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Tianjin Branch of the Export-Import Bank of China organized all party members to go to Hongqi Canal to carry out theme party day activities

Tianjin Branch of the Export-Import Bank of China organized all party members to go to Hongqi Canal to carry out theme party day activities

In order to promote the study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and guide all party members to strengthen their ideals and beliefs and make contributions based on their posts, the Export-Import Bank of China Tianjin Branch organized all party members and party activists to go to Anyang, Henan Province launched a Party Day activity with the theme of “Following the General Secretary’s footsteps and carrying forward the spirit of the Red Flag Canal”.

The Hongqi Canal is a major water conservancy project dug by the people of Lin County on the cliffs of Taihang Mountain to divert the Yangtze River into the forest. It is called the “artificial Tianhe” and is known as the “eighth wonder of the world.” In the 1960s, in order to completely change the drought and water shortage situation of Linzhou people and prevent future generations from suffering from water shortages, Linzhou people made up their minds to dig into Taihang to divert water. During the most difficult period for the whole country, 100,000 Linzhou people worked hard for 10 years, flattened 1,250 hills, drilled 211 tunnels, and built 152 aqueducts. They finally built a 1,500-kilometer life-long canal and brought in “life-saving water.” . The Hongqi Canal project started in 1960, and the branch canal supporting projects were basically completed in July 1969. Due to geographical location and environmental factors, the entire project had many control node projects. The people of Lin County worked together to overcome difficulties and successfully solved many technical problems, ensuring the successful construction and water connection of the Hongqi Canal.

This event focused on visiting the Hongqi Canal Memorial Hall and the Youth Cave, an important throat project of the Hongqi Canal. It allowed them to immerse themselves in the difficulties and obstacles of building the Red Flag Canal and experience the majesty of the “artificial Tianhe” up close. After the visit, we also organized a viewing of the Red Flag Canal documentary and held exchange discussions. As General Secretary Xi Jinping said, “The Red Flag Canal is a monument that records the heroic spirit of the people of Lin County who refused to admit fate, refused to admit defeat, and dared to fight against the heaven and the earth.” “The spirit of the Red Flag Canal and the spirit of Yan’an are of the same origin, and are an indelible historical memory of the Chinese nation. , is always shocking.” This activity further enhanced the ideological and theoretical consciousness of branch cadres and employees to inherit and carry forward the spirit of hard work, self-reliance, and hard work. Everyone expressed that they would learn more deeply about Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics We must adhere to the socialist ideology, strengthen ideals and beliefs, continue the red blood, keep in mind the original intention and mission, continuously improve the ability to perform duties, focus on the main responsibilities and main businesses of policy financial institutions, promote the integration and promotion of party building and business, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the branch. Great contribution.

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