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Tianjin Fengya Impression City opened on December 22 with sparkling vitality, awakening the first store gathering place in the South Station business district

Tianjin Fengya Impression City opened on December 22 with sparkling vitality, awakening the first store gathering place in the South Station business district


  Tianjin Northern Network News:On December 22, “Tianjin Fengya Impression City”, the largest shopping mall in the Tianjin South Railway Station business district, celebrated its grand opening. At the same time, the “2023 First Fengya Cultural Tourism Zone Warm Winter Consumption Season” kicked off. On the first day of opening, with a 92% investment rate and a 40% first-store rate, the first-day sales exceeded 6 million yuan and the passenger flow exceeded 100,000. Tianjin Fengya Impression City brought unprecedented consumption to the South Station business district. upsurge.

The opening ceremony started on time at 9:30 a.m. on the atrium stage of the venue. Government leaders of Xiqing District and Zhangjiawo Town, as well as relevant leaders of Vanke Real Estate and SCPG Commercial attended the event. In the speech, Xu Jiayan, chief partner of SCPG Tianjin Fengya Impression City, said that after the opening, a series of marketing activities such as childlike, fun, and trendy will be launched with the promotion concept of “Interesting Places in Life” to link up with the town government’s cultural and tourism activities. Activity resources, so that there are activities every week and themes every week. Provide customers with a comfortable leisure shopping environment, create a life scene that customers like, and strive to create a business benchmark around the city and reshape Tianjin’s business landscape. Hu Chenkai, deputy general manager of Tianjin Vanke Real Estate Co., Ltd., said that Vanke first entered the Zhangjiawo area 13 years ago to assist the government in urban planning. Today in 2023, this 100,000-square-meter commercial and entertainment complex is positioned as a city of joy and gathering. It is not only Vanke’s practice as an urban supporting service provider, but also its pursuit and expectation of a better life. The excitement and vitality of the city lies here. , is a mission and a responsibility.

Picture: Xu Jiayan, chief partner of SCPG Tianjin Fengya Impression City

Picture: Hu Chenkai, deputy general manager of Tianjin Vanke Real Estate Co., Ltd.

As a benchmark commercial project jointly developed by SCPG and Zhangjiawo Town Government, Tianjin Fengya Impression City is a one-stop shopping experience commercial complex with a volume of over 100,000 square meters in the Tianjin South Railway Station business district. It also serves as the “Fengya Cultural Tourism Belt”. “A key part of this is to continue to leverage commercial advantageous resources and join hands with international high-quality brands to fill the regional commercial gaps; the highly fashionable ocean wave-shaped commercial atmosphere and the luxury of three spacious atriums will provide a great opportunity for the South Railway Station business district and even southern Tianjin business. Interpret the urban leisure philosophy of upgrading the experience in an all-round way.

  40% of the first stores in hard-core areas have gathered multiple openings and achieved the highest level of performance

Tianjin Fengya Impression City joins hands with 100+ brands to make a grand debut, launching a brand matrix of large supermarkets + large catering + large leisure. The project B1-4F has a total of 5 floors, which are respectively set for trend·social/fashion·retail/parent-child·catering. / Video·Food/Carving/ The theme of freshness and life not only brings a new experience of enjoyment with a festive atmosphere, but also covers all aspects of family life.

The project newly introduces Ludao Member Store (the first store in Tianjin), China Resources Vanguard, Hengdian Cinemas, Baby King Growth Park, Star Party KTV, Putianhe Roast Duck, 752 Fitness, Jinzun Seafood Buffet, District 51 Super Paradise, and Nelson Billiards Club , Tongmeng Yixin Art School, Dongfang Jinshao Sports Center and other 12 major primary and secondary stores have strongly settled in, refreshing consumers’ traditional impression of the South Station business district in one fell swoop.

In addition, 40% of the brands are entering Xiqing for the first time: Haiyin Haiji Chaoshan Hotpot, Jinpangpang Barbecue, Putianhe Roast Duck, Frog Ted, etc. will appear at the same time. There are also specialty restaurants such as Fangzhuyuan Hot Pot, Rice Village Bibimbap, Starbucks, Nayuki’s Tea, Bawang Chaji, Burger King, Shangyuwei, Yufantian, Xufu Beef, Baby King Growth Paradise, Kexin Keli, Dongfang Jin Children’s toy brands such as Children’s Sports Center, Leke VR, and Mr. MILU, as well as many jewelry brands such as Chow Tai Fook, Luk Fook Jewellery, Lao Feng Xiang, Lao Miao Gold, and China Gold, as well as NIKE, Li Ning, adidas, Xiaomi, Coodoo, and Miniso A total of more than 100 brands such as Pinle, Lenle, Genji Muyu, and Heitegou have jointly supported it, opening up a different kind of beautiful life.

