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Tianjin Bank’s first science and technology innovation growth fund launched

Tianjin Bank’s first science and technology innovation growth fund launched

As a key link in promoting the in-depth integration of “industry, academia and research”, the Science and Technology Innovation Fund has important practical significance for thoroughly implementing the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, doing a good job in Tianjin’s science and technology finance, and practicing the “Ten Actions” of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Government . On February 1, with the support of the Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee and other units, Tianjin Bank, Tianjin Haitai Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd., Tianjin Guokang Credit Promotion Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Haitang Venture Capital Management Center (Co., Ltd. Partnership) signed a cooperation agreement to establish the “Bank of Tianjin·Tianjin Science and Technology Innovation Growth Fund (Binhai High-tech Zone)”. The Bank of Tianjin serves as the general coordinator. The target size of the fund is 1 billion yuan, mainly investing in biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing, new energy and new materials. and other industries.

Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone is one of the first batch of national-level high-tech zones approved by the State Council. In 2014, it was approved to become a national independent innovation demonstration zone. At present, it has formed a system that puts the information and innovation industry as the first priority, and focuses on the new economic service industry, biomedicine, new energy, The “113X” high-end industrial system supported by high-end equipment manufacturing is the area with the richest innovation resources, the largest number of independent intellectual property rights and the greatest potential for economic growth in Tianjin. Bank of Tianjin·Tianjin Science and Technology Innovation Growth Fund (Binhai High-tech Zone) will focus on supporting technology-based enterprises in the high-tech zone and attract high-quality technology-based enterprises to develop in Tianjin. By revitalizing existing stocks, cultivating increments, and improving quality, they will continue to gather high-end high-tech industry development and The elements of entrepreneurship and innovation add weight to the high-quality economic development of Tianjin.

Tianjin Guokang Credit Promotion Co., Ltd., as the only AAA credit promotion institution in Tianjin, adopts the “financial credit service + industrial investment layout” operating model to help Tianjin’s financial stability through credit promotion and bond market liquidity management, and serve the city’s strategic emerging Industrial layout, incubating high-quality projects such as information innovation; issuing Tianjin’s first scientific and technological innovation bond, and taking this opportunity to explore a set of positive circular investment and financing mechanisms with financial institutions in the region to deepen technological empowerment with financial power.

As an important partner of this fund, Beiyang Haitang Fund is a venture capital fund jointly established by Tianjin University alumni entrepreneurs and other alumni entrepreneurs. It focuses on investments including but not limited to teachers and alumni of Tianjin University and Nankai University. , students’ hard technology projects. Beiyang Haitang Fund is committed to using funds to promote the construction of an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, discovering, empowering, and investing in a number of scientific and technological achievements with industrial and commercial value, and assisting the industrialization of scientific research results to form products that meet market demand, and promote The formation of Tianjin’s “Stanford + Silicon Valley” model.

The Bank of Tianjin has always adhered to the innovation-driven development strategy and attached great importance to science and technology finance work. It has established a special science and innovation finance work class led by the “top leaders” of the party committee, released a comprehensive service plan for smart technology-connected finance, and realized the transformation from a “single credit product provider” “Transformation into a “comprehensive financial service integrator”; by continuously improving the diversified relay-type comprehensive financial service capabilities of “stocks, bonds, loans, foundations, leasing and insurance”, adhering to the principle of “loan early, lend small, invest early, invest early” With the idea of ​​​​”small”, we will innovatively create a series of science and technology innovation and growth funds of Bank of Tianjin, support diversified financial products, promote the “one district, one fund” cooperation model, assist the “fund + industry” investment attraction model, and serve the optimization of regional industrial structure.

In the next step, Bank of Tianjin will take this opportunity to continue to implement the “Ten Actions” of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, with the “Three Quantities” as the goal orientation, accelerate the promotion of a new cycle of “technology-industry-finance”, and take multiple measures to improve financial services In terms of quality and efficiency, we will optimize and improve the ecological environment of “banking, government, enterprise and investment”, and work together to create a “science and technology innovation fund” matrix to provide strong support for cultivating new productive forces and serving the high-quality development of Tianjin’s real economy.

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