Tianjin digital renminbi is popularized, and China Construction Bank fulfills its responsibility as a major bank

Tianjin digital renminbi is popularized, and China Construction Bank fulfills its responsibility as a major bank

On May 18, the 7th World Intelligence Conference was held in Tianjin, with the theme of “Intelligent Mobility for the World and Energizing the Future”. At this World Intelligence Conference, Tianjin Branch of China Construction Bank announced the report card since the digital renminbi pilot, and the results have been remarkable.

As of the end of 2022, CCB Tianjin Branch has opened a total of 589,601 personal wallets, 54,108 public wallets, and 26,633 stores that support digital currencies. The cumulative number of transactions is 4,501,927, and the cumulative transaction amount is 434 million yuan. Among them, the accumulative transaction amount and the cumulative number of consumer transactions in Tianjin Branch of China Construction Bank accounted for 52.48% and 86.98% of the digital renminbi consumer transactions in Tianjin respectively, accounting for more than half of Tianjin’s digital renminbi consumer market, which effectively boosted Tianjin International The construction of a consumption center city has played a vital role in the popularization and development of Tianjin’s digital renminbi.

At the same time, as of the end of February 2023, the Tianjin Branch of China Construction Bank ranks first among Tianjin peers in personal monthly active wallets, corporate monthly active wallets, cumulative consumption amounts, and cumulative consumption transactions in Tianjin. The market share of consumption transactions is higher than 50%.

As one of the third batch of digital renminbi pilot cities in the country, Tianjin will start the digital renminbi pilot promotion work in April 2022. Since the beginning of the pilot, CCB Tianjin Branch has actively followed the relevant requirements of the “Tianjin Digital RMB Pilot Work Plan” formulated by the Tianjin Municipal Government, and effectively implemented the creation and implementation of the general digital currency scenario in the “Plan”.

By the end of 2022, the Tianjin Branch of China Construction Bank has realized the application of digital renminbi in consumer coupons, chain stores, public transportation, smart medical care, public payment, and smart campus through cooperation with Tianjin municipal and district governments, as well as key enterprises and institutions. , Internet platform application, wage payment, tourism culture, canteen, financial interbank, supply chain and other scenarios have been effectively implemented, many of which are the first in the banking industry in Tianjin, and have played a good demonstration and driving effect of large banks.

Tianjin Branch actively connects with various district governments and commissions, offices, and bureaus, and undertakes the issuance of government consumption vouchers for digital RMB consumer vouchers by 11 district governments. The scope of undertakings is leading in the industry in Tianjin; Digital currency discounts such as time-honored brands in Tianjin, chain supermarkets, and Tianjin products to help farmers have played a positive and effective role in promoting the citizens of Tianjin to have a deeper understanding, understanding, and use of RMB. .

After entering 2023, Tianjin Branch of China Construction Bank will continue to carry out bank-wide promotion around the head office’s digital renminbi work focus, and continuously improve the quality of wallets and the implementation of scenarios. The official launch of scenarios such as the repayment business of the provident fund loan “Shubihui” and the “CCB Life” digital renminbi prize redemption of the Tianjin Welfare Lottery Distribution Center provides a richer application platform for the development of the Tianjin Branch’s digital renminbi business.

The Tianjin Branch of China Construction Bank stated that in the future, under the guidance of the People’s Bank of China, it will continue to increase the transformation and promotion of retail customers, enrich scene applications, improve the acceptance environment, and cultivate user habits; continue to promote the iterative optimization of digital RMB product services, and According to the advantages and characteristics of digital currency, promote application innovation and technological innovation to improve customer experience; continuously strengthen the risk prevention and control capabilities of digital renminbi, and keep the bottom line of risk prevention and control.

China Construction Bank has made unremitting efforts to take the digital renminbi as a strategic work of the whole bank, and made every effort to improve the effectiveness of the digital renminbi pilot work.

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