Tianjin Securities Regulatory Bureau actively organized the “5?15 National Investor Protection Publicity Day” activities

Tianjin Securities Regulatory Bureau actively organized the “5?15 National Investor Protection Publicity Day” activities

The Tianjin Securities Regulatory Bureau has thoroughly implemented the investor protection work deployment of the CSRC, closely followed the main line of “comprehensively implementing the reform of the stock issuance registration system”, and “cared for investors, and acted together – embracing the comprehensive registration system reform to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors” With the theme of “May 15 National Investor Protection Publicity Day”, a series of activities will be organized.

  The first is to focus on investor education around the “one main line” of the comprehensive registration system.Jointly held the “Financial Futures Cup” Community Grid Investor Education Excellent Lecturer and Excellent Courseware Selection Competition with the China Financial Futures Exchange, and held the finals on the occasion of the “National Investor Protection Publicity Day” to select the top ten outstanding lecturers and top ten The courseware lays a good foundation for the follow-up investor education work. Lianhe Securities Daily and China Securities Small and Medium Investor Service Center held the 5th “May 19 Small and Medium Investor Protection Publicity Week”. Registration system rules and typical cases of insurance. Launch the “Shareholders Are Coming” 2023 Investor Rights Knowledge Contest in the jurisdiction, and mobilize market players in the jurisdiction to actively organize investors to participate.

  The second is to do a good job in the “two tasks” of investor protection, and actively carry out education and publicity.Focusing on the theme and content of the comprehensive registration system and preventing illegal securities, fund and futures activities, actively mobilize market players, investment education bases, media, etc. in the jurisdiction to do a good job in carrying out characteristic investment education activities and producing original investment education works. Guide market players in the jurisdiction to go out and invite in, carry out investor education through various methods such as salons, lectures, and outdoor publicity, strengthen theme publicity by posting banners in business places, playing scrolling screens, etc. and other online channels to publicize the series of achievements of the CSRC’s insurance work. Encourage the investment education bases and market players in the jurisdiction to combine the actual needs of investors, according to relevant policies, regulations and financial knowledge, increase the development of original investment education works, select more than 50 high-quality investment education works, and publicize them through China Investor Network.

  The third is to mobilize the “tripartite power” of the large insurance purchase mechanism, and actively carry out characteristic investment education activities.Focus on mobilizing the enthusiasm of industry associations, investment education bases and market entities, and carry out investor education activities with their own characteristics. Listing, securities, funds, and futures associations in jurisdictions organize investors to enter listed companies, introduce relevant industries and listed companies to investors, and strengthen communication with investors. Tianjin Futures Association, Yide Futures Investment Education Base, and Heping District Financial Bureau jointly popularized futures knowledge and reminded investment risks through lectures, game interactions, and visits to investment education bases. Bohai Securities Investment Education Base held themed walking activities to publicize the rules of the comprehensive registration system and carry out publicity and education on the prevention of illegal securities and futures. Tianhong Fund entered Nankai University, held a lecture on the theme of sound financial management and investment, and carried out financial science popularization and anti-non-publicity on the themes of comprehensive registration system, anti-fraud and anti-fraud, pension investment, etc.

In the next step, the Tianjin Securities Regulatory Bureau will continue to adhere to the political and popular nature of supervision, continue to organize and carry out focused, distinctive, and warm investor education activities, popularize capital market laws and regulations and investment knowledge to investors, and advocate rational investment. To effectively improve the risk prevention awareness of the majority of investors, jointly create a good environment for the development of the industry, and promote the stable and healthy development of the capital market.

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