Tianjin State-owned Assets System Sunshine Procurement Platform Special Meeting Held Government and Enterprise Experts to Share Digital Procurement Compliance Management Experience


On March 7, under the guidance of the Tianjin Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the “Enterprise Start-up Season” Super Carnival Corporate Customer Special Event and the Special Conference of the Sunshine Procurement Platform of the State-owned Assets System jointly sponsored by the Tianjin Equity Exchange Center and JD Enterprise Business were held in Tianjin JD MALL, Tianjin Relevant comrades responsible for the sunshine procurement work of enterprises in the state-owned assets system participated.

The special meeting of the Sunshine Procurement Platform of the State-owned Assets System pointed out that sunshine procurement has far-reaching significance for the sustainable development of enterprises. Promoting corporate sunshine procurement is an important step for enterprises to reduce costs, improve product quality, and deepen the fight against corruption. It is an important link in supporting and driving the development of industrial and supply chains and enhancing independent controllability. The Tianjin Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission attaches great importance to the sunshine procurement work of the state-owned assets system. In 2023, it promoted the Tianjin Equity Exchange Center affiliated to Guoxing Capital and JD Group to build the Tianjin Sunshine Procurement Platform to help state-owned assets supervision companies connect supply and demand parties, source inquiries, and maximize help. Enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The person in charge of Tianjin Sunshine Procurement Platform said that the construction idea of ​​Tianjin Sunshine Procurement Platform is to build one network and one platform to carry out procurement business on a unified procurement electronic network and business platform, relying on the platform to unify information release, process operation, price management, Expert management and service evaluation ensure that the business is open, the process is controlled, the entire process is online, and it is permanently traceable.

As one of the participants in platform construction, JD.com has also integrated a large amount of JD Group’s compliance management experience into the Tianjin Sunshine Procurement Platform. The relevant person in charge of JD.com said that this year is an important time for the tenth anniversary of the implementation of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy. In the current context of accelerating digital and intelligent transformation, procurement digitalization has become an important means to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance corporate competitiveness.

However, digital procurement has greatly enriched the types and quantities of goods that enterprises can choose from, and also intensified the potential risks of commodity compliance, such as the risk of counterfeit goods, information compliance risk, commodity qualification compliance risk, etc. Relying on years of experience in commodity supply chain management, JD.com has established more than 40 industry category rules, more than 160 algorithm capabilities and 6 hierarchical audit systems by summarizing industry commodity characteristics and standardizing category attribute requirements, with an annual audit volume of approximately 8 billion times. , which can effectively reduce product compliance risks. In terms of supplier management, JD.com fully applies big data technology and combines external enterprise risk data, comprehensive sales, compliance assurance and experience, supply chain capabilities and other factors to establish a supplier risk classification management system and conduct periodic assessments of suppliers. Form a linkage mechanism of rewards and punishments to realize a positive ecological cycle of quality suppliers.

After the special meeting of the Sunshine Procurement Platform of the State-owned Assets System, the “TEDA Hui Jingdong MALL” Super Body Carnival themed event was organized. “Super Body Carnival” is one of the “JD.com Is Here – Employee Club” offline series activities created by JD.com Enterprise Business. It is a platform for JD.com Enterprise Business to provide services based on the integration of B-end supply chain capabilities and the resource advantages of JD.com MALL Super Experience Store. A new service model created by corporate customers that integrates customization of all elements such as products, interaction, space, and atmosphere.

In this “Corporate Start-up Season” Super Body Carnival Corporate Customer Special, JD.com’s enterprise business teamed up with 3C Digital Division, Dashan Supermarket Division, Dashe Fashion Division, Automobile Division, JD Health and other business sectors as well as many brand partners to set up a A large number of employee experience activities with various types and interactive forms demonstrated new ways of employee experience activities to the business leaders present, and opened up new ideas for companies to innovate and upgrade employee benefits.

As an important window for JD.com to serve enterprises, JD.com’s enterprise business has long been deploying services for corporate procurement compliance as an important goal. At present, JD.com’s enterprise business has built a complete set of digital compliance management solutions around key procurement links such as commodities, suppliers, prices, contract fulfillment, operations, and services, which can not only help enterprises accurately and comprehensively identify and manage compliance Risk points can be improved to improve the overall efficiency of corporate compliance management. It can also replace “human review” with “algorithm review” and “human supervision” with “system supervision”, thereby effectively avoiding human intervention factors and significantly reducing procurement compliance risks.

In the future, JD.com’s enterprise business will continue to leverage its resource integration capabilities and technological advantages to bring better costs, efficiency and experience to corporate procurement through full-scenario services for corporate life based on the digital supply chain, and provide high-quality services to corporate customers. Quality development provides more support.


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