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Tianjin Mobile launched a campaign to prevent telecommunications and network fraud

Tianjin Mobile launched a campaign to prevent telecommunications and network fraud

In order to further promote the “National Anti-Fraud”, in July this year, Tianjin Mobile launched a centralized publicity month campaign to crack down on telecommunications and network fraud crimes. “Work ideas, comprehensively carry out publicity and popularization work on cracking down on telecommunications and network fraud, quickly set off a new round of anti-fraud upsurge, and effectively protect the property safety of the broad masses of the people.

This anti-fraud publicity month event was carefully planned and organized by the Tianjin Mobile Network Security Leading Group Office. Through various publicity forms, the anti-fraud publicity “entered the community, entered the countryside, entered the family, entered the school, and entered the enterprise” and extended to the lives of the masses. every corner of the

In the community, Tianjin Mobile set up anti-fraud voluntary publicity points, and continued to increase the breadth and depth of anti-fraud publicity by posting posters, hanging banners, consultation and interaction, etc.

(Tianjin Mobile set up anti-fraud voluntary publicity points in the community)

  “As long as the masses can reduce losses, we are happy to say it as many times as possible!”At the event site, Tianjin Mobile, combined with the high incidence of telecommunications network fraud types in the jurisdiction, popularized fraudsters’ usual tricks, deceitful words and prevention skills to community residents, guided the general public to raise their awareness of prevention, and adhered to the three bottom lines of “don’t trust, don’t disclose, and don’t transfer money”. At the same time, we call on everyone to actively participate in the crackdown on “two cards” illegal and criminal activities, refuse to buy and sell bank cards and phone cards, and not be “accomplices” of fraudsters.

(Tianjin Mobile popularizes anti-fraud knowledge to the public)

Tianjin Mobile took home-based installation and maintenance work as an opportunity for anti-fraud publicity, insisted on “one-in-one, publicity”, and actively explained the knowledge of telecommunications and network fraud prevention to the general public while doing installation and maintenance work. In order to ensure that the anti-fraud publicity work is implemented, Tianjin Mobile went deep into the grassroots units to understand the progress of the publicity month, discussed ideas and raised requirements on how to do a good job in anti-fraud work, and ensured that all deployments were implemented at the end of the terminal. From the perspective of prevention, efforts were made to contain The current high incidence of telecommunications network fraud cases.

  (Tianjin Mobile promotes anti-fraud common sense to residents while installing maintenance at home)

In the next step, Tianjin Mobile will continue to give full play to its industry advantages, actively fulfill its social responsibilities, and closely cooperate with relevant departments to promote the formation of an overall joint force of joint management, group prevention and group governance, and contribute to the protection of people’s property safety and legitimate rights and interests. (Guo Jin)

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