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Tianjin Branch of Fude Life Insurance provides critical illness green pass service with one policy and two peace of mind.

Tianjin Branch of Fude Life Insurance provides critical illness green pass service with one policy and two peace of mind.

  What is happiness?It’s about being old and relying on someone,It’s the education of young children,It’s poverty that has something to rely on,But for Mr. Han from Tianjin,Happiness means finding help for difficult situations and treating illnesses.

  Mr. Han and Ms. Zheng are a loving couple. Their daughter has passed her prime.The couple manages the family steadily, and their days are full of fireworks and happiness.Ms. Zheng has a certain awareness of risks. She believes that although life is going smoothly, it is more important to have the ability to resist risks.In recent years, Ms. ZhengI have successively purchased multiple insurance products from Fude Life Insurance for myself and my family.Life was warm and family was happy, until one afternoon last summer

  Sudden serious illness, difficulty seeking medical treatment

  2023YearIn the midsummer of June, Mr. Han, who was just over 40 years old, suddenly suffered from chest tightness and chest pain. He rushed to a nearby non-specialist hospital for treatment and was diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome and coronary atherosclerotic heart disease. During treatment in a non-specialized hospital, Mr. Han developed symptoms of repeated intermittent chest pain and dyspnea. The family was worried that Mr. Han’s condition was worsening and decided to transfer him to the more authoritative Tianjin Chest Hospital for treatment.

  While waiting to be admitted to the hospital, Mr. Han’s physical discomfort became more and more intense and he urgently needed surgery. The whole family was extremely worried.At a loss, Ms. Zheng remembered the purchase she had made for her husband.When talking about the insurance product “Fude Life and Health Critical Illness Insurance (Celebration Edition)”, the agent of Fude Life Insurance Tianjin Branch mentioned the critical illness green pass service, which can coordinate hospitalization and surgery. Ms. Zheng immediately contacted her agent and submitted an application for the “Critical Illness Green Pass” service according to the guidelines.

  Green pass service, considerate companionship

  On July 1, Fude Life Insurance received the service application and immediately confirmed the demand and reviewed the information. The critical illness Green Pass inpatient surgery coordination service was officially launched; on July 7, under the coordination of the Green Pass service, Mr. Han After receiving the admission notice, the whole family saw hope; on July 13, Mr. Han underwent “coronary artery bypass grafting” surgical treatment. After the operation, his cardiac function recovered, his vital signs were stable, and all indicators improved; 7 On March 21, Mr. Han recovered and was discharged from the hospital. According toTake the medicine on time as directed by the doctor.and persistLow salt and low fat diet;On August 16, Mr. Han submitted a claim application; on August 25, Fude Life Insurance completed the claim. The timely payment of the claim provided sufficient financial guarantee for Mr. Han’s subsequent treatment and rehabilitation.

  One policy, two peace of mind

  In addition to regular check-ups and medication, Mr. Han’s life has returned to its former peace, but with the added emotion of surviving the disaster.At the same time, Ms. Zheng is even more grateful that she has insured her family with the product of Fude Life Insurance. Not only can the claim be settled smoothly, but she can also enjoy the convenience and thoughtfulness of the critical illness green pass service. The whole family has not been overwhelmed by this sudden illness. , but also has new hope and truly realizes“One insurance policy, two peace of mind.”

  In order to express their gratitude to the company, Mr. Han and Ms. Zheng went to the counter of Fude Life Insurance Tianjin Branch to present the banner in person.“A promise is worth a thousand dollars to the customer, and Fude Lingtong shows its magical power.” Looking at the customer’s smile, the company’s service staff are happy for the customer’s smooth recovery and are also full of emotion. Being able to provide help to customers in times of need, all efforts are worth it. .

  What is happiness? Everyone has a different answer in mind. Happiness can be very grand, or it can be successful, or it can be a meteoric rise, or it can be self-realization; it can also be very simple, as light as the breeze blowing on your face, but at a certain moment it makes your heart tremble. After experiencing this turmoil in his life, Mr. Han cherished the life in front of him even more, with daily necessities of food, rice, oil, salt, and fireworks. The seemingly ordinary days were actually the happiness that he missed every day on his sick bed.

  A happy life is accompanied by joy and life. Fude Life Insurance Tianjin Branch cherishes every trust and trust and protects your good life.

  *The article is a real case of Fude Life Insurance’s Green Pass service, and some customer information is protected for privacy.Fude Life Insurance Green Pass service is provided to VIP customers, F+ customers and customers holding specific health insurance policies. Each customer’s medical needs and corresponding service plans are different, and the available service items and actual coordination results may be slightly different..

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