Tianjin Red Star Macalline’s trade-in of old products for new ones leads the new trend in the industry.


2024 is defined by the country as the “Year of Consumption Promotion”. The market for durable consumer goods such as home furnishings and home appliances has entered from the “incremental era” to the “incremental and inventory-equal era”. With the development of society, consumers are pursuing quality life. Awareness of environmental protection and green environmental protection is also increasing day by day. At the same time, accelerating product upgrading is an important measure to promote high-quality economic development. Under this new consumption pattern, trade-in projects have become an important part of expanding consumption and promoting sustainable economic development.

Recently, the State Council issued the “Action Plan for Promoting Large-scale Equipment Renewal and Trade-in of Consumer Goods” to promote large-scale equipment renewal and trade-in of consumer goods and promote high-quality development. The Central Economic Work Conference and the Fourth Meeting of the Central Financial and Economic Commission have made arrangements for this. Red Star Beauty As a benchmark brand in the home furnishing industry, Chiron actively responded to the national call and held the “Old for New·Tianjin Urban Policy Conference” at the Tianjin Global Home Store No. 1 on March 24. The convening of this conference also marked the Tianjin Red Star Macalline trade-in event. ’s official opening.

It is reported that at this conference, Tianjin Red Star Macalline adheres to the concept of “replacing old with new for smart life” and will cooperate in depth with the Tianjin Municipal Government and join forces with the three leading brands in the high-frequency replacement category of Gujia Home Furnishing, Hengjie Bathroom and Robam Electric Appliances. Create, fully stimulate and unleash the green consumer market. From living rooms and bedrooms, smart kitchens to smart bathrooms, it covers many areas of home life.

Taking advantage of the consumer boom in the trade-in of furniture and home appliances, Tianjin Red Star Macalline launched a trade-in event at the same time, which lasted from March 25 to June 23, creating a home venue for trade-in. Red Star Macalline will build a brand link platform for consumers’ replacement needs and quality improvement, comprehensively promote the replacement of old home appliances in Tianjin, and help the urban economic development.

Xu Fengcheng, honorary president of the Tianjin Consumer Circulation Promotion Association, said that we attach great importance to expanding domestic demand and promoting consumption, and regard consumption as a priority development strategy. Consumption has become the first driving force for economic development. Trade-in for new products is not a simple replacement of similar products, but to meet the trend of higher-end, smarter, more environmentally friendly and more personalized needs. Relative industrial upgrading, innovative development and the formation of new productive forces have pointed out the direction of our work and released important business opportunities for businesses. As a leading enterprise in the field of home furnishing circulation nationwide, Red Star Macalline will take the lead in becoming a pilot trade-in service station to continue to provide higher-quality services and discounts to consumers and merchants, and continue to make important contributions to the development of Tianjin’s commercial economy. , and at the same time make new contributions to our city’s cultivation and construction of an international consumption center city.

The deputy general manager of Red Star Macalline Tianjin Business and Development Center said that with the upgrading of consumption, the younger age group of consumers, and the government’s guidance on aging and green consumption, the Tianjin city will provide a large replacement subsidy for this event. , you can get discounts of up to 2,300 yuan when you shop in the store and participate in the event, which will effectively provide real preferential policies to consumers. During the event, you only need to register as a Red Star Macalline member, and the mall will provide free towing services for household appliances. Participate Consumers can also receive value-added benefits of home maintenance services. This action aims to open up the “last mile” of recycling for old products to be replaced with new ones, and contribute to the development of green recycling.

The “old for new” model in the home furnishing industry is a positive attempt. It not only helps promote consumers’ environmentally friendly behavior, but also helps promote the upgrading and transformation of the home furnishing industry. Tianjin Red Star Macalline will be a pioneer in promoting the implementation of the old-for-new policy, and will continue to pay attention to consumer needs and continuously innovate service models; as a leader in the home furnishing industry, it will firmly believe in national guidance, fully fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, actively cooperate with government actions, and promote The economy continues to develop healthily, providing consumers with better quality products and a more convenient shopping experience. This behavior will also form a powerful trend of green consumption, have a profound impact on improving the environmental protection level of the entire industry, and inject new vitality into boosting consumption.


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