Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank launched the theme party day activity of “Pursuing Red Memory? Displaying Retail Style”

Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank launched the theme party day activity of “Pursuing Red Memory? Displaying Retail Style”

In order to inherit the red memory and practice the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the six party branches of the retail line of Minsheng Bank Tianjin Branch and the party branch of Pingshanyin Branch organized a theme party of “pursuing red memory and showing retail style” on April 13 Li Zhigang, member of the branch party committee, secretary of the discipline inspection committee, and vice president of the branch, participated in the event.

The Long March is far away from us and can only be heard in stories; the Long March is very close to us, as if it happened yesterday. The Red Army overcame many difficulties and obstacles, marched 25,000 miles, achieved victory and embarked on a long march full of ambition and pride. This time, the party members and comrades in the retail line started by reviewing the oath of joining the party. During the march on foot and in the sound of explanations, they experienced and felt the Red Army Xiangjiang Campaign, the Zunyi Meeting, crossing Chishui four times, flying over the Luding Bridge, climbing the snow mountain, Through the grassland and other historical memories, on the “Long March Road”, I deeply understand the indomitable revolutionary beliefs of the revolutionary ancestors and the revolutionary spirit of not being afraid of sacrifice and hard work.

After the victory of the Long March, Vice President Li Zhigang made a concluding speech: Remembering the history is to move forward better. Looking back on the turbulent years and not forgetting the revolutionary ancestors, we must inherit and carry forward the great spirit of the Long March, and face new historical conditions and historical conditions. For the task, we still need to look back at the Long March road from time to time, integrate the spirit of the Long March into our hearts and blood, continue to maintain faith, belief, and confidence, and strive to move forward in the “huge waves” of this new era.

Finally, Li Xing put forward four work requirements for all party members and comrades: First, we must strengthen our confidence, maintain our original aspirations, strengthen our ideals and beliefs, and be like the revolutionary ancestors in the development of retail business, and be the “persist” of the high-quality development of retail business ; The second is to work hard, perform duties, dare to take responsibility, and contribute. In the work, we must carry forward the spirit of hard work, continue to struggle, the more difficult the harder, the more difficult we are, and we must be “doers” who are entrepreneurs; the third is to coordinate efficiently and unite Collaboration, all departments of the retail line should join hands with each other like the revolutionary ancestors on the Long March, twist into one rope, and work together to realize the “victorious meeting” of branch retail business services; fourth, be strict with yourself, always Keep a clear mind, be honest and self-disciplined, and be the “vanguard” of integrity and self-discipline.

Through this themed party day event, all party members and comrades measured the course of the Long March with their feet, inspired the spirit of the Long March with their hearts, and truly felt the hardships and hardships of the Red Army’s long journey. The long march of the revolutionary ancestors has come to an end, and our new journey has just begun. We must work hard, move forward bravely, truly practice the spirit of the Long March into specific work practices, work hard, make active contributions, and jointly contribute to the financial industry. Contribute to quality and sustainable development!

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