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Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively carries out publicity activities to prevent illegal fund-raising

Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively carries out publicity activities to prevent illegal fund-raising


In order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers and improve consumers’ financial literacy and risk prevention capabilities, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will carry out a publicity campaign to popularize financial knowledge throughout its jurisdiction in June 2023. During the event, combined with the theme of preventing illegal fund-raising, various branches joined hands with local government departments, enterprises and institutions to carry out the “Keep Money Bags and Protect Happy Homes” centralized publicity day for preventing illegal fund-raising, which achieved good publicity results.

Jinnan Central Sub-branch, Dongli Central Sub-branch, Baodi Central Sub-branch, and Jizhou Central Sub-branch work together with various district offices, political and legal committees, public security sub-bureaus, Internet Information Offices, procuratorates, courts, and market supervision bureaus to jointly create outstanding and influential Large-scale financial popularization activities have attracted extensive attention from local people and the media. A publicity booth, a publicity display stand, and a publicity banner were set up at the event site, and the publicity personnel actively distributed leaflets, brochures and small gifts to the people on site. At the event site of Dongli Central Sub-branch, popular cultural performances such as allegro, singing and square dancing were also arranged. The wonderful programs immediately pushed the atmosphere to a climax.

The scorching sun did not stop everyone’s enthusiasm. The propagandists carefully explained the basic characteristics, common methods, and social hazards of illegal fund-raising to the people at the scene, revealed the concealment and deception of illegal fund-raising criminal activities, popularized financial management and investment knowledge, and guided The masses should establish a correct concept of investment and financial management, consciously stay away from illegal financial activities such as illegal fund-raising, and guard their own pockets. The crowd gathered around the publicity booth to consult and ask questions based on their own financial needs. While answering the public’s inquiries in detail, the publicity personnel helped the public to establish a “consciously stay away from illegal fund-raising” through legal policy interpretation, typical case analysis, and investment risk education. , Participate in illegal fund-raising at your own risk”, consciously resist and effectively identify illegal fund-raising, and cooperate with and support the crackdown on illegal fund-raising activities.

In the next step, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will continue to enrich financial knowledge publicity methods, expand publicity channels, expand publicity influence, effectively enhance the public’s financial risk prevention awareness and identification ability, and build a protective wall to prevent illegal financial activities. Protect the property safety of consumers and maintain the harmony and stability of the financial consumption environment.

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