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Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively carries out the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity

Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively carries out the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” activity

In order to actively respond to the work requirements of the regulatory authorities for the 2023 “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” and practice the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank has carefully deployed and acted in a unified manner to comprehensively launch financial consumer protection across the bank. There has been an upsurge in education and publicity on the protection of the rights and interests of citizens, and has achieved positive results. During the event, the bank carried out a total of 932 online and offline promotional activities, with more than 400 branches and nearly 4,000 employees participating in the activities; it produced anti-fraud micro videos, financial knowledge promotion foldouts, comic strips and other original videos and graphic works 22 articles, reaching a total of nearly 400,000 consumers. The activities were reported by many media platforms including Economic Daily, China Rural Finance Magazine, Financial Times, and China Financial News Network.

Online and offline dual drive, consumer protection education reaches people’s hearts

  During the publicity month, the bank actively integrated internal and external education and publicity resources, relied on its main branches, actively explored new online education models, organized the whole bank to carry out diversified, multi-channel, and all-round financial knowledge education and publicity activities, and strived to broaden financial consumption. Ensure the breadth and depth of missionary education.First, based on outlets, play the role of the main propaganda position.Make full use of outlet promotional channel resources, broadcast promotional slogans and related promotional content on LED screens and LCD TVs in more than 400 outlets across the bank, and continue to carry out the special activities of “Consumer Protection Mini Classroom”, through special lectures, prize-winning quizzes, and interactive experiences In other forms, we share cases and popularize knowledge for customers who come to the branch to handle business. Some branches combine financial night markets with “consumer protection mini-classrooms” to further expand the supply time and service radius of financial services, and promote all people to learn and understand finance. Use finance to go deep and be practical. In addition, the bank has given full play to the advantages of its nearly 2,000 financial service stations and financial service convenience points as branch extensions, and continued to carry out crackdowns and governance in rural areas by taking advantage of the wide distribution area of ​​the stations, large service coverage, and high penetration rate of existing customers. Telecom network fraud publicity work strives to eliminate blind spots in publicity and effectively improve the risk prevention awareness of rural residents.The second is online communication to extend publicity coverage.Focusing on the current daily financial life scenes and current hot issues, we launched “Protect Personal Information and Beware of Internet Fraud”, “Promote Internet Financial Literacy and Cultivate Internet Civilization” and “How Teenagers Prevent Live Broadcasting” on our own WeChat public accounts, subscription accounts, video accounts and other platforms Scam traps on the platform? Risk warning graphics and texts such as “One Trick to Teach You to Identify Pension Fraud” guide consumers to actively stay away from financial scams, encourage consumers to be honest, stick to the bottom line, and cultivate good financial consumption habits and healthy and civilized online behavior habits; independently create and promote The video “Card Fraud” takes a group of college students as the protagonists. By interpreting the scenario of credit card fraud that leads college students to fall into a serial transfer scam, it reminds consumers, especially the student group, to enhance their awareness of risk prevention, be wary of online fraud traps, and establish rational borrowing practices. Awareness, increase the availability of financial knowledge, and make financial knowledge truly “rememberable and useful”.

The “Five Entry” action is carried out at zero distance, and precise teaching gathers people’s hearts.

  During the publicity month, the bank gave full play to its advantages of having many outlets and a wide geographical area, and organized a nationwide “five-step” project into rural areas, into communities, into campuses, into enterprises, and into business districts around the two major positions of “halls” and “external expansion”. “Enter” missionary activities, focusing on extending missionary tentacles.The first is to enter rural areas and deliver warm services.Taking the “Farmers’ Harvest Festival” event as an opportunity, we went deep into fields, markets, and villagers’ courtyards to popularize the anti-counterfeiting features of RMB and explain typical cases of illegal fund-raising and telecommunications fraud through the distribution of promotional materials, on-site explanations, and quizzes with prizes. It effectively enhances the ability of farmers to identify and prevent financial risks amid laughter and laughter.The second is to enter the community and improve financial literacy.Focusing on the financial service scenarios involved in the daily life of community residents and the voices of residents in the community, combined with hot issues such as the trap of illegal “agency rights protection”, we focus on popularizing personal information protection, consumer rights protection procedures, etc. to community residents, and actively answer questions for community residents. Confused, and through the form of “taking risks with cases”, “point-to-point” reminds the majority of elderly residents to be wary of the risks of illegal fund-raising in the field of elderly care, and helps the elderly keep their “money bags” safe.The third is to go to campus and protect financial security.Actively promote the integration of financial knowledge into the national education system, and use innovative and entertaining teaching methods to explain anti-counterfeiting knowledge, prevention of game recharge scams, etc. to primary and secondary school students. At the same time, combined with real campus telecom network fraud cases, we provide tips on Teachers and students of the school prevent criminals from sneaking into class groups to carry out fraud activities, and provide students with a “gift package” of financial consumer rights protection knowledge to further build a financial defense line for students’ healthy growth.The fourth is to enter enterprises and carry out precise teaching.Promote inclusive financial policies such as credit support and fee reductions to enterprises, and carry out financial knowledge popularization such as personal credit reporting, personal information protection and anti-telecom fraud through prize-based Q&A based on the characteristics of employees participating in the company. At the same time, everyone is reminded to follow the They actually choose appropriate products and establish the concepts of value investment, rational investment, and long-term investment, which further improves the financial literacy of corporate employees.The fifth is to enter business districts and boost consumer confidence.Go to surrounding markets, supermarkets, bazaars, and lifestyle plazas to carry out publicity and education face-to-face to merchants and shopping people in the business district. Through prize-based quizzes, “Fees Reduction and Profits, You and Me Let’s Work Together” and “Anti-Telecom Fraud” allegro programs, Using humorous language and an educational and entertaining way, it not only popularizes financial knowledge to the masses, promotes policies that benefit the people, but also boosts consumer confidence.

