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Tianjin China Unicom launches a series of activities to help the elderly during the Double Ninth Festival

Tianjin China Unicom launches a series of activities to help the elderly during the Double Ninth Festival

October 23 coincides with the annual Double Ninth Festival. China Unicom Tianjin held a number of special science lectures on “Silver Age Crossing the Digital Divide” and carried out a series of activities to help the elderly and express blessings and care to elderly friends.

In the business hall of the Telegraph Building, staff explained to elderly customers knowledge about preventing telecommunications fraud and using common smartphone APPs to help the elderly group better integrate into social life.

In Tianningli Community, Heping District, Yang Yu, a representative of the Tianjin Unicom Service Star team and the head of the General Industry Marketing Service Center of the Government and Enterprise Customer Department of the Heping Branch, led the team to visit the homes of elderly customers in the community and explain the knowledge of preventing telecom fraud and smartphones. Use common APP knowledge, carry out volunteer services, and use practical actions to practice “China Unicom provides good services and serves customers with heart”.

Since the beginning of this year, in order to help the elderly enjoy the convenience of the information society and bridge the digital divide, Tianjin China Unicom has set up 54 exclusive “Smart Elderly Assistance” service experience centers in 18 regions across the city. 116 China Unicom business halls in the city have deployed “Love Stations” and launched ten elderly service measures from the aspects of product innovation for the elderly, hotline elderly care services, and the elderly care function of China Unicom APP, so as to truly solve the “troubles” of the elderly. Treat it as your own “top priority”, fully implement the responsibilities of central enterprises, and use practical actions to effectively enhance the sense of gain and happiness of elderly customers.

It is understood that so far, Tianjin China Unicom has provided more than 2.3 million manual services to more than 1.37 million elderly customers over the age of 65, and carried out 5,256 “Public Welfare Lectures”, “Silver Age Entertainment Exchange” and “Age Live Broadcast Competition”. Nearly 460,000 elderly customers participated. At the same time, smart home engineers made 1.1 million door-to-door speed tests free of charge, and provided a total of 152 million convenient services through the China Unicom APP.

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