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Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank’s finance helps spring plowing preparations, allowing seed companies to hold on to agricultural “chips”

Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank’s finance helps spring plowing preparations, allowing seed companies to hold on to agricultural “chips”

Recently, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank successfully issued the bank’s first “Auspicious Seed Industry Loan” of 6.95 million yuan to Tianjin Jinshi Shennong Seed Industry Co., Ltd. This is the effect of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank’s financial boost to the “Ten Actions” in Tianjin. Another powerful measure to serve the revitalization of urban villages has achieved a new breakthrough in the innovation of seed industry enterprise financing models.

Seeds are known as the “chips” of agriculture. To make the rice bowl more secure, it is the key to strengthen and expand the seed industry. In order to thoroughly implement the national seed industry revitalization action, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively explored and studied the policies of the seed industry, and launched an innovative and standardized credit product “Auspicious. Industry Loan” to provide financial support for seed industry enterprises to break the barriers of the integration of seed breeding, propagation and promotion. It is worth noting that this product uses information such as independent intellectual property rights of the seed industry, breeding R&D expenditures, etc. to achieve ‘quick measurement’, effectively reducing the time for “loans” of seed industry enterprises, etc. Regulatory mortgage pledge is used as an auxiliary means of credit enhancement. Through flexible collocation of guarantee methods, the availability of loans for seed industry enterprises is further improved, and the customer’s loan experience is continuously improved.

If the seed industry wants to go up, leading enterprises must go up. Tianjin Jinshi Shennong Seed Industry Co., Ltd., which focuses on the development model of “whole agricultural industry chain”, is a leading modern seed enterprise integrating multiple industries such as crop seed breeding, rice planting, processing and sales. Now is the spring planting season. In order to increase investment in research and development, breeding and promotion of new varieties such as rice, cotton, and sorghum, enterprises urgently need financial support. The timely issuance of the 6.95 million yuan “Auspicious Seed Industry Loan” by Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has helped enterprises break through the key links that restrict production and operation. Putting more “Tianjin grain” in Chinese rice bowls has contributed to the “wisdom” of agriculture and business.

Doing a good job in financial services for seed industry enterprises is an important measure to ensure food security, promote agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income, and promote the integrated development of urban and rural areas and the construction of beautiful countryside. Introducing financial “living water” to “quench the thirst” of seed industry enterprises is just a microcosm of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank’s financial services for spring plowing and preparation. Since 2022, the bank has successively launched a series of innovative financial products such as “rural collective economic organization loans” and “spring farming loans”, actively providing high-quality financial services for agricultural market players through rich tools and means, and helping the high-quality and efficient development of agriculture . The world of rural revitalization is vast, and the role of finance is at the right time. Rooted in the fertile soil of the countryside, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will unswervingly implement the major decision-making arrangements of the rural revitalization strategy, finance the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization, and provide various financial services in the process of comprehensively building a socialist modern metropolis in Tianjin.

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