Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank insists on online and offline linkages to solidly carry out consumer rights protection education and publicity activities

Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank insists on online and offline linkages to solidly carry out consumer rights protection education and publicity activities

In recent years, Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank has actively fulfilled its responsibility to protect consumers’ rights and interests, focusing on key groups and key areas, carrying out omni-channel and full-coverage three-dimensional publicity activities, comprehensively improving consumers’ rights and interests protection awareness, and helping to create a harmonious financial ecological environment.

  Based on the rich publicity positions in the hall

Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank takes business outlets as the main position, plays slogans on the LED screens at the outlets, places financial consumer rights protection promotional leaflets in the public education area of ​​the hall, actively organizes micro-salons in the hall, and publicizes “mobile banking operation” to elderly customers. risk” tips. Based on the hall, actively publicize, and enthusiastically answer financial questions raised by consumers. Make full use of the online platform to produce and repost content such as “TikTok short videos, consumer insurance classes, and cases to explain insurance”, vividly carry out consumer protection publicity activities around “one old and one young”, and continuously improve the financial status of the general public. The level of knowledge and awareness of risk prevention allow customers to experience different banking services.

  Innovative forms of publicity and education help online publicity

Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank sorted out the recent hot issues related to the immediate interests of financial consumers, carefully designed “down-to-earth” case scenarios, and originally designed and produced “Small Anti-Fraud Classroom for the Beginning of the School Season” and “Don’t be impatient in job hunting, beware of recruitment traps” and other works, explain financial knowledge in easy-to-understand language, and display it in the form of long pictures, comics, and videos. Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank made full use of digital means to popularize financial knowledge, played the radiating role of the network publicity platform, and ensured that the public can obtain financial knowledge related to vital interests without leaving home.

  Focus on key activities, enthusiastically serve and benefit people’s livelihood

As a financial service volunteer, Minsheng Bank Tianjin Pingshan India Branch was invited to participate in the Learning from Lei Feng Volunteer Service Month activity organized by the Veterans Affairs Bureau of Hexi District, Tianjin. Walk into the masses, explain face to face about common fraudulent methods such as posing as public prosecutors, online loans, and online order swiping, and remind everyone not to trust unfamiliar calls and text messages, and to avoid disclosure, remittance, or transfer. The knowledge of financial consumer rights protection and telecommunications fraud prevention knowledge can correctly identify financial fraud activities and ensure the safety of personal funds. It also meets the public’s financial service consulting needs and improves risk prevention awareness and self-protection capabilities.

  Take multiple measures to comprehensively improve customer reach rate

Tianjin Branch of Minsheng Bank joined hands with Tianjin Economic Broadcasting to popularize financial knowledge to the general public in the city, reminding them to establish a scientific and rational concept of debt, consumption and financial management, as well as how to prevent the risk of telecommunications and network fraud and use cards safely. At the same time, the bank popularized financial knowledge through multiple channels such as mobile banking broadcasting in the living room and SMS, and comprehensively improved the customer reach rate.

Minsheng Bank Tianjin Branch will continue to strengthen the daily publicity of financial knowledge. Based on the existing good work, it will actively study the new situation and new characteristics of consumer rights protection, carry out targeted publicity, and integrate financial knowledge publicity and education with As a normalized and institutionalized work, the protection of consumer rights and interests will effectively improve the financial literacy of consumers, guide them to correctly use financial knowledge, enhance risk awareness and responsibility awareness, and create a harmonious financial environment.

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