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Tianjin K11 Select cooperates with the School of Experimental Art of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts to launch a new art project “Step Plan 3.0 – Sparkling Light”

Tianjin K11 Select cooperates with the School of Experimental Art of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts to launch a new art project “Step Plan 3.0 – Sparkling Light”

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On November 24, the new art project “Step Project 3.0 – Sparkling Light” launched by Tianjin K11 Select and the School of Experimental Art of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts was officially launched. On the same day, the two parties also held the opening ceremony of the art project and the unveiling ceremony of the “Teaching and Research Practice Base” at the high-altitude viewing platform of Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Center. As the first cultural retail project of K11 Group in Tianjin, Tianjin K11 Select continues to combine the brand concept of “art·humanities·nature” with local culture, creating an art world for art lovers and quality life pursuers. , young, inclusive communication and exploration, extending the power of art to a broader urban space and spiritual world.

 Resonance of artistic concepts inspires young creative vitality

Tianjin K11 Select continues to cooperate with domestic and foreign artists and art teams, and constantly holds exhibitions, art workshops, lectures and other activities to introduce international trends while also promoting local artists to a larger platform. The audience can watch the works of young artists up close here and feel the endless driving force of art. The School of Experimental Art of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts is one of the first art schools in China to respond to current social development and artistic requirements. With its cross-field and cross-industry education features, it continues to bring fresh blood to the art field.

The common artistic concept has allowed Tianjin K11 Select to reach a tacit understanding with the School of Experimental Art of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. The two parties have jointly carried out many art exhibitions and achieved good results. Therefore, starting from 2023, in order to further strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, the “Teaching and Research Practice Base” will be officially established in Tianjin K11 Select. Tianjin K11 Select has established a long-term and stable industry-university-research relationship with the School of Experimental Art of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, integrating the resources of both parties to jointly incubate artistic talents and promote a platform for creative innovation, the transfer of humanistic and historical knowledge, etc., and jointly build a multi-level ecosystem. , let business become a booster of culture and create a win-win situation for schools, students, industries and society.

  “Step Project 3.0 – Sparkling Light” triggers a broader artistic response

[Step Plan]is a young art talent training plan launched by the Experimental Art School of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 2020. The past two events have encouraged young creative talents to gather countless glimmers of light and always move forward firmly. This year, the Stepping Project cooperates with Tianjin K11 Select to fully upgrade. “Stepping Project 3.0 – Sparkling Light” will carry out group art practice around the city of Tianjin, returning to the neighborhood again to walk, observe, create, plan, present, etc. In a series of prescribed actions, we once again perceive the “scene” around us that we have ignored, and try to transcend the barriers of reality to find our own artistic vision in the experience, explore sustainable ways, and flow from regional art production participation to local art production. In the exhibition space, a multi-party dialogue platform is built.

This collaboration with Tianjin K11 Select is also the first time that the Stepping Project has entered the “cultural business district”. In the high-altitude art exhibition hall of Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Center, it will display the results of its continuous artistic exploration at the top of the city, triggering the rise of the entire city. Art echoes. As an extension of the art teaching of the Academy of Fine Arts, both parties hope to jointly promote the exchange and development of local art culture.

 The high-altitude viewing platform returns magnificently to meet the viewing, exhibition and check-in experience with just one click

Tianjin K11 Select is located in the core area of ​​Tianjin Binhai New Area. The complex Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Center is certified by the “World Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat” as the tallest building in northern China and the seventh tallest building in the world. Because of the natural undulating shape of the building’s exterior The wall system is known as the “Diamond of the North” and has become one of the few landmark complexes in the north and a new business card of Tianjin city. Climbing up here to take a look has become a new popular way for Tianjin people to check in when traveling.

In September this year, the high-altitude viewing platform returned after a gorgeous upgrade, opening three major exhibition areas: “Urban Symbiosis”, “Shared History” and “Shared Art”. Among them, the two popular exhibition areas, “Urban Symbiosis” and “Historical Sharing”, will take you through the 40 years of historical changes in Binhai. Youyou’s inspirational space provides diverse artistic experiences and cross-cultural collisions. Enjoy a one-stop service experience with a bird’s-eye view of the seaside, taking photos and checking in, roaming around exhibitions, proposal ceremonies… unlimited new ways to play in the cloud!

Business hours

Every Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays, except holidays)

Exhibition hall location

Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Center high-altitude viewing platform

ticket price

Tuesday to Friday 20 yuan/ticket

30 yuan/ticket from Saturday to Sunday and statutory holidays


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