Tianjin Bank Business Department’s “3-15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity event


In order to effectively improve consumers’ financial literacy and risk prevention awareness, guide the general public to establish a correct view of financial consumption, maintain a good social financial order, and better carry out financial knowledge popularization activities. The Bank of Tianjin Business Department actively deployed and organized various branches under its jurisdiction to carry out the “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity activities according to local conditions.

Tracing the origins of red culture and education to explore new processes for financial consumer protection

On March 13, Jinnan Branch under the jurisdiction of the Sales Department went deep into the countryside to do a solid job of “Party Building + Consumer Protection” according to local conditions, and jointly held the “Financial Consumer Protection by Your Side” Party Branch of Xixiaozhan Village, Balitai Town, at the village’s red education base. Educational activities with the theme of “Protecting Rights and Preventing Risks”.

The activity takes the “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity as the entry point, makes full use of local red cultural resources, and combines the themed practical activities of “I do practical things for the masses” to do a good job in educating the masses with heart and emotion. At the event site, the branch publicity specialist distributed promotional leaflets to the masses, and explained consumer rights protection knowledge and relevant laws and regulations to villagers in terms of illegal rural fund-raising, rural telecommunications fraud, personal information protection, payment security, etc., reminding everyone to avoid consumption traps and safeguard their rights and interests. His own legitimate rights and interests revealed to the villagers the concept that “cakes will not fall from the sky, and high-interest returns are traps.”

“3·15” knowledge accompanies you on your journey to a glorious rose show

In line with the requirements of the “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity work, the Ninghe Sub-branch under the jurisdiction of the business department went to the No. 1 Kindergarten in Ninghe District and organized students’ parents, teachers and nearby residents to carry out the “‘3·8’ Gathering of Women’s Power” Build a Happy Home Together and the ‘3·15′ Knowledge Accompanying You’ special missionary activity.

At the event, the branch publicity specialist popularized financial knowledge and told various fraud cases. They also focused on promoting financial knowledge and women’s rights to female consumers, and popularized common scams and fraud methods in order fraud, online dating, and online shopping. The majority of female consumers are reminded to increase their awareness of prevention, pay attention to screening, do not be gullible, do not transfer money blindly, do not click on unfamiliar links, be wary of various investment traps, avoid suffering property losses, go through formal channels when encountering problems, and protect their rights in accordance with the law. The event also conducted “3·15” financial consumer rights protection and financial knowledge Q&A on anti-email fraud, which effectively promoted various financial knowledge in a format that the public loved, created a good financial ecological environment, and effectively improved consumers’ ability to protect their legitimate rights and interests. and financial risk prevention awareness.

Keep people’s money bags safe and open a new chapter in consumer protection

Jizhou Sub-branch under the jurisdiction of the Sales Department joined hands with Damazhuang Village Committee to carry out the “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign.

At the event, the branch publicity specialists popularized knowledge about the rights and interests of financial consumers from aspects such as how to maintain the security of personal financial information, what to pay attention to in financial consumption, and ways to resolve financial consumption disputes. The first is to guide consumers to establish the concept of rational investment and value investment, and improve the financial knowledge and risk prevention awareness of rural residents, especially the elderly; the second is to improve consumers’ awareness and ability to rationally safeguard their rights in accordance with the law, so that consumers can understand and proactively protect themselves. The rights to property security, the right to know, the right to make independent choices, the right to fair transactions, the right to claim compensation according to law, the right to education, the right to be respected, the right to information security and other rights enhance financial service satisfaction. Effectively enhance the risk awareness and financial literacy of rural financial consumers, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of rural residents.

Through the distribution of promotional materials, prize-winning quizzes, etc., this event not only provides financial services to rural people, but also reminds the general public to increase their risk awareness and effectively safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Financial education unites to bring consumer protection knowledge to colleges and universities

Xiqing Sub-branch under the jurisdiction of the Business Department carried out the “3·15” consumer rights protection education activity in the library of Tianjin University of Technology, delivering the first lesson of financial knowledge to teachers and students at the school. At the event, the publicity specialist of the branch popularized knowledge on preventing telecom network fraud and compliant card use and financial security to school students, effectively enhanced the students’ fraud prevention awareness and ability to recognize fraud, guided them away from illegal and criminal activities of telecom network fraud, and protected students from illegal and criminal activities. Students who have suffered losses due to telecommunications fraud are reminded to consume rationally and guide them to establish a correct concept of consumption.

This activity stimulated the students’ interest in learning financial knowledge. Through interactive communication, everyone further deepened their understanding of financial knowledge and improved their awareness of risk prevention.

The Bank of Tianjin Business Department stated that in the next step, it will continue to adhere to the “customer-centered” business philosophy, adhere to the original intention of finance for the people, take multiple measures to comprehensively improve service levels, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers.


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