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Tianjin Bank takes pragmatic measures to carry out “legal person governance” action

Tianjin Bank takes pragmatic measures to carry out “legal person governance” action

“Focusing on the five aspects of ‘people, concept, risk, internal control and assessment’, 123 specific governance measures have been formulated.” In 2024, Tianjin Bank will carry out a special campaign of “legal person governance” across the bank and resolutely implement the Central Economic Work Conference In line with the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference, we will implement the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee’s proposal to “do a good job in revitalizing the existing stock of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, cultivating new additions, and improving quality”, continue to fight the “five tough battles” and the “five speed-up battles”, and comprehensively practice financial work The political nature and people’s character should be promoted to promote stability, establish first and then break, implement the new development concept completely, accurately and comprehensively, comprehensively promote corporate governance with pragmatic measures, and comprehensively improve the ability and quality of financial services to people’s livelihood.

Wu Hongtao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Bank of Tianjin, delivered a mobilization speech on “unifying concepts, standardizing behaviors, and unswervingly advancing the ‘legal person governance’ action”. He emphasized that improving corporate governance is a prerequisite for Bank of Tianjin to prevent and resolve financial risks and achieve high-quality development, and is a concrete practice for implementing Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. It is necessary to fully implement the various tasks and objectives of corporate governance work, not only solve historical problems, solve current compliance risk problems, but also solve future development problems, make real changes in concepts, and make fundamental changes in credit risks and internal control construction. Assessment and personnel management will be more scientific and standardized, achieving “reborn” changes, and contributing to social and economic development with more efficient and high-quality financial services.

The first is personnel management. Adhere to the people-oriented approach, give full play to the leadership role of the head office party committee in “setting the direction, managing the overall situation, and ensuring implementation” to achieve unified coordination between the bank’s development vision and employees’ achievement ideals. The second is the concept. Adhering to the principle of “three natures” of commercial banks, adhering to the business orientation of “deeply cultivating Tianjin and doing well in the five foreign provinces”, we will build three major maps, enhance support for emerging industries, advanced manufacturing and other key areas, and strive to do a good job Five major financial articles allow customers to share the results of financial development and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy. The third is credit risk management. Comprehensively implement the overall deployment of preventing and resolving major financial risks, further improve the credit risk management system, establish a unified credit limit management system of the Bank of Tianjin, build a customer-level credit risk early warning management system, take multiple measures to reduce existing non-performing assets, and continue to improve the quality of credit assets , and effectively improve credit risk management capabilities. The fourth is internal control. Strengthen the internal control system, improve the checks and balances mechanism, strengthen the rigid control of key nodes of the business system, implement “hard constraints” in systems, systems, and data management, use scientific and technological means to improve internal control capabilities, and promote the bank’s legal compliance and steady operation. The fifth is assessment. We insist on strengthening the “value orientation” of internal assessment, optimize and adjust the indicator system with economic benefits as the core, continuously strengthen the awareness of capital constraints, improve the capital restriction mechanism, give full play to the “baton” role of assessment, and provide important support and high-quality development for Tianjin Bank. Solid protection.

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