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Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision: Do not avoid problems or shirk responsibilities and strive to build a “big consumer protection” working system – Times Finance – Northern Net

Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision: Do not avoid problems or shirk responsibilities and strive to build a “big consumer protection” working system – Times Finance – Northern Net

  September 22,The Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision held a special press conference to promote the improvement of quality and efficiency in the protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests.

Li Lan, the second-level inspector of the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration, announced at the meeting: From January to August 2023, the 12378 banking and insurance consumer rights protection hotline in Tianjin received a total of 58,125 calls, and a total of 12378 banking and insurance consumer rights protection hotlines handled a total of 58,125 calls, and a total of 12378 banking and insurance consumer rights protection hotlines handled a total of 58125 calls. 6,707 matters were handled, and the Tianjin Supervision Bureau received 1,604 visits from the masses, totaling 2,160 people, and handled 4,309 letters from the masses.

Li Lan said that in recent years, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau has focused on purifying the industry ecology externally and improving the performance of its duties internally. It has taken into account the long-term mechanism of education and publicity and the short-term goal of setting up disputes and resolving disputes, and has worked hard to smooth channels, resolve backlogs, and diversify We have carried out solid work in many aspects such as dispute resolution and effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers within our jurisdiction.

  Talking about the next work, Li Lan said,currentThe pressure of stable economic growth is still clearly transmitted to financial complaints, and consumer disputes and rights protection claims have been running at a high level in recent times.There is still a lot of work to be done in the process of establishing a full-process and all-area “big consumer protection” for supervision. In the next step, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau will not avoid problems or shirk responsibilities. It will always stand firm in the people’s position and do its best to solve the problem. While making every complaint, we strive to improveThe long-term mechanism for protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers will postpone the work forward and backward, and strive to build a comprehensive consumer protection working system that monitors risks at the front end, resolves conflicts at the middle end, and supervises and tracks at the back end.

In-depth implementation of Pujiang experience combined with theme education

The Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration regards implementing the Pujiang experience and solving the urgent, difficult and anxious problems of the masses as the top priority of consumer protection work. When receiving visitors face-to-face, we should aim at “making a maximum of one visit” to ensure that we handle the visit as soon as we receive it, ensure that the case is handled by the person, manage the cancellation of the account, and follow up to the end. For example, 71-year-old Ms. Zhang purchased an insurance product from a bank many years ago and complained due to a surrender dispute. Because the time span is long, many institutions are involved, the terms are relatively complex, and the elderly are very old, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau worked on-site after receiving the visit, coordinating consumers, banks and insurance companies to sit together to explain the terms, explain the protection, and calculate the benefits on the spot. , guiding the process, and the elderly’s doubts and problems were solved on the same day.

While making every effort to solve individual case problems, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau carefully summarized its experience and institutionalized and normalized the visits of leading cadres. A special system has been introduced to clarify the situation, frequency, procedures and standards for visits by bureau leaders and department leaders. It requires leading cadres to not only interview people and matters, but also interview people and situations, and normalize it to on-site interviews where the situation is the most complex and the conflicts are most concentrated. Truth, focus on public opinion, and solve problems.

Smooth channels to solve consumer problems

Expanded rights protection hotline. In August this year, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau increased the number of 12378 rights protection hotlines within its jurisdiction from 8 to 10, and comprehensively optimized the management system. Currently, the hotline receives an average of 686 calls per day, an increase of 91% from before the expansion, and the average daily number of work orders is 399, an increase of 84% from before the expansion. At present, the timeliness assessment requirements for hotlines have been accurate to the second, and the satisfaction given by consumers has remained above 99% for a long time.

Set up a consultation hotline. Provide professional and timely guidance on difficult matters that consumers are concerned about. At present, the average monthly consultation volume of the hotline has exceeded 830 times.

Ensure standardized handling of letters from the masses. In the past two years, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau has made great efforts to streamline the process of handling letters from the masses, clearly stipulating more than 10 key issues such as responsible departments and processing time limits, and continuously improving its ability to use systems to manage people, affairs, and processes.

