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Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Party Committee Holds 2023 Party Member Education Demonstration Training

Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Party Committee Holds 2023 Party Member Education Demonstration Training

In order to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thoughts on party building, solidly promote the theme education to be in-depth and solid, and further strengthen the education and management of party members, from August 13th to 15th, the Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Party Committee was at the Jizhou Campus of the Tianjin Municipal Party School of the Communist Party of China Hold the 2023 “In-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, temper a strong style of work, and play a vanguard and exemplary role” party member education demonstration training, educate and guide outstanding Communist Party members across the bank to learn first and learn more, and strengthen party spirit. Inherit the red gene, improve work skills, and better play the vanguard and exemplary role of party members in the business operation and management of the whole bank. Relevant comrades from the Organization Department of the Party Committee of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank attended the opening ceremony and mobilized for the opening of the class.

This training is an important measure for the Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Party Committee to promote the study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The important attempt of a strong atmosphere is also an important means to lead and promote the party members of the whole bank to give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role, to walk in the forefront and set an example in the business development of the whole bank. Relying on the advantages of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Party School and the Municipal Party School’s cooperative education, this training has received strong support from the Municipal Party School’s Jizhou Campus Management Department and the Municipal Party School’s External Training Institute. Case-based teaching methods, exploring the “classroom + base” training mode, the content and level of training are more abundant, and the attractiveness and appeal have been greatly improved.

Concentrating the heart and casting the soul – firm ideals and beliefs, and build a solid foundation of faith

This training insists on learning Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the first course, main course, and compulsory course. Experts and professors from the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee are invited to deeply interpret the latest scientific theories of the party, and the great significance, scientific system, rich connotation, and spirit contained in the lectures Essence, practical requirements, etc., in-depth analysis of the theoretical logic and internal connections of “ten clarifications”, “thirteen achievements”, and “fourteen persistence”, systematically expounded the “six must insist” endowed with dialectical materialism and historical materialism The new philosophical connotation and connotation of the times, education guides the trainees to deeply understand the decisive significance of the “two establishments”, strengthen the “four consciousnesses”, strengthen the “four self-confidence”, resolutely achieve the “two maintenances”, and continuously strengthen Arm the mind with scientific theories and guide the political consciousness, ideological consciousness, and action consciousness of practice.

Strengthen the heart and strengthen the foundation – build a firm loyalty to the party and continue the red blood

On the occasion of the 78th anniversary of Japan’s unconditional surrender, the trainees walked to the Panshan Martyrs Cemetery under the scorching sun. Teachers from the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee conducted on-site teaching in the garden, explaining in depth and detail the establishment of the Jizhou Anti-Japanese Base Area centered on Panshan The development situation vividly restores the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs such as Martyr Baosen and the Seven Warriors of Lianhuafeng who have been buried here. It educates the trainees to inherit the will of the revolutionary martyrs and always remember their outstanding contributions and lofty spirit. Afterwards, the trainees walked through the martyrs’ cemetery and held a commemorative ceremony in front of the Martyrs’ Monument. All the trainees stood in silence, paying tribute to the revolutionary martyrs who died heroically for the national liberation and independence of the country, and deeply remembered the great achievements of the heroes. During the ceremony, representatives of the 8 groups of Party members went to the Martyrs Monument one by one, presented white flowers, read the sacrificial rites, and had a “space-time dialogue” with the heroes and martyrs. The place where the solemn promise of party members is made.

Apply what you have learned – focus on ability and quality, and improve the ability to perform duties

In order to further improve the professional quality and ability of party members, this training has arranged a sand table simulation course of “from planning to execution”. Each group cooperates, communicates and competes through formulating strategies, division of labor and cooperation, and emergency response. In the “Desert Nuggets” scenario Complete the actual combat drills of team building and management in the simulation, personally experience the importance of team setting and goal management, feel the impact and damage of improper use of resources on the team, and use “experiential” teaching to promote trainees to master plan formulation and plan management , Work decomposition methods and skills, continuously strengthen the concept of excellence and pursuit of excellence, continuously improve teamwork ability, improve resource allocation ability, and better learn to deal with pressure, difficulties and changes.

Righteous wind and discipline-strengthen the construction of work style and stick to the bottom line of integrity

This training adheres to the combination of positive typical education and negative typical education. Invite teachers from the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee to teach the course of “Nurturing Party Spirit and Carrying forward Excellent Style of Work with the Great Party Building Spirit”, and deeply study the spirit of Yan’an Spirit, Long March Spirit, Jinggangshan Spirit, “Two Bombs and One Satellite” spirit, anti-flood spirit, anti-epidemic spirit and other great party-building spirits Enrich the connotation and specific measures to integrate the party’s fine style of work into thinking, work, and life, educate and guide the trainees to continuously enhance their awareness of action in building their own style of work, and will dare to take responsibility, whether they want to take responsibility, and whether they can take responsibility. In the heart, in the action, and in the effect; specially invited the deputy secretary of the Disciplinary Committee and the deputy director of the Supervisory Committee of a certain district of the city to give a special course on the analysis of party members and cadres who violate discipline and law, and deeply analyze the violations of party members and leading cadres, especially young party members and cadres under the age of 40 For typical cases of violations, “case-style” teaching is used to strengthen warning education and integrity education, educate and guide trainees to strictly abide by the bottom line and red line of discipline, take the lead in establishing a good image of integrity and self-discipline, and always be cautious about independence, prudence, and prudence.

The trainees agreed that this training course is rich in content, the teaching style of experts and professors is vivid and logical, and the on-site teaching form is novel and touching. It is a training that closely combines theory and practice. In the future work, it is necessary to accelerate the transformation of the training and learning results and put them into practice, continuously improve the cultivation of party spirit, continuously enhance the political, ideological and emotional recognition of the party’s innovative theory, and always promote the high-quality development of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank Keep the responsibilities of the Communists in mind and shoulders, fulfill the original mission of the Communist Party members, base themselves on their own positions, strictly enforce their own requirements, and devote themselves to various tasks with fuller enthusiasm, high fighting spirit and confidence in winning; We must continue to cultivate the new style of truth-seeking, pragmatism, integrity and integrity, enhance our awareness of discipline and rules, and always maintain the noble character and integrity of the communists, show the new era and new deeds, create a new bank and a new image, and serve Tianjin Rural Commercial Contribute to the high-quality development of banks.

A total of 77 outstanding Communist Party members from various grassroots party committees of Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank participated in the training.

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