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Tianjin Bank: Services will not be closed during the Spring Festival, welcoming the New Year with warmth

Tianjin Bank: Services will not be closed during the Spring Festival, welcoming the New Year with warmth

The cold weather of the year is deep, we say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, and dragons dance and fireworks welcome the beauty of spring.

As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon approaches, Bank of Tianjin’s financial services also have a strong “New Year flavor”. In order to ensure the continuity and comprehensiveness of financial services during the Spring Festival and meet the diverse financial needs of customers, Bank of Tianjin has made every effort to deploy , Plan in advance to ensure that every financial service is meticulous and thoughtful, adding comfort and warmth to citizens during the Spring Festival.

  Branch services are open and we welcome the Year of the Dragon with warmth in the new year.

Taking into account the financial needs of customers during the Spring Festival, Tianjin Bank coordinated the opening hours of its outlets to ensure that a reasonable number of outlets and service coverage radius were open for business, and prioritized the opening of outlets in major commercial districts and residential areas. Customers can learn about the branch business hours at any time through Tianjin Bank’s official website, WeChat official account and mobile banking.

Through the “New Citizen Harbor” and “Police Bank Station” at various branches of Tianjin Bank, the bank continues to provide special care and services to the public security officers who stick to their posts to protect the city’s homes and the hard-working “new citizens”, and takes practical actions to support them My heartfelt thanks for all your hard work. Business outlets welcome every customer with festive New Year decorations and warm services. Couplets and the word “福” are posted inside and outside the outlets, and New Year halls are decorated to create a festive atmosphere during the festival. Optimize the service process, open flexible windows, provide caring services, and carry out maintenance, repair and operation monitoring of self-service banks and smart teller machines to ensure the stable operation of self-service equipment during the Spring Festival so that every customer’s financial needs can be met in a timely manner. . At the same time, it provides high-quality and convenient financial services to overseas personnel in China and creates a financial service environment with good communication. Equip professional service personnel and set up green service windows in key service outlets. In terms of account services, we can provide simple account opening services for overseas personnel in China, simplify the account opening review process, and place account opening service guides in prominent locations to help them fully understand the account opening process, account opening materials and facilitation policies, and open up the “last step” of policy implementation. km”; in terms of currency exchange, a number of foreign exchange settlement and sales outlets fully meet the currency exchange needs of overseas people coming to China. In addition, in order to meet the New Year needs of the general public, the supply of various RMB coupons, especially new 100-yuan coupons, has been increased so that every citizen can experience the new atmosphere of the New Year.

  Various types of products and activities, colorful gifts and prosperous year

During the Spring Festival, Tianjin Bank provides customers with special savings deposit products such as Seaou Deposit, Happy Certificate of Deposit, and Large-Deposit Certificate. There are also Dragon Zodiac-themed certificates of deposit to add joy to the festival. At the same time, financial products are uninterrupted, providing customers with cash management financial management, various Closed-term net-worth financial management and periodic open-ended net-worth financial management, as well as the Year of the Dragon New Year exclusive financial management specially launched for the Chinese New Year. Starting from January 2024, Tianjin Bank will launch the “Tianjin Metro Ride Coupon Rush” activity. Debit card holders in the Tianjin area can log in to Tianjin Bank’s mobile banking to participate in the coupon grab. During the Spring Festival, the bank will also launch online customer activities with the theme of “One Yuan Purchase with Cards and Coupons” on New Year’s Eve, the first day of the Lunar New Year, the ninth day of the Lunar New Year and the Lantern Festival to help warm holiday consumption.

  Smart payment for citizens’ consumption, inclusive finance and auspicious year

During the Spring Festival, Tianjin Bank comprehensively used products such as “Smart Merchant Pass”, “Smart Enriching People”, “Smart Business Pass” and “Smart Credit Pass”, adhering to the concept of “easier payments and more convenient loans” to provide customers with uninterrupted services. Among them, “Smart Business Pass” and “Smart Credit Pass” can support online application, instant loan approval, and instant loan and repayment.

“Smart Merchant Tong” and “Smart Enriching People Tong” merchants and farmers have spread all over the streets and alleys, covering multiple industries such as food, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment. During the Spring Festival, the platform will continue to provide full life cycle financial services such as payment, finance, marketing, and digitalization for merchants and farmers.

“Smart Business” is an inclusive financial product developed by Bank of Tianjin in response to the national call to support small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, practice inclusive finance, return consumption to its roots, and serve the development of the local real economy. It can provide merchants with services based on their operating conditions. Online borrow-and-pay credit loans.

