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Tianjin Bank won the “Best Security Management Demonstration Unit of the Year for Mobile Financial Clients”

Tianjin Bank won the “Best Security Management Demonstration Unit of the Year for Mobile Financial Clients”

Recently, Bank of Tianjin won the “Mobile Financial Client Best Security Management Demonstration Unit of the Year” award at the “2023 Beijing International Financial Security Forum and Fintech Standard Certification Ecosystem Conference” for its outstanding performance in personal mobile banking products. This meeting was guided by Xinhua News Agency, Beijing Municipal People’s Government, Beijing Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau and other units. Based on the perfection of the development management mechanism and the comprehensiveness of personal information protection measures, the mobile financial APPs of various banks and non-bank institutions were reviewed. An assessment was made.

Tianjin Bank’s personal mobile banking APP has always strictly implemented various financial security quality certification management requirements, and adopted high-standard control measures in the entire life cycle of demand, design, development, testing, online, and operation and maintenance; in terms of personal information protection, Tianjin Bank continues to improve the management system related to personal mobile banking, strictly manages the collection, use and sharing of personal financial information in accordance with the requirements of regulatory agencies, and regularly conducts privacy compliance and security assessments. As a window for online services, Tianjin Bank’s personal mobile banking coordinates development and security, introduces intelligent risk control strategy platforms, multi-factor authentication and other means, and adopts multi-level and all-round security protection from system, technology and other aspects to ensure customer funds. Security; accelerate the construction of digital operation capabilities, use new generation digital technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to better understand customer needs, optimize product design and services, and continuously explore and improve mobile banking service capabilities, operational capabilities, customer experience and satisfaction , demonstrated to all walks of life the vivid practice of Tianjin Bank in digital financial construction.

The Bank of Tianjin stated that in the future, it will continue to fully implement the political and people-oriented nature of financial work, and strive to do five major articles on technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance, and adhere to the “three quantities” goal orientation. Focusing on the quality and quantity of development internally, and shaping the brand image externally, with the support of advanced technological capabilities, we will continue to improve our digital and intelligent financial service capabilities, and provide customers with safe, secure and convenient online financial services. Continue to play the role of the main force of local finance, deepen the development in Tianjin, do excellence in the five foreign provinces, fight the “five tough battles” and launch the “five speed-up battles”, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of digital finance, and empower the business through financial digital intelligence capabilities Safe and high-quality development, taking new steps in the construction of modern urban commercial banks, and contributing financial strength to high-quality and sustainable economic and social development.

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