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Tianjin Heping Joy City store celebrates the New Year’s Eve double carnival, making the strongest sound of the national trend

Tianjin Heping Joy City store celebrates the New Year’s Eve double carnival, making the strongest sound of the national trend

It’s the end of the year in 2023, and the New Year’s Eve party is just around the corner. Tianjin Heping Joy City coincides with its 7th anniversary store celebration, and an unprecedented blockbuster event with double fun buffs superimposed is grandly launched! City Oasis new oasis space, black technology light and shadow BOX, Huawei New Year’s Eve Music Festival, Light UP Tianjin-Journey to the West theme lantern show filled the New Year’s ritual sense, while STA, UNKNOWN, Supin, BONELESS, PSO Brand and other national trend light firsts Enter Tianjin and bring fashionistas to experience the excitement of the national trend with zero time difference. There are also super value store celebration discounts to help you gather wool at the end of the year. A lot of surprises are on the way, are you ready for 2024? !

  From the streets to the oasis, the New Year’s Eve ceremony fills the senses

This time, Heping Joy City kicks off at the end of the year. The seventh anniversary celebration, the New Year’s Eve Music Festival, and the three-city linkage help Xiqing Joy City open. The three major sectors interact wonderfully to create an unprecedented new New Year’s Eve experience. On December 24, the new oasis space of City Oasis was unveiled for the first time. The healing green plants took root and turned into an urban oasis. The street wind grew wild, the vigorous vitality shook the city, and the cool atmosphere was filled. Among them, STA, the leading fashion brand in China, has been launched for the first time in Tianjin, opening up a fresh experience from the streets to the oasis. This trendy brand, founded in Xi’an, conveys life attitude through brand design, covering fields such as music, clothing, art, street sports and lifestyle. The style focuses on handsome, cool and attitude street style. It is favored by many rappers and is It is known as the most fashionable brand per capita in the Chinese rap circle. This time, the Chang’an youth set sail from the mountains to the sea and set sail to visit Tianjin. They prepared generous gifts. A limited meeting gift was given at the opening of the business. The gifts were received and the guests were full of joy.

At the same time, from December 24th to January 1st, digital art installations integrating fashion and technology will be parachuted into the outdoor plaza of Peace Joy City, and the warm winter BOX will reshape the space with light and shadow. Not only there are naked-eye 3D dynamic videos such as waterfalls, tides, snow scenes, line elements, fireworks, etc., taking you to experience the hyper-realistic AI dimension, but there are also ceremonial links such as scrolling holiday blessings and New Year’s Eve countdowns, allowing 2024 to start from the “heart” in warmth. ! From 20:00 to 00:30 on the evening of December 31st, the “Huawei New Year’s New Wishes “Can’t Stay Blue”” New Year’s Eve Music Festival kicked off with enthusiasm, and the talented singer Bi Xia from Good Voice sang the strongest voice in the 2024 New Year. There will also be free hot drinks such as Ginger Coca-Cola, mulled wine, and COSTA at Yinlang to help celebrate the sweet New Year. In addition, Coca-Cola will also join hands with Heping Joy City to build a 24-hour basketball court, which is scheduled to be officially opened on January 1 to provide a good “fun” place for the youth of Changdu and help stimulate the excitement of fashionable entertainment!

  A group of national fashion brands enters local auspicious stores in Tianjin to highlight the “Tianjin Code”