As a major project in the region, the opening of Tianjin Fengya Impression City has received enthusiastic attention and recognition from everyone, with frequent reports of convenience on the first day of opening. On the opening day, the customer flow exceeded 100,000 times, the total sales exceeded 6 million yuan, and many stores ranked No. 1 in sales. Among them, China Resources Vanguard, Genji Muyu, and Area 51 Super Park have won the top-selling honors in North China.

  The social topic is hotly discussed in the city and transformed into a popular quality life check-in place.

Tianjin Fengya Impression City focuses on developing Tianjin’s local cultural characteristics. In this city where people are full of “talking, learning and singing” every day, it restores the optimistic and open-minded spirit of the people of “Jerdu” to the greatest extent, and is committed to satisfying and enriching the city. The diverse consumption choices of Tianjin consumers who “love to eat” and “play” create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere for spending time. The project has finally determined its positioning as a “City of Enjoyment and Gathering”, presenting a full-format brand matrix. It focuses on creating a high-quality, leisure-focused, and experience-focused gathering place for 660,000 customers within a 15-minute drive of the surrounding area, and builds regional life in southern Tianjin. A new landmark for cultural tourism.

At the end of the year, the opening of Tianjin Fengya Impression City became a hot event in the city, and the opening craze topped the hot topic lists on major media platforms. The comfortable lifestyle advocated by the project that is in line with the urban spirit has also become a hot topic of discussion on various social platforms. When you love life, you will also be loved by life. The opening of Tianjin Fengya Impression City continues to arouse everyone’s love for life. Trendy people went to check in one after another and posted pictures on various social platforms, and hot topics continued to be discussed.

The opening activities of the shopping mall are already full of variety and benefits. Coinciding with SCPG’s year-end planning of the “First Hair Hair Season”, there is an atmosphere of joy both inside and outside the mall. Whether it is a trendy art party with a rich accent or an experiential activity covering all ages, they all convey a life attitude of enjoying, gathering, and having fun.

At the FAFA CLUB stage area in the atrium, the fafa area in the east atrium, and the gathering area in the west atrium, there are three popular check-in spots. Whether they are trendy young people, outspoken children, happy families, or married couples, they can’t help but snap a moment and record the novelty of this wonderful time. experience.

  The opening ceremony was staged to open up a new lifestyle with a joyful gathering

From December 22 to 24, Tianjin Fengya Impression City held a three-day joint celebration of its opening, with various activities going on one after another and being exciting. On the 22nd, Simba, the national champion of the “China New Rap” QQ Music Competition and the Lion King of the rap world, airborne on the scene. He will arouse the emotional resonance of the audience with his unique heart-to-heart rap; on the 23rd, ” “Alice in Wonderland”, children’s play performances of “Magic Academy”, and the power showdown of the new TJD E-Sports Club competition are now online, bringing a new surprise experience to every parent-child reunion and moment of love; on the 24th , the atrium of the project was transformed into a swinging dance hall for a limited time, and the whole audience had a fun and free “Hi Party”, there was also a happy twist children’s drama “Blue Bird”, and a “Make a Cute Friend” pet-friendly cat Christmas carnival, taking care of everyone with A loving family member; there are also multi-time band performances, clown interactions, random dances, star singer singing and other non-stop performances throughout the day. The excitement is non-stop and the expectations are high.

In addition to the colorful activities, the mall has specially set up many consumer privileges such as 50 yuan for 100 yuan for a group of meals, gold discounts of 100 yuan, half-price coupons for the entire venue, and discounts on digital hot products. There are also various lottery activities such as free store opening gifts, lottery draws for all purchases, and hourly draws. What’s more worth mentioning is that 3 mysterious cars for the grand prize are ready to go, and will soon provide consumers with additional surprises!

It’s a grand opening, just be happy; stay with us all the time, and the future will be long. As a bright new star of business in southern Tianjin, Tianjin Fengya Impression City will light up every happy gathering moment!

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