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Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank won two awards in the third “Golden Honor Award”

Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank won two awards in the third “Golden Honor Award”

On June 16, the 2023 China Asset Management and Wealth Management Industry Annual Summit and the 3rd “Golden Honor Award” annual awards ceremony hosted by Puyi Standard was grandly held. In the annual “Sword Discussion”, 167 financial institutions competed fiercely in various segments of asset management. After evaluation system screening, online voting and expert panel review, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank stood out under the multi-dimensional comprehensive evaluation , once again won the “Golden Honor Award-Excellent Large-Scale Asset Management Rural Commercial Bank”, and its self-developed Yuanheng Wealth Management? Juai Plan charitable donation exclusive product won the honor of “Golden Honor Award-Excellent Social Responsibility Product”. The “Golden Reputation Award”, as an influential industry evaluation benchmark for asset management and wealth management, has received widespread attention from the industry. Winning the “Golden Honor Award” for three consecutive years is the affirmation of the industry and the majority of investors for Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank’s ability to serve the real economy and asset management, and has further established the reputation of the industry.

Since independently issuing the first net worth wealth management product in 2018, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has been deeply involved in net worth products for five years. We have accumulated rich experience in sales channel construction and other aspects. Since the implementation of the “New Regulations on Asset Management”, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has strictly implemented regulatory requirements and adhered to the road of standardized and professional development. Over the years, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has been deeply involved in agriculture-related areas, and has developed into a financial institution with the largest number of business outlets in Tianjin, with business outlets in agriculture-related areas accounting for as high as 90%. Relying on the resource advantages of offline outlets and the professional wealth management manager team cultivated locally, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank continues to provide comprehensive wealth management services, and customers in agriculture-related areas account for more than 85%, providing convenient, Compliant financial channels. Relying on Sannong and serving Sannong has also become an important factor for the rapid development of the bank’s wealth management business. In the process of comprehensively promoting the implementation of rural revitalization, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank regards “financial management for the people” as an important part of the financial in-depth service of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”. Focusing on the characteristics of farmers’ low risk preference and weak ability of diversified asset allocation, etc. The research and development of low-risk and stable wealth management products focuses on the inclusiveness, low volatility, long-term and simple operation of the products. In the past three years, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has issued more than 700 low-risk wealth management products, and has paid nearly 3 billion yuan in customer income, allowing “three rural” customers to feel a real sense of financial gain and win the market word of mouth.

In addition, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively fulfills its social responsibilities, strengthens product innovation, and strives to create star products with excellent social, economic and brand benefits. Yuanheng Financial Management, which won the honorary title of “Excellent Social Responsibility Product” this time, is an exclusive product for charitable donations of the Juai Plan, which is a “Public Welfare + Finance” exclusive wealth management products. Part of the proceeds of this product will be donated in the name of investors to carry out public welfare projects including helping and supporting women and children in difficulty in employment, entrepreneurship, and schooling. Through product innovation, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank focuses on social welfare, and has explored a win-win model in which investors obtain property income, public welfare projects obtain development funds, and enterprises and individuals actively fulfill their social responsibilities.

Based on a new starting point, to meet a new journey. In the future, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will continue to live up to its trust, work steadily, and always stand with investors, firmly believe that “one point of trust, one hundred percent of effort”, and strive to create a better investment experience for “Sannong” customers and protect investors wealth and happiness!

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