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Tianjin Insurance Industry Association releases “Ten Major Events in Tianjin Insurance Industry in 2023”

Tianjin Insurance Industry Association releases “Ten Major Events in Tianjin Insurance Industry in 2023”

  2023 is the first year to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and is a critical year for the implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan” to inherit the past and usher in the future. Tianjin’s insurance industry conscientiously studies and implements Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Under the guidance of the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision, it further improves its political position, focuses on the primary task of high-quality development, fully supports Tianjin’s economic and social development, and serves the country. In terms of major strategies, serving the real economy, serving the “Tianjin Ten Actions”, and comprehensively protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers, we have forged ahead with our original intentions and assumed our responsibilities, constantly created a new situation in insurance work in the new era, and given full play to the economic “shock absorber” and social “stabilizer” role.

  In order to fully demonstrate the outstanding results achieved during this period and establish a positive image of Tianjin’s insurance industry, the Tianjin Insurance Industry Association organized“Ten major events in Tianjin insurance industry in 2023” selection activity. The top ten industry events of the year are selected as follows:

  Study deeply and practice diligently Work hard and work hard

  Tianjin insurance industry solidly promotes thematic education to be in-depth, practical and effective

  Tianjin insurance industry has a firm graspThe general requirements of “learning ideas, strengthening party spirit, emphasizing practice, and building new achievements” adhere to high standards and strict requirements, closely follow the goals and tasks, mobilize deployment and planning, and promote the deepening and internalization of thematic education, especially the “compulsory courses” of theoretical arming, Make good use of the “heirlooms” of investigation and research, identify the “breakthroughs” to solve problems, and fight the “active battle” of inspection and rectification. In the process of using learning to build a soul, using learning to increase wisdom, using learning to rectify the style, and using learning to promote cadres, we will improve our political standing. position, with the mind of “the great man of the country”, a deep understanding of the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, hard work and responsible performance, and contribution to building a strong financial country. In 2023, the total assets of Tianjin’s insurance industry will exceed 241.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.74%. The original insurance premium income was 73.141 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.13%; the compensation expenditure was 25.041 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24.48%; the amount of risk protection provided to the society was 155.77 trillion yuan.

  strengthenThe “three places” collaborate to provide strong support

  Comprehensively assist the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to advance in depth

  Tianjin’s insurance industry has always been driven by the in-depth promotion of the coordinated development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and strives to provide strong financial support for Tianjin’s economic and social development, the relocation of Beijing’s non-capital functions, and the construction of Xiongan New Area.In 2023, we will fully support the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, with original insurance premium income of 1.632 billion yuan, compensation expenditures of 643 million yuan, and risk liabilities of 3.7 trillion yuan; insist on drawing “one blueprint” together, focusing on industrial collaboration and docking, and improving infrastructure , construction of major projects, providing risk protection of nearly 423.2 billion yuan for 29 “national team” super projects; comprehensively promoting the “integration of insurance services in the three places” and establishing an electronic policy mechanism for motor vehicle insurance in the three places and a quick handling of motor vehicle traffic accidents Through the quick compensation mechanism, a total of 8,742 motor vehicles enjoyed off-site damage assessment, repair and auto insurance claims services throughout the year; accelerating the implementation and update of insurance products and services for new citizens, continuously improving the convenience for “new citizens” to live and work in peace and contentment across the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. , freedom, satisfaction.

  Actively promote the construction“Technology-Industry-Finance” new cycle

  Fully support the high-quality development of Tiankai Higher Education Science and Innovation Park

  The Tianjin insurance industry conscientiously implements the “Promoting“Technology-Industry-Finance” New Cycle Pilot Work Plan” will continue to provide diversified relay financial services throughout the life cycle for technological innovation enterprises. Actively set up specialized institutions for science and technology finance, China Life Property & Casualty Insurance’s “Tiankaiyuan” science and technology innovation branch was approved for establishment; 13 insurance institutions have successively established “technology finance divisions”, set up “technological finance services special classes”, and compiled “Technology Insurance Products” White Paper”, creating a “one enterprise, one policy” innovative insurance solution for 117 scientific and technological innovation enterprises; 21 insurance institutions entered the park to carry out service docking, providing full life services to specialized and special new enterprises, scientific and technological innovation enterprises, and small giant enterprises. Cycle insurance guarantees, with risk protection amount reaching 1.1 billion yuan; increasing front-end financial support for the life cycle of technological innovation enterprises, exploring the new “insurance +” model, providing more than 27 million yuan of phased loan guarantees to 122 companies, and providing bank financing support of nearly 200 million yuan Yuan, revitalizing the intellectual property value of 460 million Yuan, effectively smoothing the new cycle and cultivating new momentum.

