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Tianjin MCC? Heyuehui fifth anniversary celebration: Based on cultural texture, create a new IP for neighborhood urban life

Tianjin MCC? Heyuehui fifth anniversary celebration: Based on cultural texture, create a new IP for neighborhood urban life

Gather the energy of the city and sail happily together. In October 2023, Tianjin MCC Heyuehui’s “Give Me Five Life Is Not Elsewhere” fifth anniversary store celebration officially opened. Through a series of activities such as themed markets, birthday parties, and cultural performances, this anniversary celebration will be based on the cultural texture and give full play to its own advantages to enrich the leisure and entertainment life of Jincheng citizens and fully empower the city’s commercial vitality.

Block Party | “Being with Neighbors” creates a new trend in regional business

Use traffic IP to gather people and enhance the scene experience. Over the past five years, Tianjin MCC·Heyuehui has continued to extend cultural experience consumption scenarios, using a composite model of business district + normalized cultural IP to create regional commercial cultural symbols and release consumption vitality through scene shaping. To this end, Heyuehui took advantage of the fifth anniversary store celebration to launch the “Welcome to My Street” street party plan, inviting all “neighbors” to check in at Heyuehui and have a powerful “Give Me Five” with the neighborhood.

On September 29, Giant Neighborhood IP landed in Heyuehui Street, becoming one of the check-in links not to be missed on site. At the same time, in order to uphold the concept of Heyuehui’s strolling open commercial district, an interactive device “Block Door Visit Diary” is also set up on site. People can graffiti artistically on any large door and open the door to the door through artistic co-creation. The journey of the fifth anniversary store brings freshness to consumers and creates the unique DNA of the project.

Theme Market | Leveraging the DNA of Urban Youth

In order to cater to today’s market needs, we arouse the public’s sense of interaction, proximity and resonance, return to the true meaning of friends, and combine food, shopping, entertainment and other forms to form a fun, delicious and shopping life circle , drawing people out of their rooms and into the neighborhood. Tianjin MCC Heyuehui specially planned two themed market activities to bring consumers a diverse and fun experience.

From October 21st to October 22nd, Laoyou Fresh Market er-second-hand exchange market was officially opened. At the event site, citizens participating in the market brought all kinds of old items from their homes, including books, toys, clothing, shoes, daily necessities… Various exchange stalls were filled with idle items, which was dizzying to see. The theme of “second-hand recycling” not only conveys the concept of green and environmentally friendly reuse, creates more possibilities for the aesthetics of old objects, but also promotes the consumption development of Tianjin’s second-hand goods market.

From October 28th to October 29th, the Bread Wake-up Market 6.0 is coming as scheduled. 20+ independent bread brands and 30+ cultural and creative handicrafts will gather in Heyuehui to provide citizens of the whole city with a fun, shopping and delicious social gathering. space. As one of the earliest commercial complexes in China to hold a bread-themed market, Heyuehui has become increasingly “fashionable” and “pyrotechnics” in the format of its theme market. From breads and desserts, creative delicacies to cultural and creative handbooks, trendy toys, to flower arrangements and green plants, and daily necessities…it truly achieves multi-category coverage to meet consumers’ diversified shopping needs, allowing customers to enjoy delicious bread while also You can also participate in fun interactive games, discover novelty items, and experience a more relaxed neighborhood atmosphere.

In addition to a variety of offline activities, Tianjin MCC·Heyuehui also launched online mini programs such as “1 yuan flash sale of delicious bread in the market”, “19 yuan flash sale of 100 yuan peripheral gift packs” and other activities, bringing consumers new Welfare experience.

Surprise gifts | Ignite the vitality of urban consumption

In order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the store, from September 29th to October 29th, Tianjin MCC Heyuehui joined hands with a number of catering retail brands in the venue to create value-for-money discounts for the store anniversary, and launched online “1 yuan group 50 yuan”, ” Group buying activities such as “1 yuan for a group of 15 yuan” and “1 yuan for a group of 5 yuan” can be enjoyed for 30 days, bringing surprises throughout the month.

On October 28, the fifth anniversary celebration ceremony of Tianjin MCC Heyuehui was held warmly, and everyone was invited to share the birthday surprise. Not only were 5-meter giant birthday cakes distributed throughout the venue, but there were also a number of special performances with cultural attributes such as classical guitar concerts suitable for parents and children to watch, acrobatic performances, intangible cultural heritage shadow puppet children’s dramas, etc. Customers present were invited to join in the fun. Celebrate the happy birthday of Tianjin MCC Heyuehui and share the birthday surprise together.

Prospering business with culture | Growing hand in hand with the city

As the earliest commercial complex in Tianjin to break the boundaries of commerce and culture, Tianjin MCC·Heyuehui has always adhered to the concept of “walking humanistic life living room” since its opening, integrating art and culture with commercial streets, and bringing consumers A commercial space that is more cultural, youthful and innovative. This fifth anniversary store celebration not only created a culturally diverse and creative atmosphere, but also brought consumers closer to Heyuehui.

In the future, Tianjin MCC Heyuehui will continue to adhere to the “business + culture” operating model, adhere to cultural guidance, and deeply cultivate local culture. While meeting the shopping needs of consumers, it will gain insight into what consumers are thinking and expand neighborhood life. Consumption scenes will create more diversified activities and immersive scenes for Jincheng citizens, promote the upgrading and innovation of the urban commercial sector, build a full-customer and diversified commercial space, and further enrich the consumer shopping experience.

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