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Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank launches “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity

Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank launches “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity

Since the launch of the “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” event on September 15, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has actively fulfilled its consumer education responsibilities to enhance the financial literacy of the public, effectively prevent and resolve financial risks, and create a harmonious and healthy financial environment. With the goal of “gathering financial forces to create a better life”, we organized and carried out a variety of educational and publicity activities across the bank to fully demonstrate our new responsibility and new atmosphere in protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers.

  Plan and deploy carefully in advance to actively create a good publicity atmosphere

The bank immediately established a special leadership group for activities, quickly communicated the requirements of regulatory authorities, issued notices for special activities, made detailed arrangements, and coordinated and promoted all line management departments, 11 first-level branches, more than 400 business outlets and 2,000 Many convenience service points actively participated in the publicity month activities. On the launch day, there were 404 business outlets under its jurisdiction, and nearly 2,000 employees participated in promotional activities, actively creating a good publicity atmosphere throughout the jurisdiction.

  Further expand publicity and radiation coverage by relying on outlets for entertainment and education

Since the launch of the event, the bank has focused on education and publicity on the protection of financial consumer rights, combined online and offline modes, combined with the theme and content of the publicity month activities, and organized and carried out “Consumer Protection Mini Classroom” activities in its outlets based on the public education areas of its business outlets. , branch lobby managers and financial managers will use customer waiting time to popularize financial knowledge, actively promote and explain the theme of this activity to customers who come to handle business, carry out in-depth risk warnings, popularize identification of illegal financial advertisements, protect credit records, Key contents such as protecting personal information security, improving online financial literacy, and deposit insurance knowledge allow consumers to learn financial knowledge and improve financial literacy in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. At the same time, the bank uses its own media and external media to give full play to the radiating role of the Internet position, and carries out educational and publicity activities through WeChat long pictures, video clips, cartoons and other forms that are popular with the public to further expand the influence of publicity activities.

  Multi-party collaboration and precise teaching promote publicity activities to be in-depth and practical

The bank closely focuses on key contents such as “popularizing financial knowledge and spreading positive energy in finance; preventing illegal financial activities and raising awareness of financial security; advocating rational consumption and establishing value investment concepts; carrying out the construction of a culture of integrity and promoting a fair and orderly market”, and goes deep into surrounding areas We visited business districts, streets and communities to promote and actively prepare for the “Five Entry” activities that will be launched on September 26. In addition, the Xiqing Center Branch of the bank took the opportunity of the National Science Popularization Day theme event and the “Care for the Elderly and the Young, Protecting the Bright Future” 100-eye health public welfare volunteer service event to provide information to the public by distributing leaflets, on-site explanations, and answering consultations. Participate in the activities to popularize financial knowledge on-site, such as financial management and investment, identification of counterfeit currency, anti-smuggling laws, and national network security, by resident agencies, enterprises, college students, and the elderly in the area, and actively guide the public to stay away from illegal financial activities and protect the safety of their own property.

  Close to the people, serve the people, and earnestly implement the concept of “finance for the people”

In order to effectively deliver financial services that facilitate financial services and financial policies to help companies in distress, the bank took this publicity month event as an opportunity to continue to improve its financial service capabilities, expand the radius of financial services, and optimize “morning and evening” financial services. model to continuously enhance people’s sense of access and happiness in financial services. Some outlets in the urban area and Dongli District took advantage of the “Financial Night Market” activities to organize salon activities on-site to preach the slogans and content of this publicity month event, and explain in detail how to be wary of illegal “agency rights protection” traps, identify illegal financial advertisements, and illegal campus lending routines Cases etc. The atmosphere at the scene was warm, and the crowd learned about financial knowledge such as identifying counterfeit currency, using cards safely, preventing telecommunications fraud, identifying high-interest financial traps, and reasonable credit amid laughter and laughter, and established a correct and rational concept of consumption. At the same time, in order to continuously improve the awareness and ability of the bank’s employees to protect consumer rights and interests, and listen to employees’ understanding of financial services and consumer rights protection, the bank organized the “High-quality Financial Services for You” activity and opened a “High-quality Financial Services for You” event on the internal information network. “Financial Services for You” column invites all employees of the bank to provide suggestions and suggestions on service improvement and improvement, doing practical things for the people, measures to facilitate and benefit the people, and consumer rights protection, so as to improve service quality with practical actions, spread the positive energy of finance, and promote ” “Doing practical things for the people” has been carried out in depth.

In the next step, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will take this “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” event as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the education and publicity work on financial consumer rights protection, continue to explore innovative publicity models, build a long-term mechanism for education and publicity, and actively Spread the positive energy of finance and continuously enhance the sense of gain, happiness and security of financial consumers.

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