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Tianjin Insurance Association organized a communication meeting on the 2023 “7.8” National Insurance Publicity Day

Tianjin Insurance Association organized a communication meeting on the 2023 “7.8” National Insurance Publicity Day

In order to do a good job in the publicity work of the “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” in 2023, and to enhance the overall image of the insurance industry and the brand value of the company, on the afternoon of June 30, the Tianjin Insurance Industry Association organized the 2023 “7.8 “National Insurance Publicity Day event communication meeting, the association organized a total of more than 106 people responsible for publicity from 76 insurance institutions in Tianjin to participate in the meeting.

  At the meeting, the association staff introduced“Tianjin Insurance Industry’s 2023 “7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day” Publicity Plan”, the specific arrangements for setting up a publicity column on “China News Network”, as well as the 7.8 brisk walking on-site activity arrangements and precautions, and make a good column during 7.8 Construction and event promotion matters were emphasized,and make a job request.Through a series of activities to furtherGather industry forces, establish an insurance image, and create Tianjin characteristics.

  An Xingwei, Deputy Secretary-General of Tianjin Insurance Industry Association(preside over work) attend the meeting andIn a mobilization speech at the meeting, he said that it is important to increase the publicity of insurance, enhance the people’s awareness of insurance, and let the people fully understand the importance of insurance.carry out“7.8”National Insurance Public Awareness Daysignificance of the activity. The reason why the “7.8” National Insurance Public Awareness Day is a publicity day rather than a promotion day is that the most important thing is to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and what is important is the effectiveness and timeliness. It is necessary to let the people know about insurance and recognize the importance and necessity of insurance. .

  Finally, AnnsecretThree suggestions are put forward for holding this on-site event. The first is to achieve unity. Each company should not only cooperate with the association to do a good job in publicity work, but also combine its own situation to highlight the characteristics of the company and create a good publicity atmosphere; second, it must be impressive. The annual “7.8” publicity must make full use of new media publicity methods to truly attract people and make people’s awareness of insurance deeply rooted in their minds; the third is to be useful and effective. All companies must not only take prescribed actions in accordance with regulatory requirements, but also take optional actions, and be good spokespersons, propagandists and promoters of the insurance industry.

Tianjin Insurance Industry Association has attached great importance to the publicity work of the insurance industry over the years, and has been committed to improving the overall image of the insurance industry in Tianjin, better serving member units, and providing member units with a platform to display the company’s image and promote the company’s brand value. In the future, the Insurance Association will continue to innovate the forms and means of publicity, strengthen cooperation with member units and various media, and better serve the insurance market in Tianjin.

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