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Tianjin Liaoning Chamber of Commerce was established 20 years ago and has deeply cultivated the economy of Tianjin and Liaoning

Tianjin Liaoning Chamber of Commerce was established 20 years ago and has deeply cultivated the economy of Tianjin and Liaoning

  11moon25day,Tianjin Liaoning Businesswill be heldestablished20Anniversary celebration,During the event, the Chamber of Commerce20Awarded to member units that have made outstanding contributions to the establishment and development of the Chamber of Commerce in the past yearsKeep working hardAward, Blossoming Flowers Award and Deep Roots Award.After the awarding, members of the Chamber of Commerce read out the “Tianjin Liaoning Merchants”20Anniversary Declaration” expresses the aspirations of Tianjin Liaoning merchants to forge ahead.Zhao Yanqing, Vice Chairman of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Lou Jie, Chairman of the Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Zhang Xiaohui, Vice ChairmanAttended the event.

  Tianjin Liaoning BusinessmeetingPresidentKang Qishengintroduce,Chamber of Commerce in the past 20 yearsby“Family culture” creates a spiritual home with a strong nostalgia atmosphere,Become a carrier and platform to lead and unite businessmen in Tianjin and Liaoning, allowing the big family to learn from each other, innovate and start businesses, and develop collaboratively,fromFrom the “Highlight Chamber of Commerce” to the “Four Good Chambers of Commerce” across the country, from a tree to a forest, actions explain the original intention to be positive and to grow together.

  Zhang Xiaohui, vice chairman of Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce, fully affirmed in his speechTianjin Liaoning Chamber of Commercethis20Growing in the sun every year, we closely unite all members, serve member companies with sincerity, and help TianjinLiaoEconomic and trade exchanges have made positive contributions to promoting the high-quality economic and social development of Tianjin while achieving the healthy development of chambers of commerce and enterprises.,hopeTianjin Liaoning Chamber of Commerce in the futureaccording topolitical association“”Unite the Standing Committee“”Serving the Society“”Reform and Strengthening Conferenceideas,Do a good jobThoughtUnder political guidance, create a harmonious and upward atmosphere, innovate to improve service levels, and strengthen the chamber of commerce’s own construction.

  Tianjin Liaoshang20Years of footprints,It is the struggle of Liaoning entrepreneurs in Tianjin20years, alsoyesThe development history of “creating, building, and strengthening the association”,History of struggle,The growth history of member companies is also a glorious history of serving the economic development of Tianjin and Liaoning. 

  Tianjin Liaoning Chamber of CommerceThe relevant person in charge said in an interview with reporters that in the future,Give full play to the leading role and unite the vast number of Liao businessmen to create new businesses and build new achievements,Continue to advanceTianjin and LiaoningComprehensive, wide-ranging, and multi-level economic and trade exchanges and cooperation.

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