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Tianjin Insurance Association organized the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” walking activity

Tianjin Insurance Association organized the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” walking activity

  In order to do a good job in the publicity work of “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day”, improve the brand value of insurance companies, and create a good atmosphere for insurance publicity, on July 6, under the guidance of Tianjin Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Tianjin Insurance Industry Association, Tianjin Municipal Insurance Society organizes Tianjin insurance industry in Nancuiping ParkLaunched the “Singing for a New Journey—Green Environmental Protection Run” brisk walking activity,A total of more than 500 people from the Tianjin Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, associations, societies, and colleagues and clients of 76 insurance institutions in Tianjin participated.

The presidents, vice-presidents, directors of the supervisory units of the associations and societies, the people in charge of the operation of Huimin Insurance, and the leaders of the associations and societies jointly promoted the laurel pole and kicked off the activity. Qian Honghua, general manager of Ping An Property & Casualty Tianjin Branch, delivered an opening speech at the event.

  This event is the first industry on-site event held three years after the epidemic, and insurance institutions in Tianjin actively participated in it with high enthusiasm.The activity is presented in the form of “song performance + brisk walking”, love the party and the national anthemsong singing,Expressed gratitude to the party, listened to the party’s words, and followed the party’s determination,sing a new eraThe high-spirited demeanor of the insurer “forging ahead on a new journey and making achievements in a new era”. The brisk walking activity combines the promotion of insurance knowledge, anti-illegal knowledge, agency surrender and personal injury scalper knowledge with green environmental protection, advocates an optimistic, active, healthy, and green lifestyle, and walks out of a new era for insurers to work hard and work together The spirit of cooperation, dreams, and sonorous footsteps.

In addition, there were booths built by 21 insurance institutions at the event site, which were novel in style and rich in activities. By answering questions, drawing prizes on the carousel, and punching cards to take pictures, they attracted the attention of many people who came to the park for activities. In addition to good interaction with the public, it demonstrated a good insurance image and further enhanced the brand value of the insurance company.

For this event, the Tianjin Insurance Industry Association also conducted a live broadcast of the whole process on the Douyin official account, so that netizens who cannot be present at the scene can intuitively understand the event process and participate in the interaction in a timely manner. As of the end of the event, a total of 20,000 people watched the live broadcast, gained 2,385 fans, and received 271,000 likes, achieving a good publicity live broadcast effect.

This event was recognized by insurance colleagues, who all expressed their liking for this form of activity. They thanked the association and society for creating a new and rich publicity platform for insurance companies. They hoped that more such activities could be held in the future to increase the industry. Interaction and communication inside and outside.

In the future, the association and society will continue to serve member units well, build various forms of publicity channels, strengthen industry publicity, demonstrate the positive energy of insurance, and work together to contribute to the high-quality development of Tianjin’s insurance industry. (Tianjin Insurance Industry Association)

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