“Smart Credit Communication” is an innovative integration of consumption and credit. Based on the consumption characteristics and consumption needs of different types of customer groups, it provides consumer credit products and services and provides a convenient consumer payment experience.

  Online customer service is uninterrupted and warm to protect the auspicious year

In order to effectively ensure the financial service needs of customers during the Spring Festival, as an important channel to connect customers online, Tianjin Bank Customer Service Center adheres to the “customer-centered” service concept, makes various arrangements and deployments during the festival in advance, dynamically allocates human resources, and ensures smooth communication. The business linkage mechanism helps customers solve various financial needs such as inquiries, transfers, and financial management without leaving home, and continues to provide 7×24 uninterrupted remote online services.

Paying attention to the elderly customer group, the “5-elderly hotline” is specially set up at the 956056 hotline, which automatically identifies the mobile phone number to provide exclusive services for elderly customers over 65 years old; the “Tianjin Bank Customer Service Center” WeChat video account channel is used to publish financial knowledge explanations , anti-fraud propaganda and other series of videos to fulfill the social responsibilities of financial institutions and continuously improve the happiness and sense of gain of the elderly.

Deeply cultivate technology empowerment and build a “cloud business hall”. Through remote video “face-to-face” method, customers can realize remote one-stop processing of more than 10 scenarios such as mobile banking signing and mobile phone number modification, effectively solving customers’ “urgent needs” during the holidays. “; At the same time, we have widely deployed service portals in mobile banking, WeChat public accounts and other channels to expand online customer contact channels, and use the “AI + manual” collaborative service model to provide customers with various business solutions in real time and accuracy, and make every effort to provide customers with Professional, convenient and user-friendly high-quality financial services.

  Mobile banking is a caring companion, protecting you with warmth and blessings throughout the year.

Tianjin Bank’s online channels have transformed into new ones, and as always, are with customers around the clock, providing customers with considerate mobile financial services. Tianjin Bank’s official website, WeChat official account and micro-banking push information on business outlets, wealth management products, financial knowledge and other information to customers in a timely manner. Online banking, mobile banking and other online channels continue to provide customers with 24/7 financial services. The mobile banking “Count the Dragon Luck in detail, you will have money” activity will continue during the Spring Festival. Register/log in to the Bank of Tianjin mobile banking APP to participate in the “Count the dragon luck in detail, count you money” activity, and at the same time enjoy the festive atmosphere of the New Year and harvest. Surprise gifts, win up to 88 yuan and get instant WeChat discount, accompany customers to have a “blessed year”.


  Financial knowledge is enough for the new year, and guarding the safe year with care

During the Spring Festival, Tianjin Bank combines financial knowledge with festival culture to make important knowledge such as preventing telecom network fraud, illegal fund-raising, and personal information protection more popular. The electronic posters “Little New Year”, “New Year Financial Knowledge Series Tips” and “Good Luck Solitaire” are specially produced based on elements of traditional Chinese festivals to fully seize the opportunity during the Spring Festival holiday when people use mobile phones to pay New Year greetings and popularize financial knowledge so that the public, especially the elderly, can Everyone tightens their guard against risks, keeps their wallets secure, and has a happy and safe New Year.

In order to spread financial security knowledge more vividly, Tianjin Bank produced the micro-movie “Anti-Fraud in the City – Erdu Online 24 Hours” and the live-action animation “I’m Not a Card God” with the theme of preventing telecommunications and network fraud, with fascinating plots and vivid characters, profoundly revealing the truth about financial risks such as online dating and high returns, making the audience more alert to financial risks while watching.

In addition, in order to make financial knowledge more relevant to life, the bank also specially produced practical promotional materials, such as New Year folding bags and charging cables. These creative promotional materials skillfully integrate financial knowledge into daily-use items, which not only enhances the public’s awareness of financial security, but also makes the dissemination of financial knowledge more “down-to-earth”.

The movement of heaven brings warmth, and the branches and leaves express feelings. Tianjin Bank will adhere to its original intention of serving the people, continue to provide high-quality financial services with heart and soul, and use financial power to add color to the people’s beautiful life. Bank of Tianjin will seize new opportunities and new windows, write “five big articles”, take “three quantities” as the goal orientation, maintain strategic focus, continue to promote the “Double Five Campaign”, and be the executor of promoting the high-quality development of financial services , activists, and doers, writing Tianxing’s answers to high-quality development.

We hope that every customer who walks into Tianjin Bank can feel the enthusiasm and sincerity of Tianjin Bank and jointly welcome the Year of the Dragon full of hope and joy!

All employees of Tianjin Bank wish our customers and their families a happy New Year and all the best.

(For the specific products/activities involved in this article, please refer to the product instructions/activity rules.)

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