Tianjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank carried out the “six ones” discipline and rules education activities to promote the “clean and honest Binnong” culture into the heart

Tianjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank carried out the “six ones” discipline and rules education activities to promote the “clean and honest Binnong” culture into the heart

The Party Committee of Tianjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank conscientiously implements the “Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Integrity Culture in the New Era” of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, unswervingly promotes comprehensive and strict governance of the party and the bank, continues to build the cultural brand of “clean and honest Binnong”, and strengthens integrity Cultural construction is a basic project that promotes not to be corrupted, not to be corrupted, and not to be corrupted as a whole, and constantly cultivates the new trend of the times of seeking truth, being pragmatic, and uniting and striving. The Party Committee of the Head Office has successively issued the “Implementation Measures for Deeply Promoting the Construction of Clean and Clean Farmers” and “Implementation Measures for Strengthening the Construction of Integrity Culture in the New Era”, solidly carried out “taking cases as lessons, promoting reforms and governance with cases”, and strengthened regular discipline Rule education.

In April 2023, the Party Committee of the head office will carry out the Disciplinary Education Month with the theme of “discipline, clear rules, strict management, and keeping the bottom line”. Through actively innovating organizational methods, vigorously expanding the carrier of activities, and in-depth carrying out the “six ones” series of activities, the education of discipline and rules is an important starting point for comprehensive and strict party governance, so as to ensure that the “prescribed actions” are of high quality and the “optional actions” are distinctive , continue to enhance the bottom-line awareness and action consciousness of all cadres and employees in compliance with regulations and disciplines, build a solid line of defense against corruption and prevent changes, create a good atmosphere of cleanliness and responsibility, and further promote the construction of clean and honest farmers, so as to become “Xinbin Provide a strong political and disciplinary guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of agriculture.

A group study strengthens ideals and beliefs. Since the launch of the Learning and Propaganda Month activity, 123 party organizations across the bank have combined the theme of learning Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, making full use of theoretical learning center groups, “three meetings and one class”, reading classes, etc., to adopt centralized learning, individual Self-study and other methods are carried out to carry out special studies. Members of the Party committee of the head office and party organizations at all levels highlight the “key minority”, and drive party members, cadres and employees from top to bottom to study and understand General Secretary Xi Jinping’s comprehensive and strict governance of the party, the construction of a clean and honest government and the anti-corruption policy. Important expositions on the fight against corruption, focusing on the study of party constitutions, integrity and self-discipline standards, disciplinary regulations, public officials’ administrative sanction laws and other party discipline regulations, industry regulatory regulations on employee behavior management and industry system documents, and promote the extension of discipline education to the grassroots and to all The expansion of cadres and employees creates a strong learning atmosphere with full coverage.

A revolutionary education builds the original mission. Party organizations at all levels across the bank have organized party members and cadres to visit red resources such as the Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao Memorial Hall, the Pingjin Battle Memorial Hall, the Martyrs Cemetery, and the Model Worker Exhibition more than 30 times in the form of themed party days, turning history into teaching materials and the scene into classrooms. Looking back on the glorious course of the Communists’ courageous mission in the past hundred years, the spirit of hard work and the fine style of honesty and integrity, we have built a solid foundation of faith in the baptism of the revolutionary spirit, replenished the calcium of the spirit in the nourishment of red culture, and in the relay of mission and responsibility Inherit the style of integrity.

A disciplinary test checks the learning effect. Using the method of online closed-book answering, organize and carry out the knowledge test of party discipline and laws, closely follow the theme education and the new situation, new tasks and new requirements of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on comprehensively and strictly governing the party and the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, aiming to “use learning to promote examination, “Take a test in London”, all party members participated, and the masses actively participated. 1,818 people from the whole bank participated in answering the questions, with an average score of 93 points. Through the four links of pre-examination self-study, on-site answering, analysis and feedback, and improvement and improvement, we will further strengthen the learning and understanding of cadres and employees on party discipline laws and regulations and rules and regulations, truly enter the mind and heart, and guide all party members, cadres and employees to enhance their awareness of discipline and rules. Honesty and compliance.

A warning conference sounded the self-discipline alarm. On April 27, the party committee of the head office held a warning education conference for the whole bank and watched the warning education documentary. The four aspects of promoting the “three non-corruption” and always maintaining loyalty, cleanliness and responsibility have put forward clear requirements for the cadres and employees of the whole bank. This is not only a warning education, but also a clean government talk with the leading cadres of the whole bank. “Preventive treatment of disease”, clean reminder “prevention” function. Cadres and employees at all levels of the bank have expressed that they should take various typical cases of violations of discipline and law in the state-owned enterprises and financial fields as a lesson, further improve their political positions, strengthen their responsibility, and always maintain a good working condition under strict discipline and rules, and take higher The standards, stricter discipline demands on themselves, and a strong ideological style.

A family tradition education cultivates a clean and honest culture. Party organizations at all levels of the bank continue to expand educational carriers, enrich the forms of expression and communication methods, by distributing integrity letters, inviting family members of cadres and employees to write integrity messages, shooting short videos to promote good family traditions, writing “clean government bookmarks” by hand, and reading red family letters , Visit family tradition exhibitions, carry out home visits, study and watch video books, etc., carry out vivid family education and family tradition publicity and education for cadres and employees, and constantly create a harmonious atmosphere that focuses on family, family education, and family tradition, and enhances the attraction of family tradition education To guide the cadres and employees to protect the “clean harbor” of the family, to cultivate a good family tradition and a good style of work.

A symposium filled the gap. The party organizations at all levels of the bank insist on putting discipline construction in a more prominent position, give full play to the role of discipline construction in treating both symptoms and root causes, implement strict requirements in the whole process of system implementation, employee behavior, and compliance management, and “seek development” around the head office party committee. 123 sessions of special seminars were held to compare the party constitution and rules in terms of ideology, politics, style, ability, and integrity to find gaps, analyze the root causes, and focus on rectification. The middle-level leading cadres closely integrated themselves In the actual position, I wrote more than 100 seminar reports, tempered the “hard” style with “strict” requirements, and guided the majority of cadres and employees to integrate their own progress and goals into the head office’s “increase deposits, reduce non-performing, adjust structure, create benefits, strengthen Among the six core tasks of internal control and promotion of reform.

Through the “Six One” Discipline and Rules Education Month activities, the ideals and beliefs of the cadres and employees of the whole bank are more firm, the confidence of the officers and entrepreneurs is more abundant, the vitality of the team is more vigorous, the motivation to take responsibility is higher, the awareness of compliance and discipline is strengthened, and the family is clean and honest. Wind builds are stronger. Tianjin Binhai Rural Commercial Bank will continue to polish the “clean and clean Binnong” business card, make good use of the “integrity culture”, deepen and solid “clean articles”, promote efficiency with integrity, and build a “compliance bank, smart bank, value On the struggle journey of “banking”, we have handed over an excellent answer sheet for high-quality development.

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