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Three scientific and technological achievements of China Pacific Insurance won awards in the Yangtze River Delta Financial Technology Innovation and Application Global Competition

Three scientific and technological achievements of China Pacific Insurance won awards in the Yangtze River Delta Financial Technology Innovation and Application Global Competition

  Recently, the “2023 Yangtze River Delta Fintech Festival-Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle Fintech Development Conference and the 4th Yangtze River Delta Fintech Innovation and Application Global Competition” opened in Shanghai. “China Pacific Insurance Property & Casualty Insurance Company declared separately”AISC Intelligent Connected Privacy Computing Agricultural E Chain“Projects and joint declarations with China Unicom Shanghai Branch”CPIC Property & Casualty Digital Space Intelligent IoT Platform“The project won2023 Fintech·Financial Institutions Best Application Award.Declared by Yangtze River Pension“Intelligent investment operation management system project“Won2023 Financial Technology·Financial Institution Best Practice Award.

  AISC Intelligent Connected Privacy Computing Agricultural E ChainIt is an innovative cross-industry collaboration and data sharing platform in the field of agricultural financial services based on alliance blockchain and privacy computing technology. With the alliance blockchain as the core, the privacy computing platforms of various financial institutions are organically connected through smart contract technology to achieve automated and intelligent business collaboration and safe and controllable farmer credit data sharing. At the same time, with the help of blockchain The characteristics of chain data cannot be tampered with or forged, and it can realize the certificate storage service and data flow accounting and reconciliation service for the whole business process.

  Digital Space Intelligent IoT PlatformBased on the operation scenarios of massive property and casualty insurance IoT equipment, it has functions such as equipment access, monitoring, data analysis and decision-making. Focusing on the operating characteristics of the target risk, it uses technologies such as the Internet of Things and digital space to form a system based on the “Internet of Things”. An insurance IoT application platform with “digital space” as its core and “intelligent insurance” as its feature. Achieve innovation in insurance products and services, implement the principle of “insurance is the last name of insurance”, and create an online and intelligent management model for customer target risks.

  Intelligent investment operation management system projectBased on trillions of assets investment operation management experience, keenly capture the changing trends of investment operation business, with the main goal of “improving efficiency, risk control, and management optimization”, we have carefully built an industry-leading intelligent investment operation management platform, with system focus Focusing on the four aspects of valuation and accounting, clearing and settlement, registration, and information disclosure, we make up for shortcomings and establish characteristics. We innovatively adopt the portal integration technology design concept of “base + component + business domain” and are the first in the industry to launch investment operation management. The three major operation centers of “task center, monitoring center and process center” realize in-depth operations in the digital economy era.

It is reported that this event is jointly sponsored by the Yangtze River Delta Regional Cooperation Office, Shanghai Financial Industry Federation, Shanghai Banking Association, Shanghai Huangpu District Financial Services Office, “Financial Electronics” magazine, etc. It aims to be based in the Yangtze River Delta and open to the whole country. , focusing on the deep integration of digital technology and financial business, creating a “carnival” in the financial technology field in Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta region and even China, and comprehensively building a new ecological pattern of financial technology development in the Yangtze River Delta region.

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