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Tianjin has added good places to visit: Tianmei Art Street, Canal Evernight City…

Tianjin has added good places to visit: Tianmei Art Street, Canal Evernight City…

 Tianjin Northern Network News: As December is about to enter, Tianjin will add two more good places. Tianmei Art Street will be unveiled in December, and the “Canal Never Sleeps City” will officially settle in Xiwu Town, Wuqing River.

As one of the key urban renewal projects, the Tianmei Art Street located in the Tianjin Eye Dabeiyuan business district takes “art” as the main line and “industry + scene”, “operation + attraction” and “co-governance + sharing” as the path. Relying on the advantages of the history and educational resources of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, we will implement industrial quality improvement and strive to create urban renewal projects that link “scenic spots-campus-blocks-communities” to create “immersive” emerging new business formats integrating culture, business and tourism, and polish the new business card of urban culture. . Currently, the exhibition area has entered the final stage of construction and is scheduled to be opened to the public in mid-December this year.

The Tianmei Art Street urban renewal project leverages the professional advantages of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in art, culture, and education, integrates surrounding historical culture and tourism resources, explores an effective path for the transformation of cultural resources into cultural and creative industries, and will introduce well-known domestic art auction institutions and various levels of The art training institution invites the offices of key art colleges and universities across the country to establish a presence and build a number of modern micro-museum groups, art master studios, and student innovation spaces to form an innovative ecology of positive interaction between the university and the city. The planned commercial operation area is 43,000 square meters, introducing 6 major business formats and 48 types of industries such as art space and art training, and attracting 120+ well-known brands such as “Shanhai” to form a 3 to 4-hour immersive art tour experience. , to realize the whole process and market-oriented operation of the trinity of “culture-scenario-assets”.

Wuqing is about to have its own “city that never sleeps”! The country’s first “Canal Everlasting City” based on the Grand Canal culture is located in Hexiwu Town, the “Tinmen Shouyi”, and is expected to officially start construction in December. “The City That Never Sleeps on the Canal” presents the most typical, representative and distinctive natural features, cultural landscapes, customs and folk customs along both sides of the Grand Canal in the form of cultural tourism immersive interactive scenes, through light shows, ancient performing arts shows, and special food tastings and exhibitions, etc., it integrates the millennium Grand Canal culture into it, bringing tourists a cultural feast of sight, hearing, and taste, recreating the grand occasion of the Grand Canal’s heyday of more than 700 years, with sails and sails on Lushui and merchants gathering, and at the same time creating a night-time economic vitality. The open commercial pedestrian block allows the night economy to “tell the story of Hexiwu.”

“Canal Everlasting City” covers an area of ​​120 acres, and the business layout proportion plan will be based on a 3:3:4 ratio model, of which 30% are local characteristics of Tianjin and Wuqing, 40% are characteristics of river basin cities, and 30% are national characteristics. The overall update rate of the program is maintained at a 45% update rate every quarter.

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