  Tianjin launches work plan for key insurance service industry chains

  “Point-to-point” guarantees 12 key industrial chains

  In order to thoroughly implement the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of ChinaWith the deployment of “accelerating the construction of a strong manufacturing country” and Tianjin’s “manufacturing city establishment” strategy, the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, together with the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Tianjin Municipal Finance Bureau, issued the “Work Plan for Insurance Services in Tianjin’s Key Industrial Chains”, proposing to integrate Focusing on 12 industrial chains such as circuits, new materials, and biomedicine, an insurance service sponsoring driver system has been established. According to the arrangement of simultaneous development of each industrial chain and promotion of enterprises in batches, the “point-to-point” docking of insurance companies and industrial chain enterprises can be realized to enhance the efficiency of enterprises. Insurance coverage level. Tianjin’s insurance industry has carried out product innovation, model innovation and mechanism innovation to provide full-process insurance products for enterprise technology research and development, achievement transformation, production operations and market promotion, and has provided insurance protection and risk reduction services to 2,523 industrial chain enterprises. The amount of risk protection reached 356.528 billion yuan, effectively playing the role of “stabilizing, replenishing and strengthening the chain”.

  Wind and rain bear witness to the feelings of family and country Disasters highlight insurance responsibility

  Tianjin insurance industry supports flood prevention, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction work

  In July 2023, Tianjin suffered the heaviest rainfall since 1963, and the “23·7” catastrophic flood occurred in the Haihe River Basin. Tianjin’s insurance industry took action upon hearing the “flood” and responded quickly, initiating emergency plans as soon as possible and opening up a green channel. , simplifying the claims process and improving claims efficiency. A total of 4,518 auto insurance cases were received, 4,459 cases were closed, the compensation ratio reached 98.18%, and the compensation amount was 75.078 million yuan; 4,783 non-auto insurance cases were reported, and the prepayment amount was6491.07Ten thousand yuan, the amount of the case closed151 million yuan; 9,301 claims were received across all insurance types, with an estimated loss amount of 341 million yuan and a compensation amount of 283 million yuan. The insurance services are fast, powerful and warm, adhering to the original intention of serving the people and fulfilling social responsibilities. On the afternoon of December 27, 2023, the Tianjin insurance industry organized a meeting to exchange and summarize experiences in supporting flood prevention, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction. Relevant leaders of Tianjin attended the meeting and fully paid tribute to the important contributions made by the insurance industry in flood prevention, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction. affim.

  Re-innovation of inclusive finance Serve people’s livelihood“temperature”

  Tianjin’s first exclusive inclusive home property insurance“Tinmen Huijia Insurance” is officially launched

  Tianjin’s insurance industry always adheres to the people’s supremacy and insurance for the people, and is promotingThe second phase of “Tianjin Huiminbao” has been upgraded.The cumulative number of insured persons exceededOn the basis of 3 million,organize12 property insurance companies formed a “co-insurance body”. Based on Tianjin’s actual conditions and focusing on common household risks, they developed and launched Tianjin’s first exclusive inclusive home property insurance – “Tinmen Huijia Insurance” to combine home property and property insurance. Model, through “insurance + technology + service”, it provides Tianjin citizens with comprehensive family risk protection, and additional extended services such as family risk reduction, emergency rescue, and home appliance cleaning. As of the end of the year, 45,693 orders were sold, with premium income of 7.55 million yuan, covering more than 1%, and a total of nearly 100 billion yuan in risk protection for 44,000 households in Tianjin. While continuing to improve the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security, we have done When it comes to serving thousands of households in Jincheng and guarding the lights of thousands of houses in Jinmen.

