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“Three upgrades” of organization, production capacity and quality, this groundbreaking ceremony reveals the new blueprint of old famous wines

“Three upgrades” of organization, production capacity and quality, this groundbreaking ceremony reveals the new blueprint of old famous wines

Jingzhe is a good time to start spring brewing in the Sichuan Basin, which is good at brewing. Compared with the production of Peach Blossom Spring Song every year, microorganisms began to moisturize and multiply silently. This year, the Quanxing Datang base in Jingzhe has a busier and more lively scene.

On March 5, the groundbreaking ceremony for the technical transformation project of Sichuan Quanxing Liquor Datang Base was held in Pujiang. Liquor industry experts learned at the scene that this technical transformation project, which heralds the future changes of Quanxing Liquor Industry, has a total investment of 685 million yuan, covers an area of ​​127,000 square meters, and is expected to be put into production before the end of 2026.

This is not only a strong signal for Quanxing’s production capacity upgrade and quality upgrade, but also another new leap achieved by Quanxing, an old famous wine, after embarking on the journey of brand revival.

  Consolidate the “foundation” of quality

  Three major functional upgrades promote the transformation of the quality of old famous wines

It has won the National Quality Gold Medal three times and the title of China’s Famous Wine; four handed down techniques; base wine over 5 years old; and six traditional brewing techniques. This “3456” is a condensed expression of Quanxing’s core competitiveness and also reveals Quanxing’s ultimate pursuit of quality.

From the three-time China Famous Liquor to the brand renaissance, Quanxing in history has not stopped the continuous changes in quality even though it has returned home with a full load in the Baijiu Hall of Honor. Whether it is the original and smooth style that has been dormant, or the new famous wine, Panda wine has been iterated several times in recent years. Amid the changes in wine industry channels and marketing trends, Quanxing has carved out a road to brand revival around the central axis of quality.

The commencement ceremony of the Datang base technical transformation project is regarded by the industry as a milestone for Quanxing to create a new era of quality. Wine industry experts have learned that this Quanxing Datang technological transformation project includes three functional areas: brewing cellars, base wine storage and liquor packaging lines. The “three guarantees” ensure that the quality of the famous wines in the expanded Quanxing base remains unchanged. .

Specifically, these “three guarantees” respectively represent inoculation of native flora, strengthening base wine storage, and upgrading packaging production lines.

Among them, the newly built pits will be inoculated with the native flora of Quanxing’s 650-year-old pit mud, and the pit mud culture technology will be used to accelerate the aging of the pit mud, continue and carry forward the unique style of Quanxing’s “Herun” aroma, and ensure the traditional craftsmanship of Quanxing. The inheritance of the native flora of Laojiao mud. The base wine is stored in traditional pottery jars, and large tanks are added to optimize the intelligent graded management of Quanxing wine sources and ensure the quality of Quanxing wine sources. In addition, the project added 3 new liquor packaging lines, supporting product technology research and development buildings, and established an “industry-university-research” cooperation base with Xihua University and China Food Fermentation Research Institute to further establish and improve the “Herun product quality control system” to ensure the overall Promote the “harmony” quality of finished wine.

For the liquor industry, production capacity has always been regarded as the foundation of quality. In an industry environment where high-quality production capacity resources continue to be scarce, the product upgrades, price increases, price band layouts and other actions of leading wine companies are all based on production capacity. By building a solid quality foundation of production capacity, Quanxing will continue to amplify its quality advantages and provide long-term momentum for the improvement of product value and market brand value.

  Multi-faceted empowerment creates synergy

  Quanxing once again opens the ceiling of brand value

In recent years, the revival of the brand has accelerated from start to finish, relying on more than just the heritage of famous wines and innovative development ideas that keep pace with the times. Guangming Group and Shanghai Food and Wine Group are also providing fresh blood to Quanxing in terms of talent, strategy, technology and other aspects.

Li Jiaming, Vice President of Shanghai Food and Wine Group and General Manager of Sichuan Quanxing Liquor Industry

At the beginning of 2024, Quanxing Liquor Industry completed a new round of organizational adjustments. At the groundbreaking ceremony, Li Jiaming, vice president of Shanghai Food and Wine Group and general manager of Sichuan Quanxing Liquor Industry, introduced the basic situation of the technical transformation project of Quanxing Liquor Datang Production Base, and also emphasized the importance of Quanxing Liquor Industry to the Guangming Liquor Industry segment. . “The Datang base technical transformation project is an industrial layout project that Guangming Winery has promoted in recent years. The project carries Guangming Winery’s plan for the future development of Quanxing and is one of the important driving forces for the high-quality development of Guangming Winery.”

Shen Jie, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shanghai Sugar and Wine (Group) Co., Ltd.

At the same time, judging from the information released at the event, Shanghai Sugar and Wine Group will continue to provide assistance for the development of Quanxing Liquor Brand. Shen Jie, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shanghai Sugar and Wine (Group) Co., Ltd., said, “The technical transformation and expansion project of Sichuan Quanxing Liquor Industry’s base wine brewing and finished wine packaging supporting technology is a significant step in the development process of Sichuan Quanxing Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. This important milestone is one of the key tasks of Bright Food Group and Shanghai Food and Wine Group in 2024, and they will fully promote the transformation and upgrading of Quanxing Liquor Industry.”

Some people believe that in the past seven years, Quanxing has continuously achieved double-digit growth, demonstrating the strong strength of the revival of famous wines, and also showing upward growth potential under the Matthew Effect of the industry’s concentration on famous wines. After the national market layout and growth pace have achieved initial results, the support of Guangming Group and Shanghai Food and Wine Group will rely on platform advantages, resource advantages, and scale advantages to form a strong lifting force to help Quanxing in the new cycle of the industry. Achieve brand breakthroughs in existing market competition.

  Leading the way with famous wines

  The power of “prosperity” leverages the potential energy of production areas

“China’s Eight Famous Wines”, “China’s Time-honored Brands”, “Six Golden Flowers of Sichuan Wine”, “Chengdu Business Card”… Whether focusing on production areas or looking at the whole country, Quanxing has its own famous name. To a certain extent, Quanxing is not only a sample of the renaissance of famous wines, but has also been a leading force in the development of production areas.

Datang Town, Pujiang, where Quanxing Datang Base is located, is located between 30°05′-31°26′ north latitude. It is in the world’s golden winemaking belt with many famous wines such as Kweichow Moutai, Yibin Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, and Shaoxing Rice Wine. It is a branch that cannot be ignored in the development of Chengdu production areas. Data shows that there are currently more than 140 liquor companies in Datang Liquor, among which the annual brewing capacity of industrial enterprises is about 12,000 kiloliters, and the annual liquor canning capacity reaches more than 200,000 kiloliters.

It is worth noting that in recent years, Quanxing has not only become a leader in the Datang wine restaurant ecosystem, but has also leveraged the brand potential of national revival to drive the overall increase in the value of the production area. Therefore, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Quanxing Datang base project not only concerns Quanxing, but also injects vitality into the entire Datang winery.

The development of a production area requires the leadership of leading enterprises. In the emerging liquor industry cluster of Datang Winery, Quanxing, which has a long brand history, has not only established an “evergreen” brand benchmark for famous wines, but is also actively spreading the “Xing” culture, making extensive “Xing” friends, and building channels The “Xing” ecology has demonstrated a demonstration effect in all dimensions of corporate innovation and development.

In 2023, Quanxing’s revenue achieved significant double-digit growth, with registered outlets and registered banquet promotion events increasing by 106% and 183% year-on-year respectively. The “Quanxing + Ten Thousand People Tasting Party” event lasted for 40 days, covering 31 cities in 15 provinces and reaching nearly 10,000 “Xing” friends. After realizing the breadth of market layout, in 2024, Quanxing proposed to focus on potential markets, price bands, crowds, channels and scenarios, and strive to achieve brand breakthrough in the mid-range banquet market and further increase market share.

Some people believe that with the construction and commissioning of the Datang base, Quanxing’s high-quality production capacity will further support the implementation of its market strategy. At the same time, the Datang base project will also radiate and drive the improvement of high-quality production capacity of Datang wine restaurants, forming cluster effects and scale effects. Quanxing will continue to use its steady and upward foundation and determination to leverage the potential energy of the production areas and become the “Xing” engine for the development of Sichuan wine. (Article source: Wine Industry)

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