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Tianjin Bank conducted in-depth exploration of the “finance + culture” system and was awarded the “Strategic Partner” of the Haihe Theater Festival

Tianjin Bank conducted in-depth exploration of the “finance + culture” system and was awarded the “Strategic Partner” of the Haihe Theater Festival

On December 23, the three-month “Bank of Tianjin·2023 Haihe Theater Festival” came to an end. Wu Hongtao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Bank of Tianjin, delivered a speech at the closing ceremony of the Haihe Theater Festival. As the sponsor, the bank was awarded the title of “Strategic Partner” of the Haihe Theater Festival. This is a financial contribution to the Bank of Tianjin from the organizer of the event. can fully affirm the development of the cultural industry.

The development of culture is inseparable from inheritance and innovation, and the same is true for finance. Tianjin Bank’s naming of this Haihe Theater Festival is a bold innovation. Three months ago, a performance of “The Wilderness” kicked off the “Bank of Tianjin·2023 Haihe Theater Festival” and also opened the bank’s innovative exploration of the “financial + cultural” system. At this Haihe Theater Festival China Tianjin Bank does much more than just “name”.

The unforgettable time is fleeting. In the past 100 days, many famous troupes from home and abroad have gathered in Tianjin, with dramas, operas, musicals, and children’s dramas. Tianjin Bank is even more energetic. From the beginning of its naming cooperation with the Haihe Theater Festival, it has performed financial “magic” to let finance discover the beauty of culture and let culture find the light of finance. The two complement each other and promote each other. The sparks of mutual achievement and win-win cooperation continue to burst out.

With the massive audience platform of the Haihe Theater Festival, Tianjin Bank continues to stimulate business potential, expand brand influence, fulfill the social responsibilities of Tianjin local corporate banks, serve the diverse cultural needs of citizens, and help create high-quality lives. During the theater festival, the bank issued a total of ten issues of Bank of Tianjin·2023 Haihe Theater Festival themed financial products worth 850 million yuan. Taking advantage of the “east wind” of the theater festival, they were sold out in a short time. At the same time, the bank also cooperated with the Northern Performing Arts Group, the organizer of the drama festival, to open a “Cultural Finance Zone” on the Tianjin Bank APP, and opened a ticket purchase entrance on the Tianjin Bank WeChat official account to facilitate citizens to purchase tickets through multiple channels, and through online and offline communication The combined method is connected to the Wenhui Card online ticket purchasing system, allowing people to enjoy various ticket purchasing rights.

Tianjin, a city with a rich heritage of drama accumulated over the past century, has allowed the “finance + culture” system to grow freely. Tianjin Bank has leveraged the cultural momentum to create various financial products that fully meet the connotative needs of the majority of literary and art enthusiasts. In just three It has accumulated a huge customer base within a month, and the financial support behind this theatrical feast has made it even more popular.

The future of “finance + culture” is promising, and Tianjin Bank is making steady progress. The bank said that in the future, it will be guided by the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference and the Central Economic Work Conference, write “five major articles” with a financial pen, create more smart scenes for the cultural field, accurately introduce financial “living water”, and support Actions to create high-quality urban development and high-quality life, summarize and refine the experience and practices of this Haihe Theater Festival, focus on the development of cultural industries and the cultural needs of citizens, and continue to explore the “deep water area” of financial empowerment of culture.

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