Take multiple measures to expand the reach of financial services

Promote and popularize “Tianjin Benefiting People’s Insurance”. “Tianjin Huimin Insurance” is a government-guided and commercially operated urban customized commercial medical insurance. In terms of supervision and management, the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration has clear requirements, namely adhering to the principles of market-oriented operation, sustainable operation and risk controllability. The Tianjin Supervision Bureau urges relevant insurance companies to adhere to the goals of benefiting, benefiting and providing convenience to the people on the basis of the three principles, follow the business rules of commercial health insurance, formulate scientific and reasonable protection plans, and lay a solid foundation for project operation. Since the launch of “Tianjin Huimin Insurance” in 2022, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau has continued to track the operation of the project, strengthened risk monitoring and data analysis, paid close attention to all aspects of publicity, sales, claims, etc., supervised and guided relevant insurance companies to objectively and accurately promote products, and prevent Delay the compensation but cherish the compensation.

Investigate and solve difficult problems for the masses. In order to effectively solve the pain points and congestion problems for the elderly in receiving financial services, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau adopted the “four non-two direct” approach, selected areas where the elderly population lives densely, and conducted in-depth surveys at the grassroots branches of many banks. On-site inspections of facilities and services were carried out, and opinions and suggestions were asked from the elderly on site. Questionnaires were also designed to conduct extensive surveys among banking institutions and financial consumers. In the next step, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau will combine the research results to comprehensively revise the normative documents for the implementation of appropriate aging services within its jurisdiction, enhance the happiness, satisfaction and gain of the elderly, and share the fruitful results of financial digitalization and intelligent development.

Make good use of diverse dispute resolution to improve the quality and effectiveness of dispute resolution

Establish an insurance dispute mediation mechanism. The Tianjin Supervision Bureau guided the Tianjin Insurance Industry Association to establish an industry mediation mechanism in September 2012. In January 2016, the Tianjin Insurance Industry People’s Mediation Committee was established to establish a litigation and mediation docking mechanism and set up a professional mediation room in the court. Our city’s insurance dispute mediation mechanism has been in operation for 11 years and has accepted a total of 5,542 mediation cases, including 3,932 industry mediation cases, 1,610 litigation and mediation cases, and a total of 3,539 successful mediation cases, with a mediation amount of 125 million yuan. The People’s Mediation Committee was awarded the honorary title of “National Model Mediation Committee” by the Ministry of Justice. Five mediation cases were rated as outstanding cases by the Ministry of Justice and selected into the “China Legal Service Network” for nationwide promotion.

Promote the listing and operation of the People’s Mediation Committee of the Banking Industry. The Tianjin Supervision Bureau guided the Tianjin Banking Association to establish a People’s Mediation Committee, which will be officially operational in January 2022. As of the end of August this year, the People’s Mediation Committee has accepted a total of 108 mediation cases, 40 of which were successfully mediated, with a mediation amount of 10.1806 million yuan.

  Make every effort to prepare for the establishment of a consumer rights protection center. In order to resolve financial consumer disputes in a one-stop manner, since this year, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau has promoted the establishment of the Tianjin Banking and Insurance Consumer Rights Protection Center, fully mobilizing the power of associations, industries, media, experts and scholars, etc., to empower the consumer protection center with dispute mediation, Consumer protection education, hotline management, auxiliary supervision and many other functions.At present, preliminary preparations such as personnel, systems, board of directors, and filing materials have been completed.

Do a good job in risk prevention to resolve and clear the minds of the masses

Actively prevent and deal with illegal fund-raising risks. On the one hand, strengthen pre-risk prevention. The Tianjin Supervision Bureau instructs all banks and insurance institutions in Tianjin to play the role of outpost warning for financial institutions, independently monitor and report suspicious transactions in a timely manner, and cooperate with the Tianjin “Illegal Affairs” leading department to carry out work to help combat illegal fund-raising activities. On the other hand, efforts should be made to prevent illegal fund-raising through publicity and education. In order to cope with the new situation in the fight against illegal activities, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau organized more than 6,200 publicity activities in schools and communities for banking and insurance institutions in Tianjin during the prevention of illegal fund-raising publicity month in June this year, covering more than 370,000 people. Guided various institutions to publish 916 original works through various self-media platforms. The works were read more than 1.14 million times, covering more than 2.08 million people, focusing on revealing new illegal fund-raising methods, new characteristics, and new risks, and helping to enhance the prevention awareness of the whole society.

Make every effort to resolve backlogged cases. In accordance with the work requirements of “special plans, special notifications, account cancellation management, and assigning responsibilities to people”, we will ensure that everything is implemented and everything is responded to. By convening special meetings to promote, interviewing agency leaders, implementing a half-month supervision mechanism, and closely contacting the Municipal Petition Office and the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, we will promote the clearing of backlog of petition cases as they arise, and resolve the backlog of cases in a normal and long-term manner. Since the beginning of this year, all 14 backlogged cases transferred to the Tianjin Supervision Bureau by the national and local petition departments have been resolved, and the “old problems” and “hard bones” that have been accumulated for many years have been properly dealt with.

Do a good job in publicity and education to purify the overall industry environment

The regulatory overall planning highlights “bigness”. When deploying publicity and education work, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau requires that education and publicity be combined with doing practical things to benefit the people, and that listening to hot and difficult issues strongly reflected by consumers be combined with improving the level of financial services. In September this year, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau, together with the Tianjin Branch of the People’s Bank of China, the Tianjin Securities Regulatory Bureau, and the Tianjin Cyberspace Administration of China, jointly launched the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity in Tianjin. Tianjin’s publicity month activities were reported by many mainstream media including Jinyun, ranked 6th in the city’s hot searches, and had nearly 5 million Weibo reads.

Promote implementation on multiple fronts and highlight “living”. During March 15 this year, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau went to a number of institutions for on-site supervision and released a public service video together with the Tianjin Insurance Industry Association.

The media worked closely to highlight “whole”. A publicity and reporting platform covering many authoritative media such as China Banking and Insurance News and Jinyun has been established. At the same time, various new media such as official websites and WeChat public accounts have been fully utilized to expand the audience and reach areas and groups that are difficult to reach through physical propaganda outlets. Next, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau will follow the deployment of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and take the Education Publicity Month as an opportunity to solidly carry out practical activities for the people and the “five entry” of “entering rural areas, entering communities, entering campuses, entering enterprises, and entering business districts” “Activity.

Establish rules and regulations to improve processes and improve regulatory efficiency

Establish a practical training system for front-line petitions. The Tianjin Supervision Bureau formulated the “Young Cadres’ Job Practical Training Activities Plan” and organized new cadres to go to the Consumer Protection Office to carry out practical training in petition work, receive visits and calls, and handle petitions, so as to improve their work skills and cultivate their feelings for the people.

Adhere to the system of contacting the complainants as soon as possible. For complaints and complaints, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau will contact the complainant as soon as possible to explain the policy, inquire about the appeal, and resolve economic disputes in a timely manner. Since the establishment of the system in 2022, a total of 3,116 complaints and complaints have been contacted as soon as possible, and 2,283 cases have been quickly coordinated and handled, with a success rate of 73%. Through this system, the separation of complex and simplified tasks is realized, working temperature is conveyed, conflicts and disputes are resolved, and legitimate rights and interests are safeguarded.

Improve internal work processes. The Tianjin Supervision Bureau revised the reporting procedures, formulated reporting verification guidelines, optimized 11 business processes including acceptance standards, processing time limits, and simplified approvals, and studied and established 14 working standards in three aspects: investigation and evidence collection, fact determination, and response notification.

Do a good job in the implementation of important laws and regulations. The Tianjin Regulatory Bureau listed the “Management Measures for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests of Banking and Insurance Institutions” implemented in March this year as an important part of the overall annual training. It selected front-line consumer protection cadres to go to the banking association to carry out special training for institutions within its jurisdiction, both online and offline. More than 2,000 people are covered.

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