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Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank’s first batch of “Auspicious Stations” debuted from the “last mile” of agriculture-related financial services to “zero-distance services”

Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank’s first batch of “Auspicious Stations” debuted from the “last mile” of agriculture-related financial services to “zero-distance services”

At five o’clock in the morning, the winter sky is still shrouded in darkness, but the “Jixiang Station” of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank located in Chuanfangyu Village, Jizhou District is already brightly lit. Lao Zhu is the resident administrator here to facilitate the villagers to do business. , going to work at 5 a.m. and leaving get off work at 9 p.m. has become his unshakable routine, which never stops no matter the severe winter or scorching heat. At 8:30 in the morning, Lao Zhu had already handled seven or eight transactions for the villagers. The local villagers said, “It’s so convenient. You don’t have to go to town to get pension money or subsidy money.” You can do it right at the door, no need to queue up.” “Paying your children’s tuition fees, doing business and transferring money, you can do it all here, it’s convenient and safe.” From the villagers’ daily conversations, they revealed their great trust in the services of the site administrator Lao Zhu and their full recognition of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank’s “Auspicious Station”.

(The picture shows Zhu Yongfu, the administrator of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank’s Chuanfangyu “Jixiang Station” site, handling business for villagers)

  As a local state-owned financial institution and a local people’s bank, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank is “born because of agriculture and thrives with agriculture”. It adheres to the positioning of returning to the origin, returning to the local area, supporting agriculture and small markets, and carries out characteristic operations based on the local area.There are more than 400 business outlets, and nearly 2,000 financial service stations and convenience points throughout rural areas and communities. It has the largest number of outlets in Tianjin. It is the only way in the city that can realize rural finance by “setting up stations with outlets as the center and a radius of 2 kilometers”. A bank with full coverage of services,It has opened up the “last mile” of rural financial services in Tianjin.

Recently, in order to further meet the increasingly diversified comprehensive service needs of residents in rural areas of our city, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has joined forces with the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Social Security Center, and the Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative to promote the 2.0 financial service station in agriculture-related areas. Construction work was carried out to upgrade the traditional “financial service station” to the “Jixiang Station” and realize the transformation from “last mile” to “zero-distance service”. By deepening “social-bank cooperation” and “bank-government co-construction” and strengthening technological empowerment, “Jixiang Station” can not only handle regular business such as account enquiries, receiving pensions, grain subsidies, deposits and withdrawals, and transfers, but also It can handle cross-field businesses such as telephone bills, electricity bills, cable TV bills, traffic fines, social security consultation, and commodity sales, becoming a “one-stop” comprehensive service platform integrating finance, social security, government affairs and other service functions, providing farmers with Provide more comprehensive and convenient financial and non-financial services.

(The picture shows the “Jixiang Station” compared to the basic service facilities of a bank branch. It is equipped with blood pressure monitors, weight scales, vision test charts, various books, etc., becoming a new place for villagers to “face to face and interact with each other”.)

At present, the first batch of nine “auspicious stations” that have been upgraded and renovated have been unveiled in Baodi, Jizhou, Wuqing, Jinghai, Ninghe, Dongli and other districts. In the next step, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will also select more rural “financial service stations” through star site evaluation and upgrade them to “auspicious stations”, and select a group of branch personnel to carry mobile terminals and station them regularly to enhance the professionalism of rural financial services. , convenience and availability, and promote the efficient connection between financial products and farmers’ needs. At the same time, we will continue to deepen the joint construction of the bank and the government, assist the government to make up for the shortcomings of circulation in rural areas, clear up blockages, carry out service upgrades such as benefiting farmers, financing guarantees, and commodity sales, and effectively provide convenient and efficient high-quality financial services to people in rural areas. .

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