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Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank successfully held the 4th Staff Sports Meeting

Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank successfully held the 4th Staff Sports Meeting

In order to inherit and develop corporate culture and gather the spiritual power of reform and innovation, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank successfully held the 4th Staff Sports Meeting on October 22. Yang Chunwu, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Wang Hong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Li Xiang, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Youth League Committee, Chen Guohui, Director of the Publicity and Education Network Department of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and Comrade Lu Huachang, Deputy Director of the Financial Stability Division II of the Municipal Financial Bureau attended the meeting Activity. Tang Yiping, Secretary of the Party Committee and President, delivered an opening speech and announced the opening of the sports meeting. Zhang Ying, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chief Supervisor and Chairman of the Labor Union, presided over the event.

  A gathering of unity and progress

2023 is a year of transformation in which our bank successfully resolves major difficulties and historical burdens and devotes all its efforts to promoting development through reform. The successful holding of this workers’ sports meeting vividly demonstrated the high morale and good spirit of the majority of farmers and businessmen to maintain their determination and patience to promote high-quality development.

The Games took three months from preparation to holding. In accordance with the principle of “thrifty meetings and extensive participation” of the Party Committee of the Head Office, the competition organizing committee carefully organized, carefully deployed, and successfully implemented all preparatory work. All units actively participated, united and cooperated, carefully selected elites, and properly handled the relationship between business work and the sports meeting. The business work was orderly and the sports meeting preparations were steady and orderly, which fully demonstrated the good spirit and solid work results of the farmers and merchants.

The competition events of the 4th Staff Games combine individual competition and team competition. There are 10 track and field events such as sprinting, high jump, and shot put, and 4 group fun sports. Employees enthusiastically signed up, setting off an all-employee movement and all-employee movement across the bank. The strong atmosphere of fitness also promotes the excellent style of “building body, strengthening quality, promoting development, and improving the level” on the sports field.

  An enthusiastic meeting

  At 8 o’clock in the morning, the solemn five-star red flagWalking into the stadium with the melodious melody of “Singing the Motherland”,kicked off the conference.The national flag is held high and the national anthem is passionate, linking history and the future, embodying faith and dreams; the flag is flying and the song is loud, showing the vision and mission, expressing struggle and hope!

The entrance programs of each representative team had distinct themes and fast pace, arousing cheers and applause from the audience. The team members performed radio gymnastics together, and their neat and light steps showed the sunshine and vitality of youth to the audience. The fusion program “Auspicious Life” combines football, basketball, cheerleading and other popular sports forms, igniting the lively atmosphere at the scene.

Head Office

Head Office Sales Department

Binhai Branch

Dongli Center Branch

Jinnan Central Branch

Xiqing Center Branch

Beichen Central Branch

Baodi Center Branch

Jizhou Central Branch

Wuqing Central Branch

Jinghai Center Branch

Ninghe Central Branch

Jinnan Rural Bank

Nanyang Rural Bank

“The Ninth Set of Radio Gymnastics”

Fusion program “Auspicious Life”

After the game officially started, the stadium was filled with excitement. The sounds of cheering and cheering came one after another and continued. The athletes’ all-out performance and perseverance on the field carried the burning eyes and eager expectations of the audience. The competition results were generally better than the previous session, with 26 individual events and 3 team events breaking the session record.

  a widely attended conference

Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has long attached great importance to the physical and mental health of its employees. This sports meeting fully took into account the enthusiasm of employees with different physical abilities to enjoy the sports meeting, divided the track and field event groups according to age, and organized four interesting projects such as Not Falling Down the Forest. More than 1,000 athletes from 14 representative teams united and communicated here, gained friendship, worked hard and surpassed themselves.

In order to strengthen widespread participation, a game interactive area was set up at the sports meeting, including VR interaction, dry land curling, fun shooting machines, and various secondary facilities, providing a good experience for nearly 2,000 spectators and athletes on site.

This sports meeting will set up ranking awards and participation awards to make the athletes feel the value of their hard work, continuously enhance the employees’ sense of belonging, honor, and pride, and enrich their mental energy for completing their jobs with higher efficiency and higher quality. laid a spiritual foundation.

  In the future, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will use the characteristics highlighted in this employee sports meeting toThe good mental state of forging ahead, fighting bravely, and uniting and cooperating is transformed into a full enthusiasm for work, entrepreneurship, and forge ahead.Maintain determination, deepen reforms, continue to open up new prospects for the development of various undertakings, serve and support Tianjin’s “Ten Actions”, and contribute financial strength to the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist metropolis!

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