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Tianjin Mobile Smart Farm allows farmers to unlock new farming postures

Tianjin Mobile Smart Farm allows farmers to unlock new farming postures

Jinyun News: “In the past, when the harvest was about to come, I had to get up at around 4 a.m. every day to go to the greenhouse. I almost had to live in the field during the busy farming season. Not anymore! Since cameras are installed in every greenhouse, The convenience is certain, and it also prevents thieves!” Since this year, Guo Shuyan’s Qingbai Family Farm has installed surveillance cameras. You can see the situation in the fields in real time by turning on your mobile phone. “After all the smart devices are installed, you can sit at home and drink. When I drink tea, the sensors in the greenhouse will continuously collect ‘intelligence’ and remind me what to do.” Guo Shuyan envisions the future smart farm, “For example, the soil moisture in this greenhouse is 30%, and in that area it is 60%. If you want to uniformly reach 70%, then the sprinkler irrigation machine will spray faster and spray more water when it reaches 30% of the area, and reduce the water spray amount in 60% of the area. After reaching the standard, the sprinkler irrigation machine will automatically stop working to achieve accurate Use water.”

Guo Shuyan’s Qingbai Family Farm is located in Heyizhuang Village, Hexiwu Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin. The farm has 16 greenhouses and nearly 20 acres of land. In the past few years, manual management has been the main method. Farming operations were recorded manually, and planting data could not be accumulated. In recent years, with the continuous development of information technology, smart agriculture has emerged, and Guo Shuyan’s vision is not a wishful dream.

On September 15, 2023, China Mobile Tianjin Company and Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build the “Tianjin Qingbai Smart Farm” to empower agricultural production with technology, support rural revitalization with industry, and let smart agriculture applications serve rural areas. Support “intelligent” rich dreams.

The construction of smart farms not only facilitates farmers, but also provides scientific researchers with first-hand data to quickly and accurately grasp the implementation situation in the fields. Jin Tianming, vice president of the Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said: Part of Guo Shuyan’s farmland is also the experimental field of the Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences). Now the Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences implements the “‘breeder’ service entire industry chain” model, ‘breeding Breeders are fully involved in the entire process of fertilization, medication, yield, sowing, harvesting, etc. “In the past, everything had to rely on data collected manually by breeders. After installing smart agricultural facilities, the information will be fed back in time, and there will be targeted results during breeding.” We need to adjust the direction.” With the further development of smart agriculture, more and more big data are being built, and they have universal significance.

Soon, Qingbai Family Farm will install a greenhouse environmental monitoring system, a precision planting platform and a traceability system. Farmers can monitor and control the water, fertilizer, soil moisture and intelligent irrigation in the greenhouse on a variety of mobile terminals through the cloud platform. At the same time, it has become a reality for farmers to use their mobile phones to control lighting, greenhouse roller blinds, increase humidity, etc. without leaving home. Greenhouses full of hope have quickly shortened the distance between growers and consumers through 5G technology, enriching the “vegetable basket” of the masses and also enriching the “money bags” of farmers. Farmers will transform from the traditional reliance on nature to rely on high-tech means for agricultural production, further improving efficiency. The source of vegetables can be traced, and people can buy and eat with confidence.

At present, China Mobile Tianjin Company has built the largest 5G network in Tianjin, achieving full 5G network coverage in cities, towns, rural areas and other areas. It has deeply integrated agricultural production with 5G technology, big data and other technologies, and has also provided opportunities for farmers to increase income and production. On the “wings” of wisdom. Zhu Zhe, deputy general manager of China Mobile Tianjin Company, said that this move is an active response to the requirements of the national rural revitalization strategy, jointly building a benchmark demonstration base for rural revitalization, promoting the construction of a digital and intelligent agricultural information service system, creating an industrial ecosystem, and assisting the upgrading of the agricultural industry. , jointly explore the application of agricultural and rural computing power, and comprehensively improve the collection and acquisition capabilities of agricultural and rural computing power. In the future, China Mobile Tianjin will further deepen its long-term strategic cooperative relationship with the Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, implement the national rural revitalization strategic deployment and Tianjin’s “Ten Actions” strategic measures, and comprehensively promote digital intelligence to lay a solid foundation, develop digital industry, and digital intelligence. Smart governance and digital intelligence will benefit farmers, jointly promote the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas, and jointly build a bright future with 5G.

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