Heping Joy City celebrates its 7th anniversary. The brand in the city has been refreshed and upgraded. A large number of host brand groups have entered the store, making a shocking debut in Tianjin. In addition to STA in the new oasis space exhibition area of ​​City Oasis, trendy brands loved by young people such as UNKNOWN, Supin, BONELESS, and PSO Brand will all be airborne. Among them, the menswear designer brand Supin focuses on its own unique aesthetics and personalized life. It has also successfully appeared on the stage of New York Fashion Week with its simple and fashionable style, showing the extraordinary charm of Supin·Chinese trend; jointly developed by a team of independent designers BONELESS is a trendy brand based on street culture. It mainly promotes HI-STREET style design, is committed to creating high-quality wearing experience, and creates the spiritual core of “emotional healer” with healing and neutral clothing styles. It is deeply loved by the brand. Followed and loved by the younger generation; UNKNOWN, a designer brand that is crazy about minimalists, has also entered Tianjin. Based on minimalist aesthetics, it returns to comfort, making clothing a medium of free expression for casual relaxation, and regaining the ability to face the unknown. Curiosity and courage; PSO Brand, which is committed to creating a lifestyle atmosphere of “life, nature, and enjoyment”, stands out with its simple, daily, and comfortable neutral style wear, and has a series of childlike and interesting themes such as bears, ducks, and hand-painted high-energy circles. Pink young people. These popular brands that shine with the national trend will appear in Heping Joy City at the end of the year and the New Year, allowing young people in Guangdong to have a “fashionable wardrobe” at their doorsteps, completely realizing the joy of national fashion with zero time lag without online shopping!

In addition, before the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, Tianjin’s local national trend hosts pop-up “auspicious stores”, using modern art concepts and techniques to express classic cultural elements in a new way and present “National Trend Tianjin Classics”. At the same time, the Star Party KTV will also open at the end of the year. Karaoke and disco music will be integrated with script killing, afternoon tea, e-sports games, private cinemas, etc. Multi-entertainment will provide a star-rated entertainment treasure for holiday gatherings!

  The three-city enlargement strategy lights up Tianjin’s value-for-money harvest at the end of the year.

With the opening of the third Joy City Xiqing Joy Plaza in Tianjin, this year’s Double Dancing Day and Spring Festival will launch the unprecedented Light UP Tianjin, a major event in which Joy City lights up Tianjin! On December 24, 2023, the Journey to the West themed lantern show will make its debut, illuminating every festival day and night. Among them, the auspicious beasts of Peace Joy City gather to participate in the grand event and pass on the lights to light up the New Year. The on-site fursuit cosplayers will not only perform dynamic dances and have fun interactions with the audience, they will also collect Wukong fragments, pass them through relays to complete the assembly, light up the mecha Wukong, the traditional lighting “Nantianmen” and the Joy City LOGO to recreate Wukong. The grand scene of soaring clouds and mist! At the same time, Joy City’s original IP Joy Orange will also win the “Sky Lantern” and pass it to Xiqing Joy Hui to jointly light up Tianjin. The three cities have joined forces to fully demonstrate the urban voice of the “Joy City” brand and witness the vigorous commercial vitality of Joy City, which is deeply rooted in Tianjin with its brand positioning of “young, fashionable, trendy and tasteful”.

In order to repay the love of our customers, Heping Joy City sincerely invites fans from all walks of life to enjoy the lantern show, write New Year blessings on the spot, receive Year of the Dragon themed badges, and wish for good luck in the New Year. At the same time, the 7th anniversary store celebration discount event also provides everyone with an excellent opportunity to grab wool at the end of the year. From December 23rd to December 24th, the entire store is discounted by 30%, and a single purchase of 799 or more will receive 200 gift certificates. Various types of group coupons are coming: gold 4800 yuan, group 5000 yuan, digital 2800 yuan, group 3000 yuan, retail 75 yuan group 100 yuan! In addition, you can’t miss the super value lucky bag activities of 7.7 yuan and 77 yuan for groups, and the exclusive 65 yuan and 100 yuan activities for China Merchants Bank. From December 30th to January 1st, Joy China will also start a good start event: 100 yuan dining gift vouchers for all purchases of 399 yuan, and 49.9 yuan group 100 yuan gift vouchers on-site from 22:00 to 24:00 on New Year’s Eve… The last big wave of all-in benefits in 2023 can’t stop, it’s in Peace Joy City!

Opening up an “oasis” with great imagination, taking young people to City Walk to be bold and wild in the city center; the manager of domestic products is the first fashion brand to be stationed, with a keen sense of fashion, being a trend leader for Generation Z and the student party… Tianjin Peace Dayue On the 7th anniversary of the city, we are starting anew, focusing on the preferences of young customers, introducing influential youth experiences and powerful brands, leading the upgrade of Tianjin’s trendy entertainment lifestyle, and welcoming a more “trendy” and otherworldly 2024 together!

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