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Tianjin Mobile and ZTE launch digital twin high-speed rail precision planning solution

Tianjin Mobile and ZTE launch digital twin high-speed rail precision planning solution

Recently, China Mobile Tianjin and ZTE completed the industry’s first innovative solution for precise planning of high-speed rail based on digital twins. It supports more accurate visual network planning through higher-precision twin modeling, and uses twin preview optimization to optimize the project. The work is introduced in the planning stage, which greatly reduces the repeated site visits during the engineering optimization stage. It is an innovative exploration for 6G network planning.

With the rapid development of high-speed rail in our country, more and more people choose to travel by high-speed rail. How to plan a high-speed rail 5G private network to ensure network coverage quality and improve user satisfaction is the core competitiveness of operators’ network operations. Traditional planning solutions have problems such as insufficient accuracy, poor perception, repeated optimization, and low efficiency. The innovative digital twin high-speed rail solution helps the Beijing-Tangshan High-speed Railway’s 5G 700M private network to be quickly and accurately constructed and optimized to improve efficiency, achieving the goal of “construction and deployment immediately” “That is, optimization” high-quality network construction requirements.

High-speed rail twin precision planning mainly builds two twin capabilities: site twin and channel twin. Among them, the site twin calls microservices such as data collection and analysis, model training and generation, and reshapes the survey and design around the three major functions of engineering parameter measurement, digital design, and spatial assessment. , can achieve higher quality network construction; the channel twin calls microservices such as model training generation, simulation simulation, visual rendering, parameter strategy optimization, etc., to achieve more accurate network planning.

The verification results are reflected in three dimensions. First, digital site twins enable accurate identification of work parameters: 26 sites were surveyed, and a total of 152 antennas of 159 antennas can be accurately tested for work parameters, with an effectiveness of 96%; the twin work parameter identification azimuth angle is ±3°, below Inclination angle ±1°. The second is that wireless channel twins empower high-speed rail precision planning: the channel twin accuracy evaluation RSRP mean error is 1dB, and the RMSE root mean square error is 4dB. The third is the gain of coverage preview optimization: RSRP is increased by 3dB on average, SINR is increased by 1dB on average, and the rate is increased by 15%. Generally speaking, the three major verification results are all at the leading level in the industry. Higher-precision twin modeling supports more accurate network planning and achieves faster and high-quality network construction.

  In the future, China Mobile Tianjin will continue to work with ZTE to strengthen the exploration of forward-looking pre-research technologies, promote the close integration of 5G-A/6G and network applications, and implement China Mobile’s “create self-intelligent network industry chain and jointly build digital intelligence” The chain leader responsibility of “renovating the ecology” will open up the path for the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.Provide users with higher quality network services and help create a better life in the digital future. (Yang Rui, Zhang Yu and Feng Lei)

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