  Tianjin auto insurance market achieves overall turnaround from loss to profit

  The profitability of auto insurance business of various property and casualty insurance companies has steadily increased

  The Tianjin insurance industry conscientiously implements the requirements of the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision, further consolidates the results of the comprehensive reform of auto insurance, and continues to reduce the comprehensive expense ratio.Strictly control the boundaries of market competition,Improve overall operating quality.In 2023, the auto insurance business of all property and casualty insurance companies was overall better than expected, and the overall loss was turned into a profit; the original premium income of auto insurance was 11.625 billion yuan, a growth rate of 7.99%; the comprehensive ratio of auto insurance was 98.4%, a decrease of 8.3 percentage points from the beginning of the year; the comprehensive expense ratio was 30.19%, a decrease of 3.2 percentage points from the beginning of the year; among the 32 institutions operating auto insurance business, 14 had a combined ratio lower than 100%; compared with 2022, 7 institutions turned losses and achieved annual profits; the industry-wide auto insurance underwriting profit was 2.43 100 million, with an underwriting profit rate of 2.09%. In the process of changing the extensive competition model such as “spending and comparing prices”, it has gradually embarked on a high-quality development path of “emphasis on efficiency and stable profitability”.

  Actively promote“Green Insurance” Exploration and Innovation

  The first single in the north of the country“Green ecological insurance” launched in Qilihai

  Tianjin’s insurance industry continues to explore new paths, new models, and new practices for the development of green finance, and accelerate the innovation and supply of green insurance products.On December 2, 2023, the first single “green ecological product” in the north of the countryInsurance“The Qilihai Wetland Ecological Protection Green Insurance Project Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony was held in Ninghe District. The project includes three products: wetland biodiversity protection insurance, wetland ecological comprehensive index insurance, and wetland carbon sink remote sensing index insurance. For the first time, the ecological The index indicators are applied to the terms of the wetland green insurance contract, and the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is innovatively introduced to protect the 875 square kilometers of Qilihai Wetland from risks such as natural disasters, accidents, and invasion of harmful wetland species. The total risk protection reaches 20.4 At the same time, it has fully introduced remote sensing technology and drone technology to carry out risk warning, risk prevention and control, and achieved dual innovations in wetland insurance products and ecological value transformation, effectively helping Qilihai to polish the “Northland Jiangnan, Shuixianning” “River” golden sign.

  160 specialty agricultural products insurance completed registration review

  byThe “Agricultural Insurance+” model helps Tianjin build “Three Beauties and Four Townships”

  In 2023, Tianjin’s insurance industry will conscientiously implement the deployment of the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision, practice the mission of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, based on Tianjin’s agricultural characteristics, focusing on “one sweet, two mushrooms, three spicy, four livestock, and one hundred vegetables” and “Tianjin Agricultural Products” and “One Crab, One Shrimp, Three Fish” specialty agriculture, innovatively developed insurance for specialty agricultural products such as sweet potatoes, chestnuts, ginger, alpacas, racing pigeons, etc., and completed the filing and review of 106 agricultural insurance products throughout the year, providing The amount of insurance coverage reached 10.63 billion yuan, and through “agricultural insurance + credit” financing and credit enhancement, “agricultural insurance + technology” risk reduction, and “agricultural insurance + assisted sales” to help farmers increase their income, 293,700 agricultural insurance insured For each household, credit support amounted to 326 million yuan, helping farmers increase their average annual income by 13,534.65 yuan, broadening income-increasing channels for 19,000 farmers, effectively helping increase agricultural efficiency, increase farmers’ income, and make the countryside more beautiful.

  zero tolerance Punch hard crack down hard

  Lei Lei takes action to increase anti-fraud claims efforts in the insurance industry

  In 2023, under the guidance of the Tianjin Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration, the Tianjin insurance industry will focus on the diversified, professional, and group-based characteristics of insurance fraud, focus on industry pain points, break through coordination blockages, keep a close eye on clues and doubts, and rely on clue research and judgment. , dug deep into fraud cases, and verified 21,000 suspected auto insurance risk data and 4,566 interactive risk clues, involving an amount of 7.8896 million yuan; based on the joint meeting, the Tianjin Economic Investigation Corps Joint Logistics Center and the Traffic Management Bureau Serious Case Brigade were established to establish The strategic cooperative relationship extends the reach of “police and security cooperation”; supported by data sharing, it breaks down information barriers and comprehensively uses the four-step method of “series, parallel, connection, and research” to carry out consultation and judgment to achieve precise analysis, precise targeting, and accurate Investigation and prevention; taking major cases as a guide, we intensified investigation efforts, and successively investigated and dealt with the “706 Auto Insurance Gang Fraud Case”, “Ding’s Auto Insurance Collision Case” and “Snoring Claims Risk Case”, involving 125 crimes and a total amount of more than 39 million yuan. 11 cases were filed and 28 suspects were arrested, which dealt a heavy blow to the arrogance of criminals, blew the anti-fraud “early warning whistle” and established the anti-fraud “golden bell”.

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