal energy.

In other service areas of the “Ten Actions”, Tianjin Development Bank and policy banks also play an important role. Among the key projects supporting Tianjin, the scale of loans related to the high-quality development support and leading action in Binhai New Area and the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization increased significantly by 53.17% and 53.69% respectively from the beginning of the year.

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