Caring about the people, doing practical things, relieving people’s worries and warming people’s hearts

  During the promotion month, the bank conscientiously fulfilled its responsibilities as a financial institution, focused on the “urgent, difficult and anxious” issues of the masses, launched practical measures to benefit the people in an orderly manner, and used practical actions to convey the positive energy of finance for the people to the society.The first is to improve the availability of financial services and make new citizens’ lives more comfortable.We carry out the service promotion work of “treating new citizens and embracing new neighbors” throughout the jurisdiction, and launch exclusive preferential products for new citizens, with a discount of 10BP based on the bank’s current interest rate pricing, and the annualized interest rate of some one-year loans is as low as 3.86%, truly Let new citizen groups “get and afford loans” and actively help new citizens take root in our city and live and work in peace and contentment. At the same time, a dedicated service button for new citizens is set up. Customers can access the dedicated customer service by dialing 96155 and pressing keys 9-8. A special page for “new citizen services” is set up on the WeChat official account to ensure that the latest new citizen policies and services are available at one touch.The second is to improve customer service satisfaction and make financial services more heart-warming.Carry out a special governance action of “zero tolerance for service attitude complaints”, issue a service commitment of “agricultural and business-friendly services, bring warmth home”, and launch service quality managers at business outlets throughout the jurisdiction to ensure that all types of customer complaints are resolved first, and further Improve the service quality and efficiency of outlets and halls. The Bank launched the “Quality Financial Services for You” campaign, inviting all employees of the bank to provide suggestions and suggestions on service improvement and improvement, doing practical things for the people, measures to facilitate and benefit the people, and protecting consumer rights and interests. At the same time, the Bank made a reasonable layout of business outlets based on actual conditions to create The convenience service station provides targeted convenience service measures based on the characteristics of the outlet’s customer base and improves service quality with practical actions.The third is to continue to increase agricultural-related support so that inclusive finance can benefit a wider group of people.Increase the creation and promotion of special agricultural products, actively expand “agricultural-related” mortgage and pledge financing channels, solve the financing problems of live livestock and poultry mortgage confirmation, disease compensation, and collateral monitoring, and develop research and development using live livestock and poultry such as cows and pigs as collateral. financial products to help agricultural entities revitalize live livestock and poultry assets such as dairy cows and pigs. In view of the operating characteristics of seed industry enterprises such as long breeding and research and development cycles, high risks, and high capital investment, the standardized credit product “Jixiang Seed Industry Loan” was launched. In response to the large capital needs for the construction, renovation, transformation and upgrading of farmyards, a specific range of mortgages will be The upper limit of the mortgage rate will be raised to 100% to fully meet the financing needs of farmers and further improve the quality and efficiency of financial services. In addition, relying on the bank’s auspicious village benefiting action, it deepened village visits and marketing, continued to carry out the work of establishing records for farmers, and launched the work of establishing and rating new agricultural business entities, effectively promoting the construction of credit information in rural areas, and taking practical actions to promote “doing practical things for the people” “Go deep and be practical.

During the publicity month, the bank disseminated and popularized financial knowledge to the public through carefully prepared publicity content and diversified activities, warned of financial risks, and launched a series of measures to benefit the people in a timely manner, actively demonstrating the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers. new responsibilities and new atmosphere. In the next step, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will take this “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” as an opportunity to continuously improve the publicity and education mechanism, continue to enrich educational content, and launch more characteristic, differentiated, and warm-hearted financial services based on local conditions. We use our heart and soul to solve the urgent, difficult and anxious problems of financial consumers, so that consumers can have more, more direct and real sense of gain, happiness and security.

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