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Tianjin Pengxin? Water City Yaoai 12th Anniversary Draw! Brocade! carp!

Tianjin Pengxin? Water City Yaoai 12th Anniversary Draw! Brocade! carp!

  smoke! Brocade! carp!

Tianjin Pengxin Water City Yaoai 12th Anniversary

No-threshold Koi gift package worth 20,000 yuan

Gold Jewelry&Electronic Digital&Apparel Retail&Service Entertainment

Check out money-saving tips


  VIP DAY lucky draw collection on September 29th

Give every winning insulator a chance to make a comeback!

  Yao Tuan Yuan | Member store gift

Locating within the scope of Aqua City

You can spend 12 points to participate in the store gift draw

Go to Block B, L1, next to McDonald’s to claim your prize!

The quantity is limited, first come first served.

  Shine Lucky|Glory of Lucky Draw on the Hourly Hour

75-inch TV/Dior Fragrance Sauce Lucky Draw will be given away on site?

With a single purchase of 99 yuan or more, you can exchange your receipt for a lucky draw ticket

Remember to wait for the good news of winning at the scene!

  VIP DAY | Birthday celebration ceremony

Buy a super koi gift pack worth 20,000 yuan for 12 yuan with no threshold

Scan the QR code at the birthday ceremony to participate in the lottery

Who is qualified to turn a bicycle into a motorcycle?

  Check here for money-saving tips

Q: I am a young traveler and I want to buy a gold necklace during the holidays. How should I buy it?

A: Grab 10 950-generation 1,000 yuan cash coupons for trendy products, plus the Yaoai Day rebate plan, and get 500 yuan back for 10,000 gold jewelry. This is not an easy way to save 1,000 yuan!

  Yao Shining | Douyin 950 to buy 1,000 yuan cash coupon for trendy products

September 28, 19:00, Kuquan Water City Douyin Live Room

Listen to the guide, learn how to grab coupons, and reveal the secrets of internal employee guides

With! Love Day rebate plan! Overlay!

  Love Day|Rebate Plan

Gold jewelry|10,000 back 500

Electronic digital|3000 back 200

Clothing retail|600 back 100

Service and entertainment|1200 back 100

Sports fashion items | 200 off 1200

So many activities can be combined with 950 to buy 1000!

  Holidays need surprises

  Yaohao Li| Members will get free gifts for all purchases in the hotel

Rebate gifts for a single purchase of 399/699/1099

  Yao Taste | Buy 100 yuan gourmet cash coupons for 50 yuan

China Merchants Bank Mobile Life APP limited time coupon grabbing

There are so many delicious things…it’s hard to resist…

  e people and i people all gather together, it’s definitely fun

  Yaoquye | We are on the outdoor stage

Check-in super collection at Nes Open Air Market

The atmosphere is full, come here to enjoy life

  Yao Huan Gathering | We are on the Sunshine Stage

Encounter Miss Huati Theme Parade

Spend a cute day with Coco Team

New holidays, check out fresh stores

  Delicious blessing

Tower A B1-Lanxiong Fresh Milk will open soon, so stay tuned

Gao Qianxun/Buxian Xian Chongqing Shuigiao Rice Noodles/Legendary in the world of steamed buns made a surprise appearance

Block A L3-Jiuhe Qinyuan check-in camping style

  quality life

L1, Tower A-Chao Acer/Bosideng

Tower A L3-Anta Kids/Tuniu Travel

Tower B L2-Boan Yoga

Building B L4-Aiwen Science is about to open, so stay tuned

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