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Tianjin Bank builds a happy enterprise and was selected as a pilot unit of the National Federation of Trade Unions to improve the quality of life of employees

Tianjin Bank builds a happy enterprise and was selected as a pilot unit of the National Federation of Trade Unions to improve the quality of life of employees

Recently, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions issued the “Notice on the Release of the List of the Third Batch of Pilot Units for Improving the Quality of Workers’ Life”, and Tianjin Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Bank of Tianjin) was successfully selected.

As one of the first pilot enterprises in Tianjin to “improve the quality of life of employees and create a happy living environment”. In recent years, Bank of Tianjin has adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, deeply studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions on the work of the working class and trade unions, and conscientiously implemented the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Party and the 18th National Congress of China’s Trade Unions. With the goal of improving the quality of life of employees and meeting the needs of employees, we will continue to explore and innovate in service mechanisms and content carriers, continue to enhance employees’ sense of gain, happiness, and security, and gather strength for the high-quality development of Tianjin Bank.

Emphasis on systematicity, top-level design and strong planning

Bank of Tianjin has always adhered to the people-oriented concept, and has incorporated the work requirements of “improving the quality of employees’ lives and creating a happy living environment” into the bank’s “14th Five-Year Plan” development strategic plan, key work of the Party Committee, supervision and inspection, and performance appraisal, and deployed and coordinated with the party building work. Promote, implement and assess together. Adhering to “employee-centered”, we conduct in-depth special research, focus on employees’ needs and expectations, and create five major service systems (namely: “full-dimensional” rights protection service system, “full coverage” life security service system, “full coverage” process” health management service system, “all-round” cultural and sports activity service system, “full-function” activity site service system), and 10 service paths are clarified so that the pilot work has goals, paths, methods, and results.

Highlight the inclusiveness and protect the rights and interests of employees

Tianjin Bank implements national and local regulations on statutory welfare benefits for employees in accordance with the law, and allocates nearly 2 million yuan in group union funds every year to promote grassroots unions to implement various welfare policies. We invest administrative funds to set up enterprise annuities for all employees, purchase critical illness insurance, accident insurance, etc., continuously optimize the employee welfare security system, and promote harmonious and stable labor relations. The decoration and upgrade of the head office building, office buildings of business outlets, and staff canteens have been fully completed to create a good working and living environment for employees. We implement the “Employee Health Care Action”, organize free physical examinations for current and retired employees every year, and promote the “Physique Testing” project. More than 20 “Healthy Class” lecture series, online lectures on mental health and offline experience activities were held, and a decompression room was set up to effectively promote and protect the physical and mental health of employees.

Highlight precision and provide warmth in relieving difficulties

  Tianjin Bank has improved the mechanism to help employees with difficulties, implemented classified policies to provide assistance to employees in difficulty, and helped employees solve their work and life problems through regular assistance, warmth during festivals, and golden autumn education assistance. In the past two years, we have visited more than 1,000 model workers, employees in need, and employees who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, and distributed more than 2 million yuan in condolence money (goods).Send the care of party organizations and trade union organizations to the hearts of employees in a timely manner.Special funds were invested to build 20 “Caring Mommy’s Homes” to provide caring care to more than 130 female employees during pregnancy and lactation. Build 10 trade union stations, improve service functions and carriers, and create a warm harbor for union outdoor workers. Three stations have been rated as the “most beautiful stations” by the ACFTU and the Municipal Federation, demonstrating the feelings of citizens’ banks. More than 3,700 employee volunteers participated in public welfare activities such as financial publicity, green environmental protection, poverty alleviation and education, and respecting the elderly and supporting the young, demonstrating a good image of financial state-owned enterprises.

Highlight diversity and improve employees’ quality of life

Tianjin Bank actively satisfies people’s yearning for a better life and creates a healthy, civilized, high-spirited and full-participation employee culture. Name the 2023 Tianjin Marathon, form the “Tianxing Running Team” and the “Cheer Team”, and use “finance + sports” to support Tianjin’s “high-quality life creation action”. The third employee sports meeting was held, with more than 3,000 people participating and more than 500,000 people watching online, effectively gathering the strength of unity and progress. Carry out reading salons, reading competitions, parent-child reading and other theme activities to deepen the construction of a scholarly world and create the “Haiou Yue Reading” brand. We will deepen the “Our Festival” series of activities and carry out more than 100 activities such as Lantern Festival lantern riddle guessing, Tomb Sweeping Day commemoration of heroes, and Mid-Autumn Festival reading groups to promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Carry out the “Every Good Habit·Civilized Pedestrian” practical activity to cultivate a new trend of civilization. We have built more than 30 employee activity centers, employee bookstores, gyms and other activity centers, and established more than 70 associations for various hobbies such as sports, photography, yoga, etc., and regularly carry out calligraphy, painting, photography, singing and speeches, flower arranging and paper-cutting, beauty and tea art, etc. that are popular among employees. More than 100 cultural and sports activities were held to meet the multi-level spiritual and cultural needs of employees. We continue to expand the channels for serving employees, innovatively hold employee in-house purchase meetings, and promote “menu-style” spring and autumn outings to provide employees with benefits and add quality to their lives.

  In the next step, Tianjin Bank will always adhere to serving employees as the center, improve the five major service systems, do a good job in serving employees with heart and soul, promote the results of reform and development to benefit more employees, and pilot projects to improve the quality of employees’ lives. It has become a bright spot in improving people’s livelihood and well-being, and has focused on building a harmonious enterprise and promoting the high-quality development of Tianjin Bank.

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