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Tianjin Huawei flagship store grand opening

Tianjin Huawei flagship store grand opening

On October 27, the first Huawei flagship store in North China opened grandly on Binjiang Road, a famous pedestrian street in Tianjin, kicking off a comprehensive upgrade of the Huawei flagship store experience.

“Huawei’s flagship store is our most important place to connect with consumers, and it is also our brand palace,” said Rong Tao, director of the Retail Business Department of Huawei Terminal BG. “After the release of the ‘HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro Pioneer Plan’, mobile phones and full-scenario products have attracted a lot of attention. Being loved by consumers has also allowed our high-end brand to achieve another breakthrough. It is not only our products that are leading, but also our retail experience and services. Tianjin is a city with both historical heritage and modern flavor, and there are many people who love it here For consumers of the Huawei brand, we hope that the new flagship store will not only become a new landmark in Tianjin, but also become a ‘city living room’ where every Tianjin person can come and sit and have a cup of coffee at any time.”

Travel through the collision of ancient and modern history, culture and modern technology

Huawei’s Tianjin flagship store covers an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters. It was formerly a famous historical building transportation hotel and is also a cultural relic protection unit in Heping District, Tianjin. Huawei and the Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Research Institute continuously reviewed historical materials and referred to the original hand-drawn drawings of the designer in 1927 to restore its historical features to the greatest extent and achieve the optimal integration of modern technology and historical space.

During the repair process, Huawei cleaned up the multiple layers of real stone paint that had been sprayed on the exterior wall due to repeated repairs, repaired and filled the cracks, gouges, and rivets in the wall, significantly sacrificing commercial area, and restored the demolished stone at the entrance. The arcade and the lost parapet were restored in strict accordance with history, retaining the original charm and layout of the Traffic Hotel to the greatest extent, and making it look as old as ever.

Huawei’s Tianjin flagship store uses large areas of green plants, wood, stone and other elements as well as soft light to create a strong leisure atmosphere for customers. The green plant wall in the atrium adopts a central symmetrical visual design, using different green plants on the columns to depict the pattern of Haihe River, the mother river of Tianjin. The newly designed Jiugongge lighting perfectly matches the structure of the primary and secondary beams in the store, retaining the original historical appearance of the building while meeting modern lighting needs.

Space upgrades provide a richer scenario-based smart experience

In addition to the traditional product display, customer service center and five scene experiences, Huawei’s Tianjin flagship store has also completely upgraded the sports and health and whole-house intelligent experience areas, and integrated public areas such as a coffee area, children’s area, and art display area. Interpret the concept of “urban living room” with diverse scenes and spaces.

In the sports and health area, customers can experience the latest Huawei wearable devices for the first time. They can also link Huawei smart watches with mobile phones and other devices to conduct a micro-physical examination, or use Hongmeng ecological equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, etc. Feel the charm of smart sports scenes in related fitness equipment.

The whole-house intelligent experience area of ​​Huawei’s Tianjin flagship store covers an area of ​​more than 280 square meters. It is the largest whole-house intelligent area among Huawei flagship stores in the country. Through the true reproduction of the entrance, living room, bedroom and other scenes, it vividly demonstrates automation, The appearance of an intelligent modern smart home.

Experience upgraded and more interesting offline activities

Rich community activities also fulfill the idea of ​​”urban living room”. Guests visiting the store can participate in yoga and other fitness activities in the sports area, learn how to use equipment in the “Huawei School”, and listen to lectures by famous experts in HUAWEI TALK. On the day of the opening, Huawei Cloud Space invited photography bloggers and multiple product experts to share the Mate series photography theme of “Extraordinary Inspiration with the Cloud” to record the beautiful life with users.

Huawei’s flagship store in Tianjin will carry out a variety of rich activities from time to time, such as cycling, Frisbee, flag football, Youdao STEAM classes, Yilakan picture book story sessions, etc. In the future, Huawei plans to cooperate with professional institutions to bring professional fitness courses and parent-child activities to customers, and build the Huawei Tianjin flagship store into a health room and parent-child playground for Tianjin people.

Service upgrades provide a more comfortable shopping experience

Huawei’s flagship store has always adhered to the “consumer-centered” service concept. The nearly 100 experience consultants in the store come from different fields such as sports, hotels, and art. They are not salesmen, but product experts, and even versatile “lifestyle experts”. “. These experience consultants will combine their rich product knowledge, interests and life experiences to lead users to understand and explore Huawei’s full-scenario smart life experience.

In addition to professional product knowledge, the store also provides many warm and thoughtful services, such as free gift packaging, data backup, cleaning and disinfection, free film stickers, member birthday gifts, etc., bringing consumers an experience beyond expectations.

Huawei’s Tianjin flagship store is not only a “retail store” and “after-sales store”, but also the urban living room of Tianjin. Here, customers can experience Huawei’s latest and richest products and ecosystem, experience technological innovation, or participate in rich and interesting offline activities with friends and children, and communicate with like-minded strangers.

The fully upgraded Huawei flagship stores will open in Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing in the next few months, bringing consumers a richer full-scenario experience and higher-quality services.

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