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Tianjin Century City’s sweet carnival event “Sweetheart Party” opens a new winter trend experience

Tianjin Century City’s sweet carnival event “Sweetheart Party” opens a new winter trend experience

Tianjin Century City’s “Sweetheart Party” started sweetly. This year’s super popular traffic protagonist “Little i” Dragon landed in Tianjin Century City, bringing a warm and romantic check-in place with a pink dream in winter. Rich and interesting winter-themed activities add to the fun. “Unlimited Sweet Benefits” offers great discounts, including huge discounts, 50% off group purchases, exquisite official and micro interactive gifts, 3x points for members and exclusive gifts, and other pleasant shopping experiences. Rich activities and discounts bring customers a sweet and warm experience! I look forward to the coming New Year in Tianjin Century City, which will light up the sweetness in my heart!

  “Sweetheart Party” Double Dancing Sweet Party

The annual popular super IP “Xiao i” Dragon will land in Tianjin Century City. “Little i” is a petite, cute, lively, cheerful and healing little dragon. Any occasion with “little i” dragon is always full of joy and sweetness! The soft and cute giant “Little i” dragon, which is pink and plump, is surrounded by fur, and occasionally plays with the “haha mirror”. It is so sweet, warm and cute that you can’t miss it! This year’s most popular check-in point is the 3-meter-large plush pink love heart and yellow “little i” dragon, which act as a super holiday atmosphere group, making sweetness everywhere. Come and take this sweet moment home. Hugs are the warmest language in the world. The “Little i” dragon wears a flocked jacket and looks forward to hugging you with love. He is placed in a giant photo frame to lock in the first sweetness of the new year. He looks forward to the frozen recorded moment that will surely wow your friends. lock up. What month are you waiting for? Come to Tianjin Century City to have a sweet date just for you with “Little i” Dragon!

 Double day carnival happy and sweet random switching

On the eve of the heart-warming Winter Festival on December 24, the choir started singing leisurely, and the natural children’s voices sang hymns, feeling the strong classic winter festival atmosphere. The sweet dance in the second dimension, hundreds of fashionable people sing and dance randomly, releasing the sweet dopamine that breaks through the second dimension. The passionate scene ignites the winter night!

On New Year’s Eve, December 31st, Tianjin Century City wishes you a zero-point blessing to march into the New Year together! Live PK of the trendy street dance competition, countdown to New Year’s Eve in the outdoor square, make good wishes, and look forward to happiness and peace in 2024. On New Year’s Eve, free food coupons will be distributed, making your delicious experience even more enjoyable.

  Sweetheart arrives at “Unlimited Sweet Benefits” discount purchase

In the joyful winter, come to Tianjin Century City to experience the happy surprises brought by the sweet party. There are also great value and awesome discounts, which will make you feel full of trendy shopping experience. Double Day exclusive discounts of 50% off for group purchases, great value instant discounts, and multiple points for members , enjoy the wonderful time of winter vacation.

  Tianjin Century City creates fashionable entertainment and shopping experience

Tianjin Century City combines trendy IP with double-day nodes to create a different New Year holiday experience. Tianjin Century City focuses on the consumption preferences of Generation Z, deeply explores the shopping needs of young consumers, and creates an all-round immersive consumption scene for Inject fresh energy into life every day and create different surprises in life. It also continuously introduces novel life art experiences to enrich leisure exploration every weekend and holiday. Tianjin Century Metropolis gathers many high-end brands, including the first Tianjin store of Pingjie Hot Pot, Starbucks, Shanxia Izakaya, Mist Pizza, Chen Fool, Fasong, Grandhe, Legend of the Steamed Bun World, Shifeng Food Court, Peekoo, Ku Di Coffee, Manmi Yoghurt, Guojiajia Zhuanzhuan Guo, etc. provide consumers with a rich and diverse food experience. There are also Huawei authorized experience stores, Audi cars, Ctrip Travel, MUJI, UR, Asics, Onitsuka Tiger, New Era and other sports brand flagship stores and parent-child family brands, leading the trend of fashionable life.

From December 15th to March 3rd, a series of activities and benefits of Tianjin Century City’s “Sweetheart Party” will continue to be broadcast, let’s go on a sweet winter journey together!

Project address: Above the subway at Yingkou Road, Nanjing Road, Heping District, Tianjin (Exit C2 of Yingkou Road Station of Metro Line 1/3 leads directly to the shopping mall)

Parking lot information: Located on Tongguan Road, enter from the driveway leading to the shopping mall.

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