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Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank successfully held the “Smoky Clouds in Jinmen? Walking into the Five Avenues” Minsheng Peer Parent-child Research Tour

Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank successfully held the “Smoky Clouds in Jinmen? Walking into the Five Avenues” Minsheng Peer Parent-child Research Tour

Tianjin Branch of China Minsheng Bank strives to create a parent-child financial brand “Minsheng Peer”, continuously understands the needs of parent-child families, conducts in-depth explorations in innovative applications, public welfare practices, financial business popularization and other dimensions, and uses finance as the engine to empower children’s literacy education and self-management , Stimulate Chinese family wealth management and good parent-child relationship.

On May 20th, the parent-child research activity of this issue of “People’s Livelihood Together” is themed “Jinmen Yanyun – Walking into the Five Avenues”, leading the children to walk into the Five Avenues as the little masters of the city, complete the task of deciphering the city, and train the children Independent exploration ability and unity and cooperation ability.

Wudao is a witness to the modern history of Tianjin and a silent narrator of the glorious years. The towering high walls, the small western-style buildings covered by lush trees, and the faintly exposed corner of the eaves all let everyone feel the shadow of the years. With a task card, the children cross the five avenues, find their way and direction, complete tasks, travel through the interlaced time of history and modernity, explore the hidden stories behind the five avenues, and feel the history and the history of the five avenues while walking. Culture measures a city with footsteps.

The Five Avenues contain too many interesting old stories, and many modern and modern celebrities have left their footprints here. The children wandered among the buildings of the old bungalows. In the footsteps of exploration, they experienced the interlacing of time and space between the past and the present, touched the pulse of the city, listened to the voice of history, and felt the stories behind the buildings of the world. Not only did they learn new knowledge, I also have a deeper understanding of the Five Avenues.

In the five avenues city walk, according to the map and task book, the children cracked the check-in task points, learned to identify the direction and use the map, and each child exerted his best energy in the team and successfully completed the teamwork task. In just 3 hours of activities, everyone’s independence and self-confidence have been greatly improved, and they have cultivated good psychological qualities such as courage to face difficulties, interpersonal communication and teamwork!

Minsheng Bank Tianjin Branch’s next “Minsheng Walking Together” activity will focus on the theme of “From Beethoven to Hayao Miyazaki”, leading children to wander in the ocean of music. In the future, we will continue to carry out more practical activities such as social welfare, parent-child research, and literacy improvement, focusing on the needs of special customer groups, creating a special parent-child service platform, and allowing children to unlock more wonderful